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Music listings are compiled by Sarah Han. The music intern is Heidi Smith. Since club life is unpredictable, it's a good idea to call ahead to confirm bookings and hours. Prices are listed when provided to us. See 8 Days a Week for information on how to submit an item to listings.

wednesday 16



'Amoeba All-Stars' Amoeba Music. 6pm. Various local artists perform songs featured on Independent Sounds, Amoeba Compilation Vol. 31.

Elvin Bishop Blues Jam Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $10.

'Dew You' Tongue and Groove. 9pm, $5. Open mic hip-hop night with DJ Wisdom, Mr. E, Raw B, and guest Masta Ace.

Funkanauts, Real Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $3.

Grannies, Dirty Power, Hitch Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $6.

Groovesmith Boom Boom Room. 9pm, $5.

Ben Lowe Curve, 747 Third St; 786-2286. 9pm.

Miller Robak Project, Ben Barnes, David Wilcox Hotel Utah. 8:30pm, $5.

Pure Ecstasy Top of the Mark. 8pm, $5.

Billy Lee Riley, Dallas Wayne and the Roadcases Elbo Room. 9pm, $10.

Sleater-Kinney, Aislers Set Great American Music Hall. 9pm, $12.

Two Steps Behind, Still-Life, Darque Carnival, Sora Pound-SF. 9pm, $5.

Wifey, Birdsaw, Tres Pistolas Covered Wagon Saloon. 9:30pm,$5.

Bay Area

Dick Army, STFU, Death x Death Stork Club. 9pm, $5.

Realistic Jupiter. 8pm.

Zion Rock Blakes. 9:30pm, $3.

Jazz/new music

Don Asher and Kent Cohea Moose's. 8pm.

Boca do Rio Butterfly. 7pm.

Fil Lorenz Little Big Band Black Cat. 9:30pm.

Monk's Music Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Al Pacheco Jazz Band Skip's Tavern. 8-10pm.

Project Pimento Bruno's. 9pm.

Bay Area

Dave Mathews Downtown. 8pm.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $18. Through Sun/20.


Mark Deutsch Oxygen Bar. 8pm. Sitar and banzatar.

Jeannie and Chuck's Classic Country Roundup, How You Duo, West of Kentucky Plough and Stars. 8pm, free.

Dance clubs

Audible Colors The Top. 6-10pm. Downtempo and beats. 10pm-2am. House music with weekly guests.

Bondage A Go-GoCat Club. 9pm-4am, $7-10. Deathrock, industrial, '70s and '80s dance music, interactive B-D, S-M, and go-go dancers.

Church of Sinatra Club Deluxe. 9:30pm. DJs spinning music from the Rat Pack era.

Club Judah Jelly's. 9pm, $5. Reggae and dancehall.

Construction 330 Ritch. 10pm-2am. Tech-house with residents Torque and Huey.

Dark Sparkle Cafe du Nord. 9pm, $3-5. DJs spin dark '70s and '80s rock, punk, new wave, and glam.

Dig the Pony Pow! A Cocktail Lounge. 9pm-2am. With Chulada and weekly guests.

Discover Ruby Skye. 9pm-3am. Hard house with DJ Ben Doren.

Exotica Glas Kat. 6-9pm. Alternative and trip-hop with DJ Dan and Will Lemon. 9pm-2am, $10. Go-go dancing with the Men of Exotica and Go-Go Tribe and funk, disco, and house music.

Family Affair Sacrifice, $3. 10pm-2am. With Jamo and guests spinning deep slow beat, soul, and hip-hop.

Forget About It Amnesia. 9pm-2am. With DJs Ben Cook, John Howard, Consuelo, Jay, and guests.

Gather Round Fuse. 10pm-2am. Hip-hop with DJ Design.

Ghett Down! 26 Mix. 10pm-2am. House and funky breaks by Space Lounge and Space Cowboys.

Goddess Blind Tiger. 9pm-2am, $3-5.

Julip 9:30pm. DJ Consuelo and the Soul Searchers spin slow jams, soul, and hip-hop.

Modular Lab Edinburgh Castle. 10pm-2am. Mod, underground, and indie.

Nesson Dorma HiFi. 8pm-2am, $5. With DJ Agnes B, Evan Madden, DJ Anthony, and guests

Poly's Playhouse Hush Hush Lounge. 9pm-2am, $4. With DJ Polywog and the Tadpoles and guests.

Liquid 10pm-3am, $4. With Anita Lofton and DJ Gregory.

Psycho-Synthesis Jezebels Joint. 9pm-2am, $5. Breaks, electro, industro, and trance.

Qoöl 111 Minna Gallery. 5-10pm, $5. Pan-techno lounge with DJs Spesh, Gil, Hyper D, and Jondi.

Recline AsiaSF. 7pm, $5. With Pause, Jamo, and Wisdom.

Red Wine Social Dalva, 3121 16th St; 332-5800, ext 211. 10pm-2am, free. With Toph One and Tiki Jim.

Séance Backflip. 9pm-2am, $5. With rotating residents.

Serenity Lounge Venture Frogs Restaurant, 1000 Van Ness; 409-2550. 7pm-2am. Mushroom jazz, downtempo house with Jamie Means and Von.

Vitabar Divas, 1081 Polk; 928-6006. 10pm-2am, $5. With mikee and Jada Halston.

Wanton Wednesdays Laszlo. 9pm-2am. With Neel N. Kizmiaz.

WildSeed Baobab. 9pm-1am, free. Grassroots dance party with DJ Somuchsoul and Miss Leema.

Zen City Lounge Cloud 9 Motel, 34 Seventh St; 355-9991. 10pm. With Linden C. and Paul Hemming.

Bay Area

Bliss Oasis, 135 12th St, Oakl; (510) 763-0404. 9pm, $5-7. Deep house.

