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moon signs Jan. 16-22, 2002
by sally cragin

How old is the moon? The prevailing theory is that four billion years ago a planet-size object collided with earth, and the resulting crack-up liquified rock and hurled it into space. This "back splash" coalesced into the moon, one of 61 known moons in the solar system. The interesting part of this story is realizing that for the first 90 percent of the moon's existence there was nothing and no one to look at it. We're making up for lost time in this column, aren't we? Do visit www.moonsigns.net for a link to a monthly solar forecast and advice column.

Wednesday, Jan. 16 Waxing moon in Pisces. "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me" is the theme for the day, especially for any blunt, explicit person dealing with a wiggly, vague person (i.e., fire or earth folks hoping to get the goods on air or water). Pisces, you may feel irritated with ambition. Is there a detergent for that? Scorpios, you know that sex-bomb-baby-oh-yeah reputation others stick on you? Revel in it today and tomorrow.

Thursday, Jan. 17 Waxing moon in Pisces. Excellent for hearing punch lines to old stories ("Oh, no, they broke up, didn't you know?). Pisces, paranoia will destroya, but you're deeply entertaining about it, aren't you? Scorpios, you should hang with the earth or air people – they'll keep things light, even if all they have (spiritually speaking) is a 40-watt bulb. Sagittarians, the next two weeks you'll be much smarter about human nature than in the previous fortnight.

Friday, Jan. 18 Waxing moon in Pisces, Mercury goes retrograde. Obsequiousness comes easily, but keep your compliments realistic. Pisces, you've been putting out major attraction vibes for the rest of the world since before Christmas – aren't you ready for a break? (Take a hint from independent Aries, who are happy to make new connections.) Taureans, are others trying to get a reaction? That could be the theme for the next two weeks. VOC 7 to 7:15 p.m., almost not worth noting.

Saturday, Jan. 19 Waxing moon in Aries, Mars enters Aries. That burning feeling begins as a faint perfume of resentment, especially for folks who don't have a lot of fire in their charts. Impulsiveness should be scrutinized, if that's not an oxymoron. Aries can do anything during the next six weeks – a great time for travel and job switching. Virgos (especially Sept. 1-3), were you more in control seven years ago? Thought not. Your mission is to channel frustration through sarcasm. Leos, yes, you can bungee jump, but have a couple of people vet the cords, OK?

Sunday, Jan. 20 Waxing moon in Aries, Venus moves into Aquarius. The next two weeks we have Mars squaring off against Jupiter. If it's a matter of might versus right, guess who wins? Aries, you've got to advertise your willingness to do the best job, not the quickest. Libras may feel needy, but you've got as much volition as a dart in a blowgun. Geminis, you're more attractive than you think (especially May 28-June 3 twins). VOC 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow.

Monday, Jan. 21 First quarter moon in Taurus, sun moves into Aquarius. Quarter moons are turning points, so forget practice, try theory. It's an excellent day for writing or coming up with a crowd-pleasing plot twist. Aquarians are tempted to reschedule long-standing appointments, except for those of you who work with the ill or the young. Cancers, the universe is forcing you to speak up for yourself where it matters. Solitary mumbling isn't sufficient this week or next. VOC until noon.

Tuesday, Jan. 22 Waxing moon in Taurus. The acquisitive instinct is sharpened. Wanna try one more store? Tell yourself you didn't get everything you wanted for Christmas, and you're just being efficient about staving off Valentine's Day blues. Taureans enjoy being efficient, though you're not too invested in others seeing this. Virgos, this is a good day to share your talent for economizing. (Share, not brag about.)