April 24, 2002




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moon signs
by sally cragin

The Lakota Sioux termed this week's full moon the "Moon of Grass Appearing," which says more about the High Plains than it does about one's soul. If you find yourself knee-deep in trivia, you may agree with the Oto tribe, who called this the "Little Frogs Croak Moon." Those with no opinion will find concord with the Illinois, who dubbed this the "Do Nothing Moon."

Wednesday, April 24 Waxing moon in Libra. Hearing both sides of the issue may get comical, although air signs (hello, Geminis) will be tireless when it comes to promoting their aesthetics and opinions. Libras, speak up, Speak Up, Speak Up! Aries, you may go to special lengths to be out of the way – you don't want the spotlight today or tomorrow – trust me on this. Aquarians can cut the ice in a crowd but really are happier off on their own, with some lovely technology to keep their hands busy.

Thursday, April 25 Waxing moon in Libra. Excellent day for a reluctant reconciliation (yesterday, too). Libras, your "people pleasing" hormone is bubbling over. If you're going through a rash of being called by the wrong name, you'll be the one to apologize. Capricorns, hold back on budgets or any finance-related paperwork – you're just not seeing straight.

Friday, April 26 Waxing moon in Scorpio, Venus moves into Gemini. Efficiency needn't come with rudeness, but it will today. Scorpios, short-term solutions are OK for now, but this weekend your insight into long-term decisions is more trustworthy. Leos may need to back down off of a sagging branch. Aquarians, you say you want love, but who are you saying it to? VOC 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Saturday, April 27 Full moon in Scorpio. Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. And no, Cole Porter was exaggerating; it ain't exactly "fall in love," is it? Not with this moon. Scorpios, romance with air signs is a touch ephemeral, romance with water almost too deep. Attempt romance with fire or earth folks, and your autonomy will be compromised. Taureans, this weekend say hello to stasis. This is a time to rest.

Sunday, April 28 Moon in Scorpio-Sagittarius. Morning is for romance, lunch and after is for friendship. Which means that Saturday night is more important than you may have planned. Scorpios may resist getting singled out, while Sagittarians (who're two weeks into a snit ) may need to take risks involving outspoken guys or gals. Aries, earlier in the week is better for all that stuff you're scheming. Geminis and Pisces, that ecstasy may come with agony – it's a humor-testing day. VOC 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Monday, April 29 Waning moon in Sagittarius. If you're traveling with children or rambunctious types, the journey may be longer than you planned. Sagittarians, you're in the spotlight, so if someone needs to speak up this week, it'll probably be you. Leos (especially those with air signs) may be feeling a little too loose about money. Aquarians and Libras, be gracious, especially if you don't feel like it – others are craving civility, and you can provide.

Tuesday, April 30 Waning moon Sagittarius-Capricorn. The moon is void-of-course before lunch, so morning conferences are likely to be yakfests rather than productive. (Good for Web surfing and brainstorming, however.) Dec. 1-7 Sagittarians, it's a turning point for projects you passed the buck on around your birthday time – it's your second chance to dance this week. The rest of you get to learn this lesson: getting along with others you don't approve of. Virgos, don't worry about others trusting you. Trust yourself. VOC 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.