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Art listings are compiled by Sarah Han. Because of space limitations, new art shows are listed the week they open (thereafter, shows are listed on a rotating basis), and we cannot list café exhibits. For information on how to submit listings to this section, see 8 Days a Week. Reviews are by Lindsey Westbrook.


California Palace of the Legion of Honor Lincoln Park (near 34th Ave and Clement); 863-3330. Tues-Sun, 9:30am-5pm. $8, $6 seniors, $5 for 12 to 17, free for 11 and under (free Tues). "Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Works on Paper Part II: Everywhere but California." Almost 50 graphic artworks by various artists. Through Sun/23. "Masterworks of New Guinea Arts." Almost 20 works from the Marcia and John Friede Collection. Extended through Sun/30.

Cartoon Art Museum 655 Mission; CAR-TOON. Tues-Sun, 11am-5pm. $2-5. "Web-Slinging and Wall-Crawling: The Art of Spider-Man." Original artwork from the Spider-Man comic book series.

Magnes Museum 121 Steuart; 543-8800. Sun-Thurs, noon-5pm. $4, $3 seniors and students, free for 12 and under and members. "Ben Katchor: Picture-Stories." Illustrations, graphic novels, set designs, and drawings by cartoon artist Ben Katchor. Through Sun/30.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 151 Third St; 357-4000. Fri-Tues, 10am-6pm; Thurs, 10am-9pm. $10, $7 seniors, $6 students, free for 12 and under and members (free first Tues; half-price Thurs, 6-9pm). "Edward Weston: The Last Years in Carmel." Landscapes, still lifes, and portraits by the photographer. Through July 9. "Sampling/Christian Marclay." Video installation and film works by Christian Marclay. Through July 28. "Yes Yoko Ono." More than 100 early and recent works by Yoko Ono. June 22-Sept 8.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 701 Mission; 978-ARTS. Tues-Sun, 11am-6pm (first Thurs, 11am-8pm). $6, $3 seniors, students, and youths, free for members (free first Tues). "The Film Art of Isaac Julien." Video and film projects by the British filmmaker. "The Cockettes." An exhibition devoted to the drag theater troupe from the early '70s. "Straight to Hell: 10 Years of Dyke Action Machine!" An exhibition of posters, books, video, and more. "2000 Dragons." A 500-foot-long work by San Francisco painter and tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. Through July 14.

Bay Area

Magnes Museum 2911 Russell, Berk; (510) 549-6950. Sun, 10am-4pm; Mon-Thurs, noon-5pm. $4 donation, $3 seniors and students, free for 12 and under and members. "Telling Time: To Everything There Is a Season." Part one of this two-year exhibition, "Spring and Summer," includes cultural objects highlighting the passage of time. Through Sun/30.

Museum of Children's Art 538 Ninth St, Oakl; (510) 465-8700. Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm; Sun, noon-5pm. Free. "Reflections of Me and My World 2002." A children's art show. June 21-July 22.

Oakland Museum of California 1000 Oak, Oakl; (510) 238-2200. Wed-Sat, 10am-5pm; Sun, noon-5pm. $6, $4 seniors and students. "Scene in Oakland, 1852-2002: Artworks Celebrating the City's 150th Anniversary." More than 65 paintings, drawings, watercolors, and photographs from 1852-2002 by 48 California artists. Through Aug 25. "Ruth Asawa: Completing the Cycle." Almost 75 works by sculptor Ruth Asawa. Through Sept 22.

UC Berkeley Art Museum 2625 Durant, Berk; (510) 642-0808. Wed-Sun, 11am-7pm. $6, $4 seniors and youths, free for 12 and under, members, and UC Berkeley students and faculty. "XXL." Large-scale painting and sculpture. Through July 14. "Komar and Melamid's Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project." Paintings by elephants under the instruction of artists Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid. Through July 14. "Matrix 198: T.J. Wilcox Smorgasbord." An installation by T.J. Wilcox featuring three reconstituted films. Through July 28.



