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Electric Habitat
By Amanda Nowinski

Tiger on beat
By Patrick Macias

By Josh Kun



By Annalee Newitz

Without Reservations
By Paul Reidinger

Cheap Eats
By Dan Leone


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Off to work we go
Personal tales of surviving in a downbeat economy.
By Tim Redmond

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In this issue
By Tim Redmond

Hall Monitor
By Savannah Blackwell

First, the Bad News
By Tim Redmond

Sloppy cops
Police work that was substandard (at best) has jeopardized a San Francisco murder case.
By A.C. Thompson

Raze craze
Frustrated that S.F. has no preservation plan, local officials find new ways to rein in developers.
By Savannah Blackwell

Rave profiling
Cops in ecstasy over the chance to lock up more trippers
By Will Evans

It's on!
Public power move is under way for 2002
By Rachel Brahinsky

Opportunism knocks
Brought to you by Sup. Leno's political handlers, Prop. F gives a citizen committee the ability to block voter-approved bonds.
By Tali Woodward

Sunshine Ordinance
Good government task force wants to rewrite Sunshine Ordinance.
By Rachel Brahinsky

The five-star SRO
By Pauli Wai

Eve Sterry, hellraiser, 1910-2002
By Bruce B. Brugmann

Herrera's PG&E challenge

Newsom plan won't work

Saving S.F.'s history

Who's the real beggar?
By tiny

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Going West End
West End Records' anniversary set showcases dance music with a human touch.
By Amanda Nowinski

Entertainment values
Award-winning playwright John Fisher uses history to comment on the present – unless, of course, he's just after a few laughs.
By J.H. Tompkins

Black Hawk Down
Turns tragedy into spectacle.
By David Fear

'Life and Debt'
By Cheryl Eddy

Script Doctor

Stages of science
Copenhagen's conclusions are foregone
By Brad Rosenstein

Exploring Musical Lineage and Continuity
By Derk Richardson

By Mosi Reeves

Enter the No Contest!
By J.H. Tompkins

'You Ought'a Be in Pictures'
By Lindsey Westbrook

last exit
By derk richardson

liner notes
Bad music for bad movies
By Lynn Rapoport

Grab it while you can
By Amanda Nowinski

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2nd time

The Mix

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Fetish rustling

By Andrea Nemerson

This Modern World
America! Open for business.
By Tom Tomorrow

culture shocked
Welcome to 2002
By katharine mieszkowski

The Nessie Files
The war at home
It's not just about peace – it's about surviving.
By nessie

The mole

By Paul Reidinger

Without Reservations
Sentimental journey
By Paul Reidinger

Cheap Eats
Smother me

By Dan Leone

Moon Signs
By Sally Cragin

The Blender



Web Exclusive Features

The shame of Hearst
Editor's Note
By Bruce B. Brugmann, 11.14.01

Public power slips amid serious election irregularities
By Rachel Brahinsky, 11.07.01

Public power is safe
San Francisco pollster calls the election though absentee ballot counts not final.
By Savannah Blackwell, 11.07.01

Live Election Coverage
Our reports, the latest dirt, and results from the December 11th San Francisco election.

Other voices
The latest war news from around the world, updates on spur-of-the-moment actions, and links to resources.

Media Beat
Bloomberg's victory and the triumph of business news
By Norman Solomon

The Big Bend #22
Final installment
Fiction by Dan Leone

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Picture this
Miriam Wolf describes a passel of new photo books, comic collections, and coffee-table books are as easy to give as they are on the eyes. PLUS: Middle-earth in the balance, Land of the free ... agent, and more in December Lit.

Anniversary Issue
The case for MUD: A public power agency could cut electric rates by 20 percent – and still make millions of dollars.

Holiday Giveaway
Enter to win the NYFD T-shirt worn by Dennis Quaid in the movie, Frequency, and get your own frequency with a new Nokia phone