Radio 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am. '60s ska and Jamaican dub.

Ruby Room10pm-2am. Soul, funk, and more with DJ Kitty.

Salsa Caliente Club Fusetti. 10pm. Pete Solis spins salsa and merengue. Salsa lessons at 8pm.


'French Music Festival' Bank of America Center, A.P. Giannini Auditorium, 555 California; 777-3211. 12:30pm, $5. Mezzo-soprano Wendy Hillhouse and pianist Josephine Gandolfi perform works by Hector Berlioz and Henri Duparc.

San Francisco Opera Opera House, 401 Van Ness; 864-3330. 7:30pm, $23-155. The opera presents Tosca. Also Fri/18 and Sun/20.

thursday 17



Will Bernard and Motherbug, Beth Custer Dona Luz 30 Besos, Elaine Buckholtz Bottom of the Hill. 9:30pm, $8.

Blackdog Band with Peanut Daniels, Tree o' Frogs Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $5.

Far Away Brothers, Stan Hirsh Blue Lamp. 9:30pm, $5.

Ledisi with Anibade Cafe du Nord. 10pm, $7.

Mesh, Shadow Glove Kimo's. 9pm.

Deborah Pardes, Katherine Chase, Alexis Hart Trio Hotel Utah. 8:30pm, $5.

Kelly Joe Phelps Trio, Paul Curreri Great American Music Hall. 8pm, $18.

Swing Session Top of the Mark. 8pm, $5.

Tartuffi, Songs for Emma, Mighty Fight Eagle Tavern. 11:30pm.

Leah Tysse Band, JD Blu Band, Lost Coast Band Tongue and Groove. 9pm, $8.

Maurice John Vaughn Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $7.50.

Bay Area


Bart Davenport, Chicken on a Raft, Sandy Coates, Tommy Carns, Odessa Chen Starry Plough. 9:30pm, $4.

Lower 48, Good for Cows, Mass Stork Club. 10pm, $5.

Chris Shot Group Jupiter. 8pm. Jazz/new music

Larry Douglas Quintet Les Joulins. 8pm.

'Lines - Exploring Musical Lineage and Continuity' Locus 1640 Post, 1640 Post; (877) 243-3774, www.asianimprov.com. 8pm, $10. With Jeff Chan, Francis Wong, and Jon Jang. See Critic's Choice.

Roderick Louie Carta. 7-10pm.

Brian Melvin Shanghai 1930. 7:30pm.

Nanos Operetta, DJ Bec, forgetthingswith Luggage Store Gallery. 8pm.

Nick Porcaro, David Rhodes Jazz Duo Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 8pm, free.

Andrew Speight with Al Plank Trio Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Starlight Orchestra Starlight Room. 8:30pm.

Bay Area

Duck Baker and Jamie Findlay Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $16.50.

Macy Blackman Downtown. 8pm.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $18. Through Sun/20.


Phillip Claypool Parkside, 1600 17th St; 503-0393. 9pm.

Jesus Diaz y Su QBA Elbo Room. 10pm, $6.

Paula Frazer Bruno's. 9pm.

Jimbo Trout and the Fishpeople Atlas Cafe. 8-10pm, free.

Nicole McRory Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

Tipsy House Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Dance clubs

Alley Catz The Pendulum. 6pm-2am. A dance club for women featuring hip-hop, funk, and dancehall.

Arabian Nights El Rio. 9pm. Arabian dance music.

Bad Reputation 26 Mix. 10pm-2am, $5. A queer dance night with China G and Wax Chef.

Big Takeover Storyville. 10pm-2am, $10. Jahyzer and Ted Shred spin dancehall and hip-hop.

Blueprint Julip. 10pm-2am, free. Future jazz, broken beat, 2 step with Tom Thump and Tomas.

The Cellar 9pm-2am, $5. House music with rotating DJs and guests.

Circuit Breaker Fuse. 10pm-2am. With Benji, Oze, and Joe Rice.

Deep Side Up & Down Club. 9:30pm-2am, $5. House music.

Drink Club Sno-Drift. 9:30pm.

Faith City Nights. 9:30pm, $10. With residents Blackstone, Ruben Mancias, Jay-R, and Twist.

Fan Club Li Po Lounge, 916 Grant; 982-0072. 10pm-2am, free. DJs spinning art-school punk, indie, and pop.

Flavour of the Week Laszlo. 8pm-2am. With DJ Rose.

Foxy Lady Lounge Pow! A Cocktail Lounge. 9pm-2am, $2. With Neil N. Kizmiaz.

Free Liquid. 10pm-3am, free. With DJs Dmitri, Tee, and Friends.

Fudge Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $3. Jay Be spins hip-hop.

Full Circle Club 238, 238 Columbus; 339-7899. 10pm-5am. With DJs Norm Stradley and Ben Doren.

Heartbeat Oxygen Bar. 10pm, free. Downtempo, trip-hop, and electro with DJ Heartbeat Cassandra and her crew.

Heavy Soul Music An Bodhran, 668 Haight; 431-4724. 10pm-2am, free. With Phonic, Rocket Morton, Vinnie Esparza, and guests from the Groove Merchant.

Kit Kat Endup. 10pm-4:30am, $10. International funk.

Lucky Blind Tiger. 9pm-2am, $5. John Paul, Enzyme, and Dom Some spin breaks, broken beats, and 2 step.

Meow Glas Kat. 10pm-2am, $10. Urban grooves, hip-hop, and R&B with Switch.

1984 Cat Club. 9pm-2am, $5. '80s music.

Passenger Skylark. 9pm-2am, free. Jazz, house, and soul with Paul Craven and Capital A.

popscene 330 Ritch. 10pm-2am, $5. Britpop with Aaron Axelsen and Jeremy.

Reform School The Stud. 10pm-4am. A gay, straight-friendly dance club featuring house music with DJs Jeff Chandler, Spun, Poppa, Discovery, MonkeyBoy, plus special guests.

