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By Amanda Nowinski

UNEASY TIMES CALL for more fucked-up sounds. The Swiss-French Miss Kittin and the Hacker are anything but neutral on their '80s retake collaboration First Album (Gigolo), a paranoid, darkly funky dance-focused collection of Detroit-influenced techno, electro, industrial, and new wave. Miss Kittin's perverse lyrics, which deal coarsely with sex, drugs, stupidity, and celebrity worship, float weirdly above the Hacker's evil engineering skills, making this the perfect demonic dessert for anyone sick of all things smooth. Headlining this Wednesday at the Great American Music Hall for Synth's Module series, a monthlong event that celebrates new electro and left-field techno, Miss Kittin is sure to frighten and seduce with her purring persona, which, bless her cold heart, is anything but G-rated. "To be famous is so nice," she teases on "Frank Sinatra." "Suck my dick, kiss my ass. In limousines we have sex every night with my famous friends." Prudes are advised to stay at home.

This Friday night the promoters of True Skool host a performance by Mystic, the Bay Area-born and -raised hip-hop star who's risen even further since she relocated to L.A. last year. She didn't win the Grammy Award for her work on her extraordinary debut full-length on Goodvibe, Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom, but who cares about those out-of-touch NARAS folks anyway. With a full band backing her up, Mystic makes a rare S.F. appearance at the intimate Storyville, which should be the perfect environment for soaking in her deeply personal lyrics and warmly emotive presence.

Miss Kittin and the Hacker, Memory Systems, Cybrid, Robotronik.Wed/27, 8:30 p.m.-1 a.m., Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell, S.F. $12.50. (415) 885-0750. For more information on the Synth Module series go to www.form8.com.

Mystic, DJs Jahyzer, Coop D'Ville, and Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist. Fri/29, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., Storyville, 1751 Fulton., S.F. $15-$20. (415) 441-1751, www.true-skool.org.

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