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Schedules are for Wed/19 through Tues/25 except where noted. Double features are noted with a . Director and year are given when available.

ARTISTS' TELEVISION ACCESS 992 Valencia; 824-3890. $5. Karma Got Friendly (Bovinette) Wed, 8. "OpenScreening" (entries must be cued and labeled by 7) Thurs, 7:30 ($3). "Kite Spool Cinema," short films and videos Fri, 8. "Rachael's Film Night Presents: Three Films by Maverick Documentarian Emile de Antonio": Point of Order! (1964) Sat, 7. "The Filmworks of Raymond Salvatore Harmon," experimental film by Chicago filmmaker Tues, 8.

CASTRO 429 Castro; 621-6120. $4.50-7. "26th Annual San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival" Through June 30. See First Runs.

DELANCEY STREET THEATER 600 Embarcadero; 431-6694. $15. A Year in Japan (Bernstein, 2002) Thurs, 8 (sushi, included in price, at 7:30).

DWINELLE HALL Rm 142, UC Berkeley, Berk; www.aprii.com/nkfilmfest. "Films from North Korea," screening sponsored by several local Korean cultural and educational groups Fri, 7-11; Sat, 1-7.

EXPLORATORIUM 3601 Lyon; EXP-LORE. $6-10. "Sites of Summer: Landscapes on Film," short films in honor of the summer solstice Sat, 2.

'FILM NIGHT IN THE PARK' San Geronimo Cultural Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake, San Geronimo; (415) 453-4333. $2-5. Grease (Kleiser, 1978) Fri, 8:40. Outdoor screening; bring seating. Albert Park, B St at Albert Park Lane, San Rafael; (415) 453-4333. $2-5. The African Queen (Huston, 1951) Sat, 8:40.

FINE ARTS CINEMA 2451 Shattuck, Berk; (510) 848-1143. $4.50-8. "Films of Clara Van Gool" Wed, 7:15 and Vers la mer (Leroy, 1999) Wed, 9:30. Fountain of Youth (Welles, 1956) Thurs/20-Tues/25, 7:15 and Magnolia (Anderson, 1999) with "Becoming an Artist" (Farley, 1982) Thurs/20-Tues/25, 8.

FOREIGN CINEMA 2534 Mission; www.firstgradefilmfest.com. $5-6. "First Grade Film Fest" early films and videos by both new and established directors Mon, 7:30.

ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA 425 Washington; 788-6210. Free. "Homage to Nichetti": Volere Volere (Nichetti, 1991) Tues, 6:30. In Italian with English subtitles.

JAPANESE CULTURAL AND COMMUNITY CENTER OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA 1840 Sutter; 353-5732. Free. Who Killed Vincent Chin? (Choy, 1988) Thurs, 7.

KORET AUDITORIUM San Francisco Public Library, Main Branch, 100 Larkin; 557-4277. Free. "Before Stonewall: Pioneers of Gay and Lesbian Rights": Out of the Past: The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Rights in America (1997) Thurs, noon. Large-screen video presentation.

MICROCINEMA Jezebels Joint, 510 Larkin; www.sfindie.com. Free (donations accepted). Sore Losers (McCarthy) Wed, 8. The Auteur Theory (Lanesey) Thurs, 8. Coffin Joe (Barcinski) Fri, 8. The Strange Case of Senor Computer (Beesley) Tues, 8. Digitally projected films presented by the San Francisco Independent Film Festival.

MISSION CULTURAL CENTER FOR THE LATINO ARTS 2868 Mission; 821-1155. $3. Red Ink (Lombardi, 2000) with "Movete" (Tillman, 1998) Thurs, 10a, 7.

NEW PFA THEATER 2575 Bancroft, Berk; (510) 642-1412. $4.50-7. "Elegies: The Visionary Videoworks of Alexander Sokurov": Elegy (1986) and Elegy of a Voyage (2001) Wed, 7:30; Spiritual Voices: From the Diaries of War (Parts 1, 2, and 3) Sat, 7; Spiritual Voices: From the Diaries of War (Parts 4 and 5) Sun, 7. "The Documentary as Poetry": The Gleaners and I (Varda, 2000) Thurs, 7:30. "The Films of Andrzej Munk": Eroica (1958) Fri, 7; Bad Luck (1960) Fri, 9:10. "Alternative Visions": "Retrieved Images: Program 4" Tues, 7:30.

111 MINNA GALLERY 111 Minna; www.microcinema.com. $5. "Independent Exposure," short films, videos, and digital works Tues, 8. Cosponsored by Microcinema International, Film Arts Foundation, and 111 Minna Gallery.

RAFAEL FILM CENTER 1118 Fourth St, San Rafael; (415) 454-1222. $5.50-8.50. Enigma (Apted, 2001) call for times. Late Marriage (Koshashvili, 2001) call for times. Bartleby (Parker, 2001) call for times. Ram Dass: Fierce Grace (Lemle, 2001) call for times. Beijing Bicycle (Wang, 2001) Wed-Thurs, call for times. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (Care, 2002) Fri/21-Thurs/27, call for times. Sweet Smell of Success (Mackendrick, 1957) Fri/21-Thurs/27, call for times. MGM Studios archivist John Kirk in person Fri/21, 7. "International Family Films": Sherdil (Mallik, 1999) Sat-Sun, 2.

RED VIC 1727 Haight; 668-3994. $3-6.50. The City of Lost Children (Jeunet and Caro, 1995) Wed, 7:15, 9:40. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Jackson, 2001) Thurs-Fri, 8; Sat, 2, 5:30, 9. The Last Waltz (Scorsese, 1978) Sun-Mon, 7, 9:30 (also Sun, 2, 4:30). Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back (Pennebaker, 1965) Tues-Wed, 7:15, 9:20 (also Wed, 2).

ROXIE 3117 16th St; 863-1087. $3-7. The Sleepy Time Gal (Munch, 2001) Wed-Tues, 6, 8, 10 (also Sat-Sun, Wed, 2, 4).

SAN FRANCISCO CINEMATHEQUE Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission; 822-2885. "Ken Jacobs' 'We See Absence' " Thurs, 7:30.

YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS 701 Mission; 978-ARTS. $3-6. "True Stories presents": D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist (Dean, 2002) Wed, 7:30 ($6-7). "Artist-in-Residence Ellen Bruno: Samsara, Satya, and Sacrifice": Sacrifice (1998) with "Samsara" (1990) and "Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy" (1994) through Sun/30, Tues-Sun, noon, 2, 4. "The Film Art of Isaac Julien": Looking for Langston (Julien, 1989) through Sun/30, Tues-Sun, 11a. "Arab Film Festival presents": Invisible War: Depleted Uranium and the Politics of Radiation (Meissonier, 2000) with "Children of the Embargo" (Alwan, 2000) Tues, 7:30.