Royale 9:30pm-2am. Featuring a rotating cast of DJs.

Shake Make-Out Room. 10pm-2am. Rap, soul, funk, and raggae with Shortkut, Derrick D, J-Boogie, Jewels, DJ 0-Dub, DJ Om, PaulyTek, and King One.

Soulness Hush Hush Lounge. 10pm-2am, $5. DJ Goldmyne and English Steve spin vintage soul and R&B.

Spirit Ten 15 Folsom. 10pm-4am, $10. A queer dance night featuring house, hip-hop, and R&B.

Subkulture Venture Frogs, 1000 Van Ness; 409-2550. 9pm-1am. With Zagnut, Dubl-a, Dirty Frank, Fade, and DSP.

Sure Shot The Top. 10pm-2am, $5. Hip-hop, house, disco, and breaks with Chris Orr, Travis, and Ben Cook.

Ting! Place Pigalle, 520 Hayes; 552-2671. 9pm, $3. With Tomas, Romanowski, and Dougie spinning sounds of Jamaica, 1969-1982.

Trapdoor 10pm, free. DJ Life spin hip-hop, R&B, Soul, and Dancehall.

Tunnel Top 10pm-2am, free. Funk, dancehall, and hip-hop.

Ultravixens Backflip. 10pm-2am.

What Da Funk Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am. DJ Motion Potion spins old-school funk and rare grooves.

Worldwide Lounge Royale. 9:30pm-2am. Music from around the world.

Yeyo Cloud 9 Motel, 34 Seventh St; 355-9991. 9pm-2am. With David Garcia and Mark Jellybear.

Bay Area

Aural Confection Oasis, 135 12th St, Oakl; (510) 763-0404. 10pm-2am, $3. Deep house with rotating residents.

Dedicated Followers of Fashion Ruby Room. 10pm-2am. Britpop, shoegazer, psychedelic, new wave, and New Zealand pop.

Radio Retox Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am.

Soundboutique Ivy Room. 10pm. With residents Jen, Jacob, and Sean.


San Francisco Opera Opera House, 401 Van Ness; 864-3330. 8pm, $23-155. The opera presents The Merry Widow.

San Francisco Symphony Davies Hall, 401 Van Ness; 864-6000. 8pm, $29-85. The symphony performs Liszt's Totentanz and Faust Symphony.

William Wellborn UC San Francisco, Cole Hall Auditorium, 513 Parnassus; 476-2675. noon, free. The pianist performs Liszt.

friday 18



ama, Shady Lady Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $5. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

Anticon Amoeba Music. 6pm, free.

Continental, Rum Diary, Collapso Edinburgh Castle. 9pm, $5.

Cowboy Mouth Slim's. 9pm, $20.

Beth Custer Dona Luz 30 Besos, Elaine Buckholtz, Corner Tour Noe Valley Ministry. 8:15pm, $14.

Elephone, Julie Dillon, Lee Simpson Hotel Utah. 9pm, $7.

Fat Toby, Savage Henry, Velvet Bud, Nasscar Poets, Katy J, Logan's Heroes Voodoo Lounge. 8pm.

Foibles Hemlock Tavern. 10pm, $3.

Fracus, Resilence, Dual Diagnosed Covered Wagon Saloon. 6pm, $3.

Hammersmith Blues Band Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $12.50.

Freedy Johnston, Ken Stringfellow, M. Ward Great American Music Hall. 8pm, $12.

Luce, five a.m., Low Poster Tongue and Groove. 8:30pm, $8.

Nerf Herder, PBR Street Gang, Stunt Monkey Bottom of the Hill. 10pm, $7.

Peyote Calamity, Ph'cophony, Scorched Earth Policy, Maelstrom Kimo's. 9pm.

Pride and Joy Bimbo's 365. 9pm, $15.

Sick, Bar Feeders, Oozzies, Red Tape Covered Wagon Saloon. 9:30pm, $6.

Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers Cafe du Nord. 10pm, $8.

Sylvain Sylvain, Red Planet, Hotbox, Chix Pack Pound-SF. 9pm, $12. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

Tree o' Frogs, DJ Tom Thump, Motion Potion Elbo Room. 10pm, $7.

Woodside Curve, 747 Third St; 786-2286. 9pm.

Bay Area

Regina Bell Kimball's East. 8 and 10pm. Through Sun/20.

Bigfoot in Paris Trio Jupiter. 8pm.

Cables, Pre-Teens, Amscray, Good for You Starry Plough. 9:45pm, $5.

Mover, Petrol Ivy Room. 10pm.

Ten Ton Chicken, Black Dog Band with Peanut Daniels Blakes. 9:30pm, $5.

20 Minute Loop, Cutters, Charmless Stork Club. 10pm, $6.

Jazz/new music

Black Market Jazz Orchestra Top of the Mark. 9pm, $10.

Cannibals at High Tea Diego Rivera Theatre, 50 Phelan; www.cannibalsathightea.com. 7pm, $5-10.

Phillip Crawford, Steve Fowler Duo Carta. 7:30-11:30pm.

Gregory James 26 Mix. 8pm, free.

Lorna K Shanghai 1930. 8pm. Also Sat/19.

Lab Rats Skip's Tavern. 9pm. Also Sat/19.

Mingus Amungus Bruno's. 10pm.

Brad Niven Trio Cobalt Tavern, 1707 Powell; 982-8123. 7-11pm.

'Noun Sound: People, Place, Thing' Space 964, 964 Natoma. 8pm, $6-10.

Dave Scott, Harvey Wainapel Quintet Jazz at Pearl's. 9:30pm, free. Also Sat/19.

Sonando 850 Cigar Bar. 9pm.

Songo Butterfly. 10pm.

Starlight Orchestra Starlight Room. 8:30pm.

