April 24, 2002





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Electric Habitat
By Amanda Nowinski

Tiger on beat
By Patrick Macias

By Josh Kun



By Annalee Newitz

Without Reservations
By Paul Reidinger

Cheap Eats
By Dan Leone


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Is it worth $3 million to kill this man?
Yosemite murderer Cary Stayner is already serving life without parole. Why is the state determined to spend millions in taxpayer money to execute him?

Last week's issue

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In this issue
By A.C. Thompson

Robot politics

Why I back Home Depot
By gerardo sandoval

A bad news-rack deal

The price of executions

Hall Monitor
By Rachel Brahinsky

District Six budgeting

First, the Bad News
By Rachel Brahinsky

Clear and present danger
Clear Channel already determines much of what we see and hear. It's about to control what we read.
By Tali Woodward

Clear Channel to respond to allegations on PBS
'Now with Bill Moyers' features Clear Channel
and record producer T-Bone Burnett. Clear Channel is to comment on allegations that they are a radio monopoly. Moyers will also report on the group aggressively taking advantage of the Telecom Act which ended ownership limits. Airs Friday, 04.26.02, at 9pm on PBS.

Volt revolt
PG&E faces increased criticism from investors and activists alike
By Rachel Brahinsky

Life during Wartime

Down for the count
Centralized homeless database for S.F. is quietly moving forward.
By Cassi Feldman

• a+e

The next picture show

Peter Bogdanovich resuscitates his off-kilter career with The Cat's Meow.
By Dennis Harvey

Wig out
Jolie gets blond ambition.

By Cheryl Eddy

Unhappy endings
Domestic Violence darkens the silver lining.

By Susan Gerhard

Picture this
Short takes on the S.F. International Film Festival's second week

On target
Blackalicious deliver the album –Blazing Arrow – that indie hip-hop has promised for years.

By Oliver Wang

The small pleasures of Marie Jones's fail to emerge at the Curran.

By Brad Rosenstein

Double trouble
Lines Ballet turns the pas de deux into a battle.

By Rita Felciano

'Under the Big Top'
Through May 31, Skylight Gallery

'Bay Area Dancing: The Early Years 1915-1965'
Sat/27, Koret Auditorium; Sun/28, ODC Theater

'Nine Queens'
Con heir

By Dennis Harvey

Local Live

Tom Waits
Blood Money (Anti) Alice (Anti)

2nd time Around
Johnny Paycheck
The Soul and the Edge: The Best of Johnny Paycheck

The Mix

Basque planet
By josh kun

• culture


By Andrea Nemerson

Are you being logged?
By Annalee Newitz

Hotel Californian
By Paul Reidinger

Without Reservations
Citizen Spencer

By Paul Reidinger

Cheap Eats

By Dan Leone

Moon Signs
By Sally Cragin

The Blender



Web Exclusive Features

In the Public Interest
Taking on corporate government in an age of surrender.
Goals for a better America and stronger democratic tools.

By Ralph Nader,

Media Beat
Alice's new adventures
in Medialand
By Norman Solomon, 04.24.01

Focus on the Corporation
Justice delivered to BAT.
By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, 04.24.01

SCA 7: The Open Government Sunshine Amendment
SCA 7 is legislation that would place a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to allow voters to strengthen the public's right of access to government deliberations and records. SCA 7 would have to pass both the Senate and Assembly by a two-thirds majority before being placed on the ballot. A majority of voters would then have to approve the addition to the state constitution.

Following up on public power

The shame of Hearst
Editor's Note
By Bruce B. Brugmann, 11.14.01


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Picture this
Miriam Wolf describes a passel of new photo books, comic collections, and coffee-table books are as easy to give as they are on the eyes. PLUS: Middle-earth in the balance, Land of the free ... agent, and more in December Lit.

Anniversary Issue
The case for MUD: A public power agency could cut electric rates by 20 percent – and still make millions of dollars.