Diego Rivera San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut; 771-7020. Daily, 9am-9pm. Work by Catherine Cribben, Rachael Pascua, Nicole Mourian, and Sara Dierck. Through Sat/22. Work by Jeremy Simmons, Jaeho Jung, and Amy Bark (reception Tues/25, 5-7pm). Sun/23-Sat/29.

Encantada 904 Valencia; 642-3939. Tues-Sun, noon-6pm; Fri-Sat, noon-8pm. "Places of Origin, Images from a Printmaker's Journal," etchings by Xavier Viramontes (reception Sat/22, 2-5pm; artist talk Sat/29, 2-4pm). June 22-July 28.

Fifty24SF 228 Fillmore; 252-0144. Wed-Sun, 1-7pm. "Four on the Floor: Making Art to Be Destroyed," skateboard graphics by Chris Wright, Nick Neubeck, Jeremy Fish, Bigfoot, Giant One, Mat O'Brien, Jesse MacMillian, Mark Gonzales, and Pushead (reception Thurs/20, 7-10pm). June 20-July 21.

Noe Artspace 3901 23rd St; 824-2550. Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm, and by appt. "Sanctuary of Dreams," work by Dimitri Kourouniotis and Kurt Glowienke (reception Sat/22, 7-10pm). June 20-July 30.

Walter and McBean Galleries San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut; 749-4564. Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm. "Angelic States - Event Sequence," work by Connie Samaras (reception Wed/19, 5:30-7:30pm). June 20-July 27.

Bay Area

Traywick 1316 10th St, Berk; (510) 527-1214. Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm. "Summer 2002, Part One: New Painting and Sculpture," work by Benicia Gantner, Kelsey Nicholson, Jessica Snow, and Victoria Wagner (reception Sat/22, 5-7pm). June 22-July 20.



Aquarius Records 1055 Valencia; 647-2272. Mon-Wed, 10am-9pm; Thurs-Sun, 10am-10pm. "A Short History of Decay," work by Jim Haynes. Through July 21. See Critic's Choice.

ArtHaus 1053 Bush, Ste 2; 922-8219. Call for appt. "On Paper," original prints, paintings, drawings, photographs, and works in papier-mâché by various artists. Through Sat/29.

Atelier of Famous Melissa and Co.! 545 Sutter; 788-1866. Tues-Sat, 12:30-6pm. "Fossils," steel-and-paper works by Joseph Slusky. Through Sat/29.

Eleonore Austerer 540 Sutter; 986-2244. Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm. Lithographic works on paper by Fernand Léger. Through Sun/30.

Big Pagoda Company 1903 Fillmore; 563-8727. Tues-Sat, 11am-7pm; Sun, noon-6pm. "Shift," work by Dona Porcella. Through Sun/30.

Braunstein/Quay 430 Clementina; 278-9850. Tues-Sat, 11am-5:30pm. New ceramic sculpture by Richard Shaw. Through Sat/29.

Caldwell Snyder Gallery 341 Sutter; 392-2299. Mon-Wed, 10am-6pm; Thurs-Sat, 10am-8pm; Sun, 11am-5pm. "Provence and Andalusia," new painting by Thomas Pradzynski. Through Sun/30.

Calumet Gallery 2001 Bryant; 643-9275. Call for hours. "The Gallery," photographs by Larry Keenan and Steve LaBadessa. Through Fri/28.

City Art Annex Oxygen Bar, 795 Valencia; 864-6884. Wed-Sun, noon-9pm. "Spirituality and the Sacred in Art," work by more than 12 emerging artists. Through Sun/30.

Creativity Explored 3245 16th St; 863-2108. Mon-Fri, 10am-3pm; Sat, 11am-6pm. "Art from the Fire," new work by eight ceramic artists. Through Sat/22.

Culture Cache 1800 Bryant, Ste 104; 626-7776. Wed-Sun, 2-6pm, and by appt. "Imagenetic," work by Nathan Cabrera, Justin Wood, Jesse Hotchkiss, Tyrone McCloskey, Kim Cogan, and Drew Beam. Through Sun/30.

Ebert Gallery 49 Geary, Fourth fl; 296-8405. Tues-Sat, 11am-5pm. Recent photographs by Elsa Spaulding. Through Sat/29.

Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery 345 Sutter; 981-1080. Call for hours. New work by Pia Stern. Through Sat/29.

Focus Gallery 2423 Polk; 567-9067. Tues and Thurs, noon-9pm; Wed, Fri-Sun, noon-6pm. Black and white landscape and night photographs by Jon Krotinger. Through Sun/30.

Fraenkel 49 Geary, 981-2661. Tues-Fri, 10:30am-5:30pm; Sat, 11am-5pm. "Recent Acquisitions," work by Richard Misrach and Carelton Watkins. Through Sat/29.

Friday the Thirteenth West 331 Potrero; 863-2285. Thurs-Sat, 1-5pm. Mosaic art by Greg Conover, Martha Jones, and Bryan Mosé. Through Sat/29.

Galería de la Raza 2857 24th St; 826-8009. Tues-Sat, noon-6pm. "Paper Tigers," posters and prints on the topic of Chicano/Latino life and politics. Through Sat/29.

Gallery Lux 521 Seventh St; 864-2222. Wed-Fri, 1-5pm, and by appt. "Border Crossing." San Francisco artist Nathaniel Price started doing research on drowning victims – learning what happens to their bodies at each stage of the process – and began his "Another Matter" series of drawings. Each one is a collection of spirograph-like designs arranged in a life-size human shape. Some of his works form the clear outline of a body; in others the body appears to be halfway dissolved – a floating, nebulous, vaguely humanoid form that isn't really corpselike at all. Price's drawings convert physical turmoil into an almost abstract process, as if the body is just a constellation of stars that feels no pain as it gracefully falls apart. In his "Border Crossing" sculpture series Price has burned a cross section of his own form on horizontal layers of wood with a jigsaw and a blowtorch. The finished works are meditations, not only on human anatomy but also on borders and boundaries in general and the various ways in which they can be traced and transgressed. Through July 5. (Westbrook)

George Krevsky Gallery 77 Geary; 397-9748. Tues-Sat, 11am-5:30pm. "lit.paint," work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Through Sat/29.

Hackett-Freedman 250 Sutter, Fourth fl; 362-7152. Tues-Fri, 10:30am-5:30pm; Sat, 11am-5pm. "Evolution/Revolution," work by Hans Hofmann. Through Sat/29. Recent paintings by Jeanne Duval. Through Sat/29.

HANG 556 Sutter; 434-4264. Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm; Sun, noon-5pm. "Fourth Anniversary Celebration," a group show featuring painting, sculpture, and work on paper. Through Sun/30.

HANG Annex 565 Sutter; 434-4264. Call for hours. "Remains of a Journey," work by Elizabeth Tana. Through Sun/30.

Hosfelt Gallery 430 Clementina; 495-5454. Tues-Sat, 11am-5:30pm. New work by Anthony Discenza. Through Sat/29.

inside 149 Gough; 861-5975. Wed-Sun, noon-6pm. "Launchpad," work by Bay Area contemporary furniture, home accessories, and lighting designers. Through Sun/30.

Jewett Gallery San Francisco Main Library, 100 Larkin, Lower level; 557-4277. Sun, noon-5pm; Mon, Sat, 10-6pm; Tues-Thurs, 9am-8pm; Fri, noon-6pm. "The Best of the Best," Guild of Bookworkers biennial exhibition. Through Thurs/27.

The Lab 2948 16th St; 864-8855. Wed-Sat, 1-6pm, and by appt. "Sauna02," outdoor and indoor installations by Sponge. Through Sat/29.

Linc Real Art 1 Otis; 503-1981. Thurs-Sat, noon-5pm, and by appt. "One-Liner," works on paper by Guy Overfelt. Through Sun/30.

Live Art Gallery 151 Potrero; 552-5875. Sat, 1-5pm, and by appt. "Odd Body Lulu," new paintings by David Faulk. Through Sat/29.

Meyerovich 251 Post, Fourth fl; 421-7171. Mon-Fri, 9:30am-6pm; Sat, 10:30am-5:30pm. Mixed-media works by Helen Frankenthaler. Through Tues/25.