Bay Area

Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $22. Through Sun/20.

Todd Sickafoose Group, the Lost Trio Tuva Space, 3192 Adeline, Berk; (510) 655-9755. 8pm.


Crónán Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Eddie Palmieri, Flora Purim, Airto Moreira Fillmore. 9pm, $35.

Kelly Joe Phelps Trio Great American Music Hall. 8pm, $18.

Mike Shapiro Band Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

Melanie Strickland Band Ireland's 32. 9pm.

Bay Area

Entre Nós Club Fusetti. 10pm.

Keith Greeniger and Dayan Kai Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $16.50.

Dance clubs

Bohemia Bar 1624 California; 474-6968. 10pm-2am, $10. Hip-hop with DJ Qwest.

Candy Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $5. Hip-hop, rock, and new wave with Spin and

Grand T.

Cloud 9 Motel 34 Seventh St; 355-9991. 9pm-3am. With DJs Dylan and Consuelo.

Club Nzinga El Rio. 9pm, $7. Jose Ruiz spins world beat.

Club Red The Stud. 10pm-3am, $8. With DJs Black and Switch.

Corduroy City Cellar. 9pm-2am, $5. House, funk, and soul with resident DJs and guests.

Debaser Jezebels Joint. 9pm-2am, $5. Glam rock and Britpop with DJs Shindog, Tim, Luna, and Bishop.

Deeper House Fuse. 10pm-2am. With David and guests.

Dhamaal Club Six. 9:30pm-4am, $10. Live tabla and DJs.

Fag Fridays Endup. 10pm-5:30am, $8. With residents Rolo and Ruben Mancias.

Funky Fridays Nickie's BBQ. 9pm, $7. Wisdom and Cyrus spin funk and soul.

Glitter Glas Kat. 9:30pm-2am. Soul and deep house.

Hai Karate Hush Hush Lounge. 9pm-2am, $5. With Neel N. Kizmiaz and Claire Ahll.

House of Voodoo Big Heart City. 9pm-3am, $5-7. Deathrock with DJs Voodoo Perki and Rick A. Mortis; industrial/EBM/Synth-pop with DJs Djall and Pathogen.

Jazz Future Buzz 9. 10pm-2am, $5. Broken beat, downtempo, and nu jazz.

Luna Teca Oxygen Bar. 10pm-3am, $3. With DJ Tom Thump and DJ Kelly Girl.

Mediterranean Nights Piyassa Restaurant, 1686 Market; 864-3700. 10pm-2am. Greek, Turkish, French, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Top 40s, and '70s music.

Nikita Ten 15 Folsom. 10pm. $15.

Owen Presents The Top. 7:30-9:30pm. Jamaican music. 9:30pm-2am, $5. With local and international DJs.

Pepper 111 Minna Gallery. 9pm-2am, $5-10. Garage and deep house with Toph One.

Pow! A Cocktail Lounge 6pm, $3. Tribal house and Latin music with Be Smiley.

Rendezvous Club 238, 238 Columbus; 402-0000. 9pm-4am. Hip-hop.

Roam Liquid. 10pm-4am, $3. With DJs Chad Mitchell, JP Soul, and Dansmith.

Sexotica Make-Out Room. 10pm, free. Indian, Middle Eastern, and Latin grooves with DJ King Coffin.

Sojurn Rohan Lounge. 9pm-1am. Progressive house and beats with residents Ted Shred and Fred.

Soulful Strut Amnesia. 10pm-2am, $5. With Vinnie and Goldmyne.

Spa Backflip. 9pm-2am, $10. House and hip-hop.

Square Ruby Skye. 9pm-3am. House music.

Step An Sibin. 8pm-2am, $5. U.K. garage and 2 step with DJs John Paul, Enzyme, Dom Some, and guests.

Sweet Blind Tiger. 10pm-2am, $5. With Norman Stradley and Sherif.

Tech-Tonic 26 Mix. 10pm-2am, $5. Funk techno and breaks.

Tight Sno-Drift. 10pm-4:30am. Hip-hop and downtempo with DJs Seven and Sol.

True Skool Storyville. 6-10pm, free. Classic soul, slow jams, and R&B ballads with Tomas, Consuelo, Rasta Cue Tip, and Wisdom. 10pm-2am, $7-10. Funk, dancehall, and hip-hop classics; this week's guest is Master Ace.


San Francisco Opera Opera House, 401 Van Ness; 864-3330. 8pm, $23-155. See Wed/16.

San Francisco Symphony Davies Hall, 401 Van Ness; 864-6000. 8pm, $29-85. See Thurs/17.

saturday 19



About Face Curve, 747 Third St; 786-2286. 9pm.

Arthur Adams Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $15.

Anticon, Sage Francis, Shapeshifters Slim's. 9pm, $14.

Boomshanka, Greyhounds Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $8.

Dean Del Ray, Substitutes Hotel Utah. 9pm, $7.

Drunk Horse, Cherry Valence, Federation X, Fleshies Bottom of the Hill. 9:30pm, $8.

Fluke Starbucker, Applesaucer, Birds of America Cafe du Nord. 10pm, $7.

Hellfire Choir, 3rd Grade Teacher, Dick Army Covered Wagon Saloon. 9:30pm, $5.

Josh Jones Ensemble with Scheherazade Bruno's. 10pm.

Judas Priest, Anthrax, Iced Earth Warfield. 8pm, $35. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

Juice, Supertone, Calahan, Lean, Fanbelt, Twelve Inches, Tireless Tongue Voodoo Lounge. 8pm.

Maceo Parker Fillmore. 9pm, $25. Also Sun/20.

Pre-Teens, Tartufi, Tenth of Always Kimo's. 9pm.

Resineators, Temple of Bon Matin Hemlock Tavern. 10pm, $3.

