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STAGE: An inside take on Aaron Landsman, Mallory Catlett, and Jim Findlay's interactive 'City Council Meeting'

Texas style: "City Council Meeting" has taken the stage in various cities, including this 2012 production in Houston.
Photo by David A. Brown/Dabfoto

That's a salubrious position, encouraged by the context at large. Or so I couldn't help thinking. Was it merely coincidence that after leaving rehearsal one night I walked directly into road blocks, sirens, and hundreds of cops — the wake left by a president and secretary of state on political shopping sprees? Is the power that creates such disruption, traffic, and annoyance wherever it goes, like some heedless B-movie giant, even related to the power invested in local government? Was it just coincidence that after leaving another rehearsal a few days later, the Chronicle building was papered over in posters reading, "the media lies as Gaza dies," this time the unsanctioned wake of a protest on behalf of the powerless?

For a moment there, Occupy took back government from representative bodies and held it in the bodies of real people, acting on their own behalf. It was wild, unexpected, and startlingly easy. It was also strikingly creative — and art was everywhere in the movement. It's become clearer since then that the relationship between art and politics is a much more serious question than many of us had realized. We can't afford a paucity of imagination in either. We need the room and wherewithal to ask questions. If nothing else, City Council Meeting asks questions. Including these:

"Are we working together? Are we capable of it? Is that why this structure is here? Or is that what the structure prevents?" *


Fri/1-Sat/2, 7pm; Sun/3, 2pm, $20

Z Space

450 Florida, SF


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