Mission Cultural Center 2868 Mission; 821-1155. Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm. "End of Semester Exhibition," arts and crafts by instructors and students of the Mission Cultural Center. Through Wed/19. "12th Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Latina/o Art Exhibit," a group exhibit curated by Flavia Alejandra Maucci. Through Sun/30.

Octavia's Haze 498 Hayes; 255-6818. Tues-Sat, noon-6pm; Sun, 11am-5pm. Paintings by Kristie Rolke. Through Sun/30.

Pierotti 900 Hyde; 353-6650. Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. "Landscapes," work by Monty Lumba. Through Aug 1.

Quotidian 760 Market, Ste 252; 788-0445. Tues-Fri, 10:30am-5:30pm; Sat, 11am-5pm. "Etini Fedni of Anacharest, a survey," various works. Through Sat/29.

Robert Koch 49 Geary; 421-0122. Tues-Sat, 10:30am-5:30pm. "Shipbreaking, the Second Voyage," large-scale color photographs by Edward Burtynsky. Through Sat/29.

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery 401 Van Ness; 554-6080. Tues-Sat, 11am-5pm. "Film Show." Visual artists have been strangely drawn to film as both a medium and a subject, creating provocative artwork that involve the pleasures of viewing, fandom, and media critique. The San Francisco Art Commission Gallery enters the fray with an ambitious multimedia project featuring nine local, national, and international artists. Some filter films through their own identity; others concentrate on formal issues. Rick Danielson makes process-based sculptures that objectify the action of editing – he cuts, stacks, and alters strips of 35mm Hollywood movie trailers. Jesse Amado's reduction of Antonioni's already minimalist L'avventura to its subtitles results in eight modest canvases of transcribed dialogue that feel quotidian and sometimes poetic. Guillermo Gomez-Peña's Los videos graffitis, a three-screen arcade of short pieces on the subject of ethnic stereotyping and curious acts of performance, seems the least tied to a cinematic dialogue. Then again, it's set in a dark screening room and abounds in baroque over-the-top imagery that many of us will take over a new Star Wars any day. Through July 13. (Glen Helfand)

SF Black and White Gallery 619 Post; 929-9424. Call for hours. "Canvas Landscape: A Dutch Delight," images of Dutch landscapes printed on canvas by Dutch photographer Jaap de Ranitz. Through Sun/30.

San Francisco Center for the Book 300 De Haro; 565-0545. Mon-Fri, noon-5pm. "The Artist's Book: Unlimited Engagement," an exhibition dedicated to the artist's book. Through Thurs/20.

San Francisco City Hall 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl; 252-2568. Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat-Sun, noon-4pm. "Witness," photographs of Armenian genocide survivors by Levon Parian and Ara Oshagan; "Legacy," photographs of Armenian monasteries by Kevork Boursalian; "Icons," photo-collage portraits by S. Brett Kaufmann; "Photographic Impressions," work by Cheryl Maeder; "Prints from the Estate," artwork by Gary Shaffer; "San Francisco Paintings," work by Zhunwang Zhao. Through Sun/30.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery Fort Mason, Bldg A, Marina at Laguna; 441-4777. Tues-Sat, 11:30am-5:30pm. "India Revisited," works by Marilyn Levin, Jeanne O'Connor, and Livia Stein. Through Fri/28.

SF Photography Center 50 Scott; 554-9522. Tues-Thurs, 3-9pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-5pm. "Seven Stories," photographs by Leslie Albrecht, Pat Clinton, Richard Kay, Diana Manning, Eric Spross, Vish Patel, and Judith Williams Sandoval (reception Thurs/27, 7-9pm). Through Sat/29.

Sargent Johnson Gallery African American Art and Culture Complex, 762 Fulton; 922-2049. Tues-Sat, noon-4pm, and by appt. "Keba Konte: Recent Works," photographic works by Keba Konte. Through Sun/30.

Shapiro 760 Market, Ste 248; 398-6655. Tues-Fri, 10:30am-5:30pm; Sat, 10:30am-5pm. "1963," photographs by Jim Marshall. Through Sat/29.

SomArts Cultural Center 934 Brannan; 552-2131. Tues-Sun, noon-4pm. "Men of Color: Nudes at Ease," photographs by Laurie Toby Edison. Through Thurs/27.