Shawna Virago and the Deadly Nightshade Family, Secadora, Whoa-Nellies El Rio. 10pm.

Bay Area

Regina Bell Kimball's East. 8 and 10pm. Through Sun/20.

Curtains, Young People, Numbers, Xiu Xiu, Theory of Ruin, Tiny Bird Mouths Stork Club. 9pm, $6. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

Dave Gleason's Wasted Days, Dallas Wayne, Natives Starry Plough. 9:45pm, $6.

Carlos Guitarlos Ivy Room. 10pm.

M Headphone, Fuse Pound-SF. 8pm.

Netwerk: Electric Jupiter. 8pm.

Problem, Barely Legal, Black DreamPort Lite. 9pm.

Ramona the Pest, Vanessa Lowe and the Lowlifes, Sonya Hunter, Dandeline 21 Grand, 21 Grand, Oakl; (510) 444-7263. 8:30pm, $6-10.

Solemite, Monkey Blakes. 9:30pm, $5.

Jazz/new music

Black Market Jazz Orchestra Top of the Mark. 9pm, $10.

Blues Fuse Atlas Cafe. 4-7pm, free.

Jeanne Hoffman Moose's. 8pm.

Josh Jones 850 Cigar Bar. 10pm.

Lorna K Shanghai 1930. 8pm.

Lab Rats Skip's Tavern. 9pm.

Dave Scott, Harvey Wainapel Quintet Jazz at Pearl's. 9:30pm, free.

Starlight Orchestra Starlight Room. 8:30pm.

Bay Area

Stephen Kent, Purple Bamboo Orchestra, Skyline Jazz Band First Congregational Church, 2501 Harrison, Oakl; (510) 658-7664. 7pm, $3-20.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $22. Through Sun/20.


Aftershocks Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

Kicking Mule Ireland's 32. 9pm.

Mild Colonial Boys Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Bay Area

Gwen Avery Rose Street House of Music, 1839 Rose, Berk; (510) 843-3014. 8pm, $5-15.

Kathy Kallick Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $16.50.

Dance clubs

Atmosfere 111 Minna Gallery. 8pm-2am. House and dance music with Neil Aline.

Beat Salad Laszlo. 8pm-2am. With DJ Kenni.

Beat Segment Make-Out Room. 10pm, free. With DJ Enki spins soul, hip-hop, and funky beats.

Bohemia Bar 1624 California; 474-6968. 10pm-2am, $10. House, hip-hop, and '80s music with Eddy.

Bottom Heavy The Top. 7pm-10pm. With J Falcone, John Paul, Fiction, Dom Some, and Enzyme. 10pm-2am. U.K. garage and drum 'n' bass with rotating residents.

Butterfly 7pm. With DJ Label.

Cellar 9pm-2am, $5. House, funk, soul, and old school.

Cloud 9 Motel 34 Seventh St; 355-9991. 9pm-3am. With Iggy, Phil, and Charles Brigham and friends in the basement.

Club Six 9:30pm-4am, $6, $9 after 11pm. With Anita Lofton, Miss Megan, and David Harness.

Cracker Jack An Sibin. 9pm-2am, $5. With Charlotte the Baroness and the Cracker Jack crew.

Double Barrelled 26 Mix. 9pm-2am. With Kevin, Jayson, and guests.

Eklektic Cat Club. 10pm-3am, $10. Drum 'n' bass with residents and guests.

Electrolush Blind Tiger. 10pm-2am, $5. Underground house music with rotating DJs.

Excess Club 238, 238 Columbus; 402-0000. 9pm-6am, $15. With Pablo, Demilo, Ben Doren, Booker, and Hemming.

Female Synergy Amnesia. 10pm-2am, $5. With DJ Fouzia.

Flava Storyville. 10pm, $8-10. Hip-hop with rotating residents.

Gloss Sno-Drift. 10pm-4:30am. With David Alvarado, Norm Stradley, and Ben Doren.

The Hop Pop Club Edinburgh Castle. 9pm. Hop-pop Euro with DJ Mark Walshe.

Launderette Voodoo Lounge. 9:30pm-2am, $5. A club for women with guest DJs.

Liquid Liquid. 9pm-4am, $3. House and techno with Dave Kirkland.

Loöq Hard 111 Minna Gallery. 10pm-2am, $10. DJ Spesh and guests spin.

Mania Skylark. 9pm-2am, free. Drum 'n' bass, progressive house, and tech-house.

Pow! A Cocktail Lounge 9pm, $3. House music with Fadrian and Sutake.

Remedy Big Heart City. 9pm-4am. House, soul, and R&B with residents.

Royale 10pm-2am, free. With Zatch, DJ Cyruss, and Toph One.

La Rumba Sigue Kelly's Mission Rock. 3:30-8pm, $6. Salsa dance club with DJ Ivette Fuentes and live salsa music by Orquesta Cimarron.

School for Robots Oxygen Bar. 9pm, free. With DJs Alaric, Benwa, and the OtherGarth.

Seoul-phisticated Rohan Lounge. 9pm-1am. Dub and rare grooves with DJ Choe.

Sound Factory 9:30-10:30pm. Happy hour.

Stone Soul Saturday Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am. Kevin and George spin disco, funk, and soul.

Submerge Buzz 9. 10pm-2am, $5. Deep house.

Supastar Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $5. With local DJs.

Texture Glas Kat. 9:30pm-3:30am. House, classic soul, urban grooves, and '70s and '80s retro funk with residents.

Undertoe Julip. 9:30pm. With L. Ron Hubba Hubba and DJ Darren.

Unidy.com's Playhouse Fuse. 10pm-2am. With Pablo Picasso and Andrew.

Universe Club Townsend. 9:30pm-7am, $14. House music.

Bay Area

Fusetti's Saturday Night Club Fusetti. 10pm. Second anniversary celebration.

Radio 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am. '70s and '80s glam, rock, and pop.


