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moon signs
by sally cragin

My friend Kim has a great line: "Let go or get dragged." During this interlude of the lunar cycle fate pries your pale-knuckled mitts loose from the project, person, or idea that just don't work no more. Think I'm kidding? Talk to Leos, Scorpios, or Aquarians who needed to adjust their expectations of others last month. The happy news is that folklore says this is the time for brewing beer. Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

Wednesday, April 3 Waning moon in Capricorn. I'm constantly explaining to Capricorns that they needn't identify with the goat archetype: stern, surefooted, practical, and miserly. Solitary and resistant to instruction? Absolutely, although today and tomorrow you'll want to be open to socializing and going along with the crowd. These two days set the tone for the next month. Cancers need to be gentle with themselves. Can you scale back your expectations of what other people should be doing?

Thursday, April 4 Last quarter moon in Capricorn. It's always darkest before the dawn. It's also darkest before the laundry. In other words, are you paying attention to the small details of life so easy to overlook? Capricorns may be due for a fretfest – escapism (movie, Sims, sex?) beckons. Taureans and Virgos, the next 10 days are excellent for facing a big truth. Pisces should deal with long-term indebtedness (which isn't always just a matter of money).

Friday, April 5 Waning moon in Capricorn-Aquarius. A void-of-course moon during the morning means even that wrong number might be worth picking up. Capricorns, being sensible is sensible. It also spares you exciting new acquaintances. Aquarians, the weekend belongs to you. But don't think a schedule is confining; perhaps a schedule will help you do more. Scorpios, being left to your own devices for the next couple of days won't be good for you. VOC 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Saturday, April 6 Waning moon in Aquarius. This weekend is good for starting a diet. The more motivated folks are the earth signs and Geminis. That's an unlikely combination, isn't it? Aquarians need to accept the following: relations with women are supposed to be stress producing. Relations with objects rule. Leos may be really bruised if accused of "acting like a child" this weekend. Nothing moves fast enough for Libras.

Sunday, April 7 Waning moon in Aquarius. Excellent day for writing, especially romance-gone-wrong tales. Blame the heavenly air-sign activity. Aquarians, you may not be as cute or smart or appealing as you think. That doesn't mean you're not cute and appealing, but make sure you've done the job before getting credit. Love stuff should be weird for you in the next three weeks – are you trying to convince yourself you care? VOC 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Monday, April 8 Waning moon in Pisces. A sluggish beginning to the week, but good for taking the long way to a solution or finding a more artistic arrangement. Water signs are really sensitive, although Scorpios may be lusting after a good nostalgiafest. Cancers, your powers of persuasion are strong for the next two days. Pisces are more aggressive for the next six weeks. Practice by standing up for yourself today.

Tuesday, April 9 Waning moon in Pisces. Fine motor skills plus stupid artistic impulses absorbs your energy. How creative can you be with Wite-Out and paper clips? Better that than bar fights. Pisces have got to stay busy, or the cogs will be spinning too fast. Sagittarians, nourish your body, then nourish the mind. Virgos, this month is full of trip wires – you may need to speak out about a situation that keeps you on the boil. But not today. Wait until after the April 12 full moon.