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LEFT OF THE DIAL Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner on the band's new sound, and the doubts she overcame to create her favorite record yet. Plus: BARF #2, and Viracocha is back!

Wye Oak headlines Phono del Sol this Sat/12, at Potrero del Sol Park in SF.

And speaking of kicking things up a notch: Viracocha is back, bitches. Everyone's favorite semi-secret Mission District venue — what with her ornate, gorgeously appointed bathroom, shelves full of antique typewriters, and great-sounding basement venue that's played host to all manner of live music, poetry readings, movie nights and more — got the official go-ahead from the SF Entertainment Commission to re-launch as a legitimate venue, meaning owner Jon Siegel will be able to promote some of those great live shows for the first time.

An opening party with an evening full of live music is planned for this Tuesday, July 15, but beyond that a lot of things are up in the air. Be on the lookout for a beer and wine license, a totally revamped store, and more in the coming months; like Viracocha on Facebook to stay in touch.

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