Janine Johnson Trinity Chapel, 2320 Dana, Berk; (510) 549-3864. 8pm, $8-12. The harpsichordist performs Bach, Buxtehude, and Pachelbel.

Magnificat First Congregational Church, 2345 Channing Way, Berk; (415) 979-4500. 8pm, $12-25. The early music ensemble performs Chiara Margarita Cozzolani's Missa della Beata Vergine.

San Francisco Opera Opera House, 401 Van Ness; 864-3330. 8pm, $25-165. See Thurs/17.

San Francisco Symphony Davies Hall, 401 Van Ness; 864-6000. 8pm, $29-85. See Thurs/17.

sunday 20



Will Bernard and Motherbug Boom Boom Room. 9pm, $5.

'Blues Jam' Blue Lamp. 9:30pm. Kentucky Slim hosts.

Boneshakers Biscuits and Blues. 8:30pm, $10.

Derek Davis Curve, 747 Third St; 786-2286. 6pm.

Eleventeen, Fairlanes, Craig's Brother, Audiocrush, Jetlag, Shogun Pound-SF. 2pm, $8.

Fabulous Disaster, Lawrence Arms, Rise Against, Ghost Bottom of the Hill. 8pm, $7.

Five Point-O Pier 23. 4-8pm, $5.

Flakes, Harold Ray Live in Concert, Sermon, M.C. King Fish and the Twisting Sisters Covered Wagon Saloon. 9pm, $5. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

David Hopkins, Music Lovers Make-Out Room. 8:30pm, $6.

One Night Stand Slim's. 8pm, $10. Cover songs by members of Petrol, Oranger, Tokyo Marine Fire, Ing, Blue Period, Lean, ex-Creeper Lagoon, Slender, Spike 1000, M.I.R.V., and others.

Optic, O.S.T., Kevin Parish, Killer Go Kill, Twin Towers Cellar. 9pm, $5.

Maceo Parker Fillmore. 9pm, $25.

Bay Area

Regina Bell Kimball's East. 5 and 8pm.

First Circle, Locals Blakes. 9:30pm, $6.

'Til All Free!' La Peña Cultural Center. 7pm, $10.

Jazz/new music

Eric Burman Trio Bruno's. 8pm.

Ezra Gale Quartet Albion, 3139 16th St; 552-8558. 6pm.

Mike Greensill and friends Moose's. 7:30pm.

Love Motel Jazz Quintet Rasselas Jazz Club. 6pm.

Ricardo Scales and Friends Top of the Mark. 8pm, $5.

Bay Area

Madeline Eastman Jazzschool, 2087 Addison, Berk; (510) 845-5373. 4:30pm, $6-12.

Oakland Jazz Choir First Congregational Church, 2501 Harrison, Oakl; (510) 287-8880. 7:30pm. "In the Name of Love," a musical celebration in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio Yoshi's. 2 and 8pm, $5-22.


Arte y Compás Timo's Restaurant, 842 Valencia; 647-0558. 7:30 and 9pm. Traditional music and dance from Andalucia, Southern Spain.

Heidi Amnesia. 8pm, $10. Heidi plays fiddle and more.

Tony McMahon Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

Seisiún with Suzanne Cronin and Friends Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Bay Area

John McCutcheon Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $18.50.

Dance clubs

Be Down Sundays Last Day Saloon. 9pm, free. With Human Z, Neturu, and DJs Bowfinger and Mayhem.

Bionic The Top. 10pm-2am. With Solar, Mark E. Quark, and Iz.

Brainwash 5-8pm. Turtle spins drum 'n' bass.

Broadway Studios 9pm. Argentine tango. Dance lesson at 7pm.

Club Compression Cellar. 9pm-2am, $5. Drum 'n' bass with residents and guests.

Club Havana Jelly's. 4pm, $7. Latin music with DJ Ivette Fuentes and guest Charanga Nueve.

Club KY Amnesia. 10pm-2am, free. Spike, Mike, and Jacob spin indie, punk, and noise pop at this queer and queer-friendly dance club.

The Depths Charlies, 1838 Union; 474-3773. 9pm-2am, free. Deep downtempo, left-field breaks, and drum 'n' bass.

Devotion Endup. 8pm, $10. House music with DJ Ruben Mancias and guest Teddy Douglas.

Dub Mission Elbo Room. 9pm-2am, $4. With DJ Sep and Playground.

Entropy Charlie's Club, 309 Cortland; 206-9367. 9pm-2am. Electro, industrial, synthpop with DJs Feist and Hasenphucket.

For Those Who Know An Sibin. 9pm-2am, $3. Underground hip-hop, funk, soul, and breaks.

Gameshow Tongue and Groove. 9pm-2am, $5. Soul, hip-hop, funk, and R&B with DJ Nu-Mark, DJ Design, and DJ LadyBase.

Juke Joint Julip. 9pm–2am, free. With Toph One.

Karma Bas. 10pm, $5. Funk and house with Jerry Ross.

Kinkyfunk Club Six. 9:30pm-2am, $10. With DJs Taylor, Johnny Brett, and Seamy.

Living Lounge Fuse. 10pm-2am. With DJs Michael Lefebvreir and Raymond.

Luscious Liquid. 10pm-4am. Deep tribal, hard progressive, and house with Dharma, Unity, Origin, and guest DJs.

Pleasuredome Club Townsend. 9pm-6am, $15. With Neil Lewis and Jeff Johnson.

Pop Laszlo. 9pm-2am, free. DJs and/or live electronic music.

Rebirth 330 Ritch. 10pm. Soul and hip-hop with Henry, Joe Quixx, Kevvy Kev, and Will.

Reggae Sundaze Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am, $5. Reggae music spun by DJ King David, General Patton, and other residents.

