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Music listings are compiled by Sarah Han. The music interns are Elizabeth Lobsenz and Angie Edwards. Since club life is unpredictable, it's a good idea to call ahead to confirm bookings and hours. Prices are listed when provided to us. See 8 Days a Week for information on how to submit an item to listings.

wednesday 17



American Analog Set, Her Space Holiday Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $10.

Will Bernard and Motherbug Boom Boom Room. 9:20pm, $6.

Bone Cootes and the Living Wrecks Club Deluxe. 9pm, $5.

Crystal Methestopheles Hemlock Tavern. 10pm.

Diego's Umbrella, Habit of Mine Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $3.

Formerly Murphy Rock Soup, 3299 Mission; 641-7687. 7:30pm.

Go Kart Go, M Headphone, 4 Minute Mile Tongue and Groove. 9pm, $5.

Hansi Parkside. 10pm, $3.

Japonize Elephants, Married Couple Blue Room, 2331 Mission; 515-1210. 8pm.

Legends of Rodeo, Kick, Thylacine Pound-SF. 8pm, $8.

Lil' Louis and Los Wild Teens, Blue Crown Elbo Room. 9pm, $8.

Nick Lowe, Austin deLone Slim's. 9pm, $25.

Hadden Sayers Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $7.50.

Scissors for Lefty, Inner, Phoebes, A Loving Memory Hotel Utah Saloon. 8pm, $5.

Shots Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

They Might Be Giants Fillmore. 9pm, $22.50.

Twig, Mary Connection, Alter Ego, Lizard McGee Club Galia. 9pm, $6.

Bay Area

Blue Eyed Devils Cato's Ale House. 6-9pm, free.

Elephino Jupiter. 8pm, free.

Hebro Blakes. 9:30pm, $5.

Rockin' Chair, K9, Fusty Luggs Stork Club. 9pm.


Jazz/new music

Al Pacheco Jazz Band Skip's Tavern. 8-10pm.

Don Asher and Kent Cohea Moose's. 8pm.

Dick Fregulia Trio Cobalt Tavern, 1707 Powell; 982-8123. 7-10:30pm.

Downtown Uproar Bamboo Hut, 479 Broadway; 989-8555. 8:30pm, $5.

Mike Lipskin with Lorna K House of Shields, 39 New Montgomery; 392-7732. 5:30pm.

Andrea Marcovicci Plush Room. 8pm, $35.

Kathryn Nobrega Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 7-9pm.

Rite Spot All Stars Rite Spot. 8:30pm, free.

David Udolf Chez Spencer, 82 14th St; 864-2191. 7-9pm.

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee Bacar. 9pm.

Vince Lateano Trio Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Bay Area

Bob Schoen Jazz Quintet Anna's, 1801 University, Berk; (510) 849-ANNA. 8pm.

Children on the Corner Yoshi's. 8pm, $20. A Miles Davis tribute band.

Eric Shifrin Enrico's. 7pm.



Itzhak Volansky Peko Restaurant and Bar, 1824 Irving; 564-7800. 8pm, free.

West of Kentucky Plough and Stars. 8pm, free.

Bay Area

Conjunto Jardín La Peña Cultural Center. 7:30pm.

Courtableu Ashkenaz. 8:30pm, $8.

Tony McManus, Peter Wilson Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $16.50.


Dance clubs

Afterwards Pow! A Cocktail Lounge. House music with Danny and Gabriel.

Are Friends Electric? Galaxy Club. 10pm-2am, $5-10. Featuring XLR8R and Ubiquity Vibes artists.

Audible Colors The Top. 10pm-2am. House music with weekly guests.

Bondage A Go-Go Cat Club. 9:30pm-3:30am, $5-10. Deathrock, industrial, '70s and '80s dance music, interactive BDSM, and go-go dancers.

The B-sides Liquid. 10pm-3am, $2-4. House music with Anita Lofton and special guests.

Church of Sinatra Club Deluxe. 9:30pm. DJs spinning music from the Rat Pack era.

Club Judah Jelly's. 10pm, $5. Reggae and dancehall.

Construction 330 Ritch. 10pm-2am. Tech-house with residents Torque and Huey.

Cookin' with Kurt Oxygen Bar. 9pm, free. Electronics and jazz with Kurt Stenzel.

Creation! Edinburgh Castle. 10pm-2am, free. Britpop, shoegazer, indie, electro pop, and more with DJ Dave.

Dark Sparkle Cafe du Nord. 9pm, $3-5. DJs spin dark '70s and '80s rock.

Deep South An Sibin. 9pm-2am, $3, free before 11pm. Rare groove, disco classics, and deep house with Chang, TJ Hicks, Mark, and Yvonne.

Discover Ruby Skye. 9pm-3am. Hard house with DJ Ben Doren.

Dream Cloud 9 Motel. 10pm-2am, $5. With DJs Paul Hemming, Jeno, Londen C, Behrouz, and Hector Cardendas.

Exotica Glas Kat. 9pm-2am, $10. Go-go dancing with the Men of Exotica and Go-Go Tribe and funk, disco, and house music.

Ghett Down! 26 Mix. 10pm-2am. House and funky breaks by Space Lounge and Space Cowboys.

Ghostly International 2002 Tour Amnesia. 9pm, $5. Trouble presents Dabrye, Matthew Dear, Dykehouse, Philip Sherburne, and Televazquez.

GOFU Skylark. 10pm, free. With Sabrina, Cikee, Derrick D, Raw B, Ren, Top Bill and A1, King One, and guests.

