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Schedules are for Wed/3 through Tues/9 except where noted. Double features are noted with a . Director and year are given when available.

ACT I and II 2128 Center, Berk; (510) 843-FILM. $6. "Midnight Movie Series": The Neverending Story (Petersen, 1984) Sat, midnight.

ARTISTS' TELEVISION ACCESS 992 Valencia; 824-3890. $5. "Indymedia Newsreal," program of films about protests against the World Economic Forum and other groups Thurs, 7. "Battle of the (magnetic) Bands: Leather Tongue vs. Lost Weekend," freaky videos and clips from the Mission video-rental stores Fri, 8. "Other Cinema": Money for Nothing (McLeod) Sat, 8:30 ($5). A film that critiques the commercialization of popular music and a program of shorts that take on corporate advertising.

BANNAM PLACE THEATER 50A Bannam; 986-4607, www.cinemod.net. $5-10. "Cinema Salon: Cinema Salute to North Beach," films by Bruce Conner, Frank Stauffacher, Jack Stauffacher, Jane Belson, Dominic Angerame, and Michael Rosas Walsh Wed, 7:30.

BIMBO'S 365 CLUB 1025 Columbus; 474-0365. $15. "Alice@97.3 Second Annual Three-Minute Film Festival" Sat, 8.

CASTRO 429 Castro; 621-6120. $4.50-7. Bay of Angels (Demy, 1963) Wed-Thurs, 7, 9 (also Wed, 1, 3, 5). The Last Waltz (Scorsese, 1978) Fri/5-Thurs/11, 7, 9:30 (also Sat-Sun, Wed, 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30).

DELANCEY STREET CINEMA 600 Embarcadero; (510) 521-3131. $8. "Filmjunkie Film Festival": The Young Unknowns (Jelski) Fri, 7; "Shorts Program I" Fri, 9; Ocean Park (Warfield) Sat, 5; Peroxide Passion (Diamond) Sat, 7; "Shorts Program 2: International Shorts" Sat, 9; One Blood Planet (Decker) Sun, 4; "Shorts Program 3" Sun, 6.

DWINELLE HALL UC Berkeley, Rm 145, Telegraph at Bancroft, Berk; (650) 724-5544, www.unaff.org. $6-10. "United Nations Association Film Festival Extension Program": "The Camera as Witness: Afghanistan, Israel, Russia, Vietnam, and the USA" Thurs, 5:15.

FINE ARTS CINEMA 2451 Shattuck, Berk; (510) 848-1143. $4.50-8. The Gleaners and I (Varda, 2000) Wed, 7:15 and 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould (Girard, 1993) Wed, 8:55.

INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS 446 Valencia; 626-3311. Free. Boom: The Sound of Eviction (Whispered Media, 2001) Sat, 7.

JACK ADAMS HALL San Francisco State University, Cesar Chavez Student Center, 1600 Holloway; 794-3638. Free. "Hapa Film Night," works by local Asian filmmakers Mon, 7.

MARITIME MUSEUM BUILDING 900 Beach; 561-6662, ext 18. $10. Shackleton (Sturridge, 2001) Sat, 4. Special screening of the A&E film starring Kenneth Branagh to benefit the San Francisco Maritime Park.

MECHANICS' INSTITUTE LIBRARY 57 Post; 393-0100. $5. "CinemaLit Film Series 2002": "Servants and Masters, Knaves and Queens: Class in British Film": Peeping Tom (Powell, 1960) Fri, 6.

NEW PFA THEATER 2575 Bancroft, Berk; (510) 642-1412. $4.50-7. Ugetsu (Mizoguchi, 1953) Wed, 3. "abject Lessons: Donigan Cumming": After Brenda (1997) and Erratic Angel (1998) with shorts Wed, 7:30; "Donigan Cumming: Artist's Workshop," free screening and discussion with artist Thurs, 7:30; if only I (2000) and My Dinner with Weegee (2001) with "Culture" (2002) and other shorts Sat, 7:30. "Women Directors in Islamic Societies": Journey to the Sun (Ustaoglu, 1999) Fri, 7:30. "Committed Cinema": La Commune (Paris, 1871) (Watkins, 2000) part one, 2; part two, 6:30; Cul de Sac: A Suburban War Story (Scott, 2001) Tues, 7:30. "History of the Film Musical": Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Hawks, 1953) Mon, 3. "Cinema and the Sex Act": In the Realm of the Senses (Oshima, 1976) Mon, 7.