Second Sunday Kelly's Mission Rock. noon-10pm. With Jeno, Norman Stradley, Ellen Ferrato, M3, Julius Papp, Sen-Sei, David Coleman, and more.

Selector Sundays Blind Tiger. 9pm-2am, $5. With the Unsung Heroes.

Spundae Ten 15 Folsom. 9pm-6am, $5. With rotating DJs and special guests.

Storytelling Night Odeon Bar. 7pm-2am. Hosted by Jerico Reese.

Sundance Saloon King Street Garage. 6-11pm, $5. Country dancing with rotating residents.

Sunday School Sno-Drift. 8pm-4am, $10. House and downtempo with residents.

Sunday T-Dance Endup. 6am-8pm. House music with rotating residents.

Therapy Skylark. 9pm-2am, free. With DJs Maurice and Efrem.

Tonic HiFi. 9pm-2am, $7. With Carlitos and Eric Erickson.

Transfusion 26 Mix. 12pm, $5. Soul, hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall. 8pm-midnight, $5. A punk, rock, glam, and new wave drag show.

Youth Nite SF-Pound. 8pm-12:30am. A dance party for people ages 14-18, featuring house, funk, and techno.

Bay Area

Mystery Night Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am.

Summer Sundays Club Fusetti. 10pm. World beat and house music.


Ellen Hargis Grace Cathedral, 1100 California; 749-6350. 5:30pm, $12-50. The soprano performs with harpsichordist Edward Murray.

Magnificat St. Gregory Nyssen Episcopal Church, De Haro and Mariposa; (415) 979-4500. 4pm, $12-25. See Sat/19.

Garrick Ohlsson Davies Symphony Hall, 401 Van Ness; 864-6000. 7:30pm, $13-68. The pianist performs an all-Chopin program.

San Francisco Opera Opera House, 401 Van Ness; 864-3330. 2pm, $25-165. See Wed/16.

San Francisco Symphony Davies Symphony Hall, 401 Van Ness; 864-6000. 2pm, $28. The symphony performs works by Haydn, Thomas Goss, and Schumann.

Paul Woodring St. Mary's Cathedral, 1111 Gough; 567-2020, ext 213. 3:30pm. The organist performs.

Bay Area

Midori, Robert McDonald UC Berkeley, Zellerbach Hall, Bancroft Way at Telegraph, Berk; (510) 642-9988. 3pm, $28-48. The violinist and pianist perform works by Liszt, Beethoven, Webern, and Strauss.

monday 21


Boudeeka Curve, 747 Third St; 786-2286. 9pm.

Diggsville, Charles Atlas Make-Out Room. 8:30pm, $6.

Trey Gunn Cafe du Nord. 9pm, $15. Through Wed/23. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

Replicator, From Monument to Masses, Lower Forty-Eight Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $5.

Souls of Mischief, Masterminds Slim's. 9pm, $17.

J.L. Stiles Biscuits and Blues. 8:30pm, $5.

Terminal I.F. Kimo's. 9pm.

Bay Area

Steve Gannon Band, Mz. Dee Blakes. 9:30pm, $4.

Jazz/new music

Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Carla Helmbrecht Trio with Peter Horvath Top of the Mark. 8pm, $5.

Monk's Music Simple Pleasures Cafe. 8pm, free.

Bishop Norman Williams Quintet Les Joulins. 8pm.

Bay Area

Michael Bluestein Trio Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $10.


'Acoustic Spotlight Open Mic' Blue Lamp. 9:30pm, free. Andrew Freeman hosts.

Bryan Harrison Hotel Utah. 9:30pm, free.

Dance clubs

Cellar 9pm-2am, $5. Downtempo with resident DJs and guests.

Cherry Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $3. With Elitria and Betty spinning ambient grooves and beats.

Club Dread Justice League. 10pm, $10. Reggae and dancehall.

Cold Sweat Fuse. 10pm-2am. With rotating locals and guests.

Detention Skylark. 8pm-2am, free. With DJ Benway.

D.Volution Pow! A Cocktail Lounge. 8pm-2am. With Ms. Dress.

Get Me High Mondays Elbo Room. 9pm, $5. With Spectraphonics.

Grateful Dead Jams Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am. Dark Star Dan plays rare Grateful Dead tracks.

Halflife An Sibin. 9pm-2am. XJS, Zigmund Void, and Kryptyk spin drum 'n' bass.

Joy Liquid. 8pm-3am, $2. Progressive house.

Lo-key Lounge Charlies, 1838 Union; 474-3773. 9pm-2am. Deep house and disco breaks spun by rotating DJs.

Main Ingredient Julip. 9:30pm. With DJ Wisdom and JayBee.

Milkshake Mondays Sno-Drift. 10pm-2am, $5. With Travis.

Redwood Room 8pm-midnight. Jazz with Consuelo Kevin.

Reggae Mondeys Tunnel Top. 9pm-2am, free. With DJ Qwistar.

Rockin' Java 1821 Haight; 831-8842. 7pm. Hip-hop and open mic.

Self-Serve DJ Nite and Music Appreciation Society Odeon Bar. 7pm-2am, free. Open turntables.

Sex in Zero Gravity Border Cantina, 1192 Folsom; 820-4876. 10pm-2am, $5. Techno Funk and house music with James D and Eli B.

Sixth Element Hush Hush Lounge. 9pm-2am, $3. Electro, tech-house, drum 'n' bass, and trance.

Star Lounge Up and Down Club. 10pm-2am, $5. DJ Henry and guests spin soul, dancehall, and hip-hop.

Stone Soup AsiaSF. 6:30pm, free. Hip-hop, '70s, '80s, and house music.

Sumo The Top. 9pm, $5. Hip-hop and funk.

Tranquility Base 26 Mix. 7-10pm. Breaks, downtempo, house, dub, and dancehall. 10pm-2am, free. With DF Tram and Jonas Judd.

