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Moon signs
january 23-29 (full moon january 28)

by sally cragin

"The moon grows from a sickle to an arc lamp, and comes later and later until she is lost in the light as other things are lost in the darkness." – Captain Shotover, in George Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House

This might be a good time to remind you that the moon comes an hour later every night. So if your animals (cats are especially sensitive to lunar glow) are getting rowdier and rowdier, deeper into the night as the full moon approaches, don't say I didn't warn you.

Wednesday, Jan. 23 Waxing moon in Taurus. An all-day void of course suggests that wise folks read the instruction manual, the movie listings, or the contract more than once before trusting. Don't trust print or documentation. Taureans, you may feel like giving in – it won't be the end of the world. Not everyone is quite as resolute as you are. Scorpios, get more sleep; there are a few days that will run you ragged. Geminis, everyone is listening, but repeat yourself anyway. VOC 4:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 24 Waxing moon in Gemini. A wonderful day for visiting siblings or peers – but keep it light. Also excellent for writing, grading, or assessing quality. Geminis need to be the center of attention. That's why you're making outrageous comments. Libras are hard to pin down and irritable, especially around benevolent males. Can you channel ire into competition? Aries (especially March 30 through April 2) shouldn't expect others to "know" where they're at. Tell them.

Friday, Jan. 25 Waxing moon in Gemini. Spontaneity is more satisfying than plans, especially in activities that emphasize wit and style. Geminis, it's a good day for experiments, especially those having to do with planning short trips. Just watch out for banana peels. Sagittarians may need to brood; don't think you have to be entertaining while you wrestle with better angels. Aquarians, love is on your side; just stop thinking about how much more you do, OK? VOC 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 26 Waxing moon in Cancer. A classic stay-at-home-and-bake day. Or put up some preserves. The spirit of domesticity is screaming for attention and waving environmentally gentle materials (baking soda and vinegar for counterparts, y'know?). Cancers, don't spend yourself on others today; treat yourself. Leos, you're torn between obligation and throwing up your hands, but lions born July 27 through 31 must be frank about motives, especially if you detect unease from others. Scorpios, it's a good day for detective work, and aha – what a surprise! You'll want some attention for it. VOC 11 a.m. to midnight, Jan. 28.

Sunday, Jan. 27 Waxing moon in Cancer. Grudges could take hold, though you'll be sympathetic toward those who are struggling with social unease. Loyalty for all is deeply satisfying, though some (fire and air folks) can't concentrate. Cancers (especially July 1 through 10), if you're feeling raw, maybe you've just molted again. Crabs do have very offbeat molting schedules, and Cancers are always surprised to lose a skin. Capricorns, you've got a point, but no perspective. Taureans, you want others to be competent and mindful, but are you giving them a choice? VOC all day to midnight.

Monday, Jan. 28 Full moon in Leo. The Oto tribe called this moon the Little Young Bear Comes Down the Tree. But we must ask, what will he or she find, and how tasty are shrews and acorns? Dearest Leos, love may seem difficult. But that's OK. Maybe you don't have the time. Maybe you don't think it's important. Do understand that from now through the new moon, big planets are obstructing your journey. Virgos, start asking for attention – or asking for help. On some subconscious level, you're overstimulated. But mind your arrogance when you ask.

Tuesday, Jan. 29 Waning moon in Leo. Now we're cooking with gas – this is an excellent time to ask for attention or commit acts of foolish bravery, especially Sadge and Aries types, who may feel extra defensive about children. Passionate feelings about trendy apparel needn't be voiced. Leos, expect the unexpected (especially Aug. 16 through 18) in health matters. Libras, it's a good day for friendship, especially with fire sign folks who inspire you – or give your spinning compass needle some direction. Excitement rules, especially in Aquarius world. VOC 3 p.m. to 1 a.m.