Spanganga 3376 19th St; 307-0109. Sat-Sun, noon-5pm and by appt. "Bikini Carwash," an installation by Liz Cohen. Through Sun/30.

Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Golden Gate Park, Ninth Ave at Lincoln Way; 661-1316, ext 303. Call for hours. "Wildflowers of California," photographs by the Yerba Buena Photographers. Through Sun/30.

Suarez Gallery 2 St. George; 788-2626. Tues-Fri, 10:30am-5pm; Sat, noon-4pm. "Overpass Exhibition," new paintings by Ted Vasin, Through Sun/30.

Tangent Contemporary Art 355 Bryant, Ste 307; 977-0920. By appt. "Truculencies," Drawings, prints, and animation by Jakub Kalousek. Through Sun/30.

Terrainarts 163 Jessie; 896-0249. Wed-Sat, noon-5pm. "Trio," new work by Fumiko Amano, Alice Finney, and Audric Edmund Goo. Through Sun/30. "Quartet," new work by Fumiko Amano, Alice Finney, Audric Edmund Goo, and Watchara Sirisevakul. Through Sun/30.

Toomey-Tourell Fine Art 49 Geary; 989-6444. Tues-Fri, 11am-5:30pm; Sat, 11am-5pm. Work by Ray Turner. Through Sun/30.

Washington Square Gallery 1821 Powell; 291-9255. Wed-Thurs, Sat-Sun, noon-5pm; Fri, 2:30-5:30pm; and by appt. "Recent Pastels," work by Richard Keltner. Through Sat/22.

Bay Area

Addison Street Windows 2018 Addison, Berk; (510) 705-8123. Daily, 24 hours. "For One Lousy Minute She Felt Like a Queen: A Visual Journey," work by Nancy Mizuno Elliott. Through Thurs/27.

African American Museum and Library 659 14th St, Oakl; (510) 637-0200. Tues-Sat, noon-5:30pm. "Confederate Currency: The Color of Money," more than 50 acrylic paintings by John W. Jones. Through Thurs/20

Albany Arts 1251 Solano, Albany; (510) 526-9558. Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm; Sun, noon-5pm. "Recent Color Photographs by Gordan H. Nagai, Kimberly Martinez, and Kristy Hardy. Through Sun/30.

Albany Community Center 1249 Marin, Albany; (510) 524-9283. Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. "Neighborhoods, etc.," work by Stan Whitehead. Through Sun/30.

Artisans 78 East Blithedale, Mill Valley; (415) 388-2044. Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm; Sun, 11am-5pm. "Blossoms," work by Margery Mayer. Through Fri/28.

Cecile Moochnek 1809D Fourth St, Berk; (510) 549-1018. Wed-Sun, noon-5pm. "The Nature of Things," new works by Michael Shemchuk. Through Sun/23.

Craft and Cultural Arts Gallery Elihu M. Harris State of California Office Bldg, 1515 Clay, Oakl; (510) 238-6952. Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm. "Still Happy," paintings and prints by Squeak Carnwath. Through Fri/21.

Door.7.Gallery 2316 Telegraph, Oakl; (510) 763-6494. Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm; Sat-Sun, 9am-4pm. "Closure," new paintings by Catherine Saiki. Through Sun/30.

John F. Kennedy University Arts and Consciousness Gallery Berkeley Business Center, 2956 San Pablo, Berk; (510) 649-0499. Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm. "2002 Graduate Exhibition," a group show featuring works by 19 graduating students from the masters in transformative arts and masters of fine arts programs. Through Thurs/20.

21 Grand 449B 23rd St, Oakl; (510) 451-9446. Thurs, 1-8pm; Fri-Sun, 1-6pm. "Symptom," paintings by Narangkar Khalsa and recent photographs by Stephanie Dean. Through Sun/30.

Women's Cancer Resource Center Gallery 3023 Shattuck, Berk; (510) 548-9286. Tues-Thurs, 1-7pm; Sat, noon-4pm, and by appt. "The Naked Heart," paintings by Janice Kishi Chow and Meredith Bowen Shamszad. Through Thurs/20.