Tranquilo Amnesia. 10pm-2am, free. Drum 'n' bass, hip-hop, and downtempo.

Vroom El Rio. 8pm-midnight, free. Punk, funk, and soul.

Bay Area

Underground Lounge Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am. Psycho '60s and porno '70s. tuesday 22



'Brokedown Opry' Kimo's. 8pm.

Cuts Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $5.

Those Darn Accordions Hotel Utah. 8pm, $5. Two sets.

Trey Gunn Amoeba Music. 6pm, free. In-store appearance. Cafe du Nord. 9pm, $15. Through Wed/23. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

Joachin, Sherman Dickman Construction, 92 Vince Tongue and Groove. 9pm, free.

Little Jonny and the Giants Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $5.

'New Roots to Hip-Hop' Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $5. With Felonious.

President's Breakfast Elbo Room. 9pm, $6.

Slough Feg, Brocas Helm, Cold Mourning Covered Wagon Saloon. 9:30pm, $5.

Stereophonics, JJ72 Fillmore. 8pm, $18.50.

Wesley Willis, Die Goldenen, Zitronen, Grand Buffet, Custom on It Great American Music Hall. 9pm, $10. See 8 Days a Week, page 48.

Bay Area

Ghost Town, Western States, Darvon Complex Stork Club. 9pm, $5.

Charles Wheal Ivy Room. 10pm.

Jazz/new music

Collective West Jazz Orchestra Cellar at Johnny Foley's. 9pm, $3.

Jeanne Hoffman Moose's. 8pm.

Vince Lateano Trio Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Jennifer Lee Trio Top of the Mark. 8pm, $5.

Roderick Louie Carta. 7-10pm.

Jose Pinto Ireland's 32. 9pm.

Fred Ross Project Starlight Room. 8pm.

Farris Smith Trio Les Joulins. 8pm.

Bay Area

Will Bernard Downtown. 8pm.

McCoy Tyner, Kenny Garrett, George Mraz, Al Foster Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $26. Through Sun/27.



Seisiún with Paul Chaffee and Richard Mandel Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Bay Area

Hot Buttered Rum String Band, Wildsang Blakes. 9:30pm, $3.

Dance clubs

Asia Africa Arabia Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am. DJ Cheb I Sabbah spins a blend of international music.

Ay Karamba! Glas Kat. 9:30pm-2am, $8. Salsa lessons and dance performance.

Broadway Studios 7-9pm. Swing dancing lessons.

Butterfly 7pm. With DJ So Much Soul.

Destination Unknown Tongue and Groove. 9pm-2am, $3-5. DJs Dangerous Dan, Perki, Slaveboy, and guests spin new wave, goth, industrial '80s, and synthpop.

Development AsiaSF. 10pm. Reference, Raygun, and Mykul Crane spin breakbeat and house.

EZ Music for Hard Times Club Deluxe. 10pm. With DJs Brian Cox, Power Lounger, and guests.

Familia Royale. 10pm-2am, free. Hip-hop, jazz breaks, funk, Latin, and dancehall with DJs Zatch and Top One.

Fan Club Dylan's Pub, 2301 Folsom; 641-1416. 9pm-2am, free. Indie, twee, Bratpop, art-school punk, and more.

Frizar Galaxy. 9pm-2am, $3. Progressive house with rotating residents.

Fuck Tuesdays Backflip. 10pm-2am. '80s music, soul, breakbeat, and hip-hop.

Impulse An Sibin. 10pm-2am. Techno with rotating residents.

Insect Funeral Oxygen Bar. 10pm, free. With DJ Alaric.

Jazz Party Soul Club Cellar. 9pm-2am. Jazz party with Logic Trio and Soul Club with DJ English Steve.

Mayonnaise Skylark. 9pm, free. House music with special guests.

Members Only Bohemia Bar, 1624 California; 474-6968. 10pm-2am. '80s music with rotating residents.

Node Pow! A Cocktail Lounge. 9pm-2am. Indie rock and electronica.

Phuturo The Top. 10pm-2am, $5. Drum 'n' bass with DJ Phunkateck.

R & D Tuesdays Sno-Drift. 9:30pm, $5. With C Money, Ocir, Snayk Eyez, and Owlboogie.

Roderick's Chamber City Nights. 9pm-3am. Industrial dance club.

Soul City Make-Out Room. 9:30pm, $5. Deep house with the Smartbeat Sound System and guests.

Taboo Liquid. 9pm-3am, $3. House music with DJ David Harness.

Time:Out Butterfly. 10pm-1am, free. With DJ Tom Thump.

T.K.O. Hush Hush Lounge. 9pm-2am, $3. Hip-hop with DJs Charlie Bucket, Kaution, Ocir, Halo 1, and Able.

Underground Communication Dalva, 3121 16th St; 252-7740. 10pm-2am, free. Funk, soul, and dub with Vinnie Esparza, Jonny Deeper, and Asti Spumanti.

Under the Radar/(SN)-THTK 26 Mix. 10pm, $4. An experimental artist-focused event.

Wax Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $5. Soul music with rotating DJs.

Bay Area

Good Times Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am. With Kitty and Sean spinning '70s pop, funk-rock, and more.

Posh Down Low Lounge. 9:30pm-2am. Downtempo, disco breaks, drum 'n' bass, and deep house.

RawSugar Oasis, 135 12th St, Oakl; (510) 763-0404. 9pm. Drum 'n' bass and breakbeats.

Ruby Room10pm-2am. Punk rock with Kenny Kaos.

Smooth Grooves Club Fusetti. 9pm. Hip-hop and R&B with Phiness and Qwest.


Berkeley Symphony Orchestra Roda Theatre, 2015 Addison, Berk; (510) 841-2800. 8pm, $10-45. The orchestra performs works by Schubert, Buckwalter, Sheinfeld, and Berg; Kent Nagano conducts.