RAFAEL FILM CENTER 1118 Fourth St, San Rafael; (415) 454-1222. $5.50-8.50. Ram Dass Fierce Grace (Lemle, 2001) call for times. No Man's Land (Tanovic, 2001) call for times. Big Bad Love (Howard, 2001) call for times. Pauline and Paulette (Debrauwer, 2001) call for times. The Thief of Baghdad (Powell, Berger, and Whelan, 1940) Wed-Thurs, call for times. "We Love NY": Easy Living (Leisen, 1937) Thurs, 7; Sun, 2. Partial proceeds benefit the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. "Jean Arthur": Only Angels Have Wings (Hawks, 1939) Sun, 7; Thurs/11, 7.

RED VIC 1727 Haight; 668-3994. $3-6.50. The Devil's Backbone (del Toro, 2001) Wed, 2, 7:15, 9:30. Sixteen Candles (Hughes, 1984) Thurs, 7:15, 9:15. Repo Man (Cox, 1984) Fri, 7:15, 9:15. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Heckerling, 1982) Sat, 2, 4, 7:15, 9:15. Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (Achbar and Wintonick, 1992) Sun, 2, 5:30, 9; Mon, 7:30. Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control (Morris, 1997) Tues, 7:15, 9:15.

ROXIE 3117 16th St; 863-1087. $3-7. Presumed Guilty (Yates and Kinoy, 2002) Wed-Thurs, 7, 9:30 (also Wed, 2, 4:30). Demon of the Derby: The Ann Calvello Story (Rutter, 2001) Fri-Sat, 6, 8, 10 (also Sat, 2, 4). Jung (War): In the Land of the Mujaheddin (Vendemiati and Lazzaretti, 2001) Tues, 7, 9:15.

SAN FRANCISCO CINEMATHEQUE Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission; 822-2885. $4-7. "Energy and Deep Abstraction: The Graphic Cinema of Fred Worden" Thurs, 7:30. San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut. "Forty Years in Focus": "Carmen Vigil: Personal Selections Two" Sat, 7:30. "Forty Years in Focus": "Carmen Vigil: Personal Selections Three" Sun, 7:30.

SAN FRANCISCO MAIN LIBRARY Koret Auditorium, 100 Larkin; 557-4277. Free. "Pioneers of Modern Dance": New Dance Group Gala Concert (1993) Thurs, noon. Film documenting re-creations of 10 dances from the 1930s-'70s by New York's New Dance Group.

'SPIKE AND MIKE'S CLASSIC FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION BEST OF THE FEST' Palace of Fine Arts, 3301 Lyon; 567-6642. Fri, 8; Sat, 7, 9:30; Sun, 4, 7:30. Oaks Theater, 1875 Solano, Berk; (510) 526-1836. Wed-Thurs, 6, 8, 10.

YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS 701 Mission; 978-ARTS. $3-6. "Eurotika!": "Vampires and Virgins: The Films of Jean Rollin"; "The Diabolical Mr. Franco: The Films of Jess Franco"; "Blood and Black Lace: A Short History of the Italian Horror Film" Tues-Wed, noon, 2, 4; "From Barcelona to Tunbridge Wells: The Films of Jose Larraz"; "The Pope of Perversion: The Films of Jose Benazeraf"; "Strange Behavior: Eurocine – A Life" Thurs-Fri, noon, 2, 4; "I Am a Nymphomaniac: The Films of Max Pecas"; "Blood and Sand: All You Ever Wanted to Know about Spanish Horror"; "The Blood Beasts: The Films of Mike Reeves" Sat-Sun, noon, 2, 4. Through April 21. "Goethe-Institut Inter Nations presents": Meier 19 (Schmidt, 2001) Wed, 7:30 ($5-6). "Poetry and Poverty: Two Films by Iranian Filmmaker Abolfazl Jalili": Dance of Dust (1976) Fri, 8.