Hump The Stud. 10pm-2am. '70s-present dance music.

Julip 9:30pm. DJ Consuelo and the Soul Searchers spin slow jams, soul, and hip-hop.

Qoöl 111 Minna Gallery. 5-10pm, $5. Pan-techno lounge with DJs Spesh, Gil, Hyper D, and Jondi.

Red Wine Social Dalva, 3121 16th St; 332-5800, ext 211. 10pm-2am, free. With Toph One and Tiki Jim.

Showcase City Nights. 9pm. With the Style beyond Compare DJs.

Skank Jezebels Joint. 10pm-2am, free. Indie, alt rock, punk, and psychobilly.

Slow Burning Arrow. 10pm-2am, $3, free before 11pm. Electro, dub, hip-hop, Britpop, UK garage, and more.

Vitabar Divas, 1081 Polk; 928-6006. 10pm-2am, $5. With mikee and Jada Halston.

WildSeed Baobab. 9:30pm-1:30am, free. Grassroots dance party with DJ Somuchsoul and the African B-Girl Society.

X-Files Sno-Drift. 10pm, $3. Hip-hop, old-school, and R&B.

You Gots to Chill Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $3. Hip breaks and funk.

Bay Area

Bliss Oasis, 135 12th St, Oakl; (510) 763-0404. 9pm, $5-7. Deep house.

Heavy Soul Music Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am, free. With EZ Luv Sound System.

Salsa Caliente Club Fusetti. 10pm. Pete Solis spins salsa and merengue; Danilo y Su Orchestra Universal perform.

Soulvation Ruby Room. 10pm-2am.

The Venue Bluesville. 9:30pm-2am. Hip-hop, dancehall, and R&B.


thursday 18



Bassturd, Custom Built Empire, Stereotype Kimo's. 9pm, $5.

Black Cat Music, Bluebird, Holy Kiss Slim's. 9pm, $7.

Bomb, MD 20/20, Sweat It Out Parkside. 10pm, $5.

El Destroyo Hemlock Tavern. 10pm, $5.

'DIW Magazine Issue Toast' Make-Out Room. 8:30pm, $6.

Ed Earley Band Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $7.50.

Enda, Single, UHF Voodoo Lounge. 8:30pm, $6.

Flut, HattAttak Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $5.

Invisible Cities, Papercuts, Embers Hotel Utah Saloon. 8:30pm, $5.

Ledisi with Anibade, DJ IJ Cafe du Nord. 10pm, $7.

Monstrosity, Blood Stained Dusk, Underthreat, Dark Faith Pound-SF. 8pm, $10.

Nads, Songs for Emma, Dabes Eagle Tavern. 9pm, $5.

Nels Cline Singers, Deerhoof Bottom of the Hill. 9:30pm, $7.

Neville Brothers Fillmore. 9pm, $30.

Phoebe's Dough Rock Soup, 3299 Mission; 641-7687. 7:30pm.

Amelia Ray Ireland's 32. 9pm, $3.

'Rock the Boat' Kelly's Mission Rock. 9pm-4am, $15-20. See 8 Days a Week, page 56.

Salty Dish, Mission Players, Sfunk Tongue and Groove. 9pm, $8.

Zenith Patrol Boom Boom Room. 9:20pm, $5.

Bay Area

Alvon and the All Stars Oakland City Center, Zen Garden, 1111 Broadway, Oakl; (510) 628-8490. 5pm.

Bookstore, Librarians, Mystery Meat Stork Club. 9pm.

Prophets of Rage, Deuce Eclipse, Kiwi, Meilodik of Unsung, LeRoy Moore La Peña Cultural Center. 7:30pm, $6-10 sliding scale. A benefit for the Coalition on Homelessness.

'Smokin' Grooves 2002' Shoreline Amphitheatre, 1 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View; (650) 967-3000. 6pm, $26.25-50.25.

Moe Staiano!, Dropsy Starry Plough. 9:30pm, $5.


Jazz/new music

Akira Tana Trio Bacar. 9pm.

Jerome Ali Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 8-11pm.

Betty Fu Quartet with Art Hirahara Shanghai 1930. 8:30pm, free.

Lee Bloom Chez Spencer, 82 14th St; 864-2191. 7-9pm.

Company Week Luggage Store Gallery. 8-10pm, $6-10 sliding scale.

Cookbook Quartet Cellar. 5:30pm.

Dick Fregulia/Vince Gomez Jazz Duo Cobalt Tavern, 1707 Powell; 982-8123. 7-11pm.

Martin Flores 850 Cigar Bar. 8pm, free.

Mike Lipskin and Waldo Carter Moose's. 8pm.

Roderick Louie Carta. 7-10pm.

Andrea Marcovicci Plush Room. 8pm, $35.

Starlight Orchestra Starlight Room. 8pm.

Leonard Thompson, Ken Miller Paradise Pizza Restaurant, 642 Irving; 759-1487. 6:30pm, free.

Three Thinking Jazz Trio Ana Mandara, 891 Beach; 771-6800. 8-11:30pm.

Top Shelf Jazz Trio House of Shields, 39 New Montgomery; 495-5436. 5:30pm, free.

Vince Lateano Latin Quartet Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Bay Area

Michael Bluestein Enrico's. 7pm.

Mimi Fox Downtown. 8pm.

Point of Departure Berkeley BART Plaza, Shattuck at Center, Berk; (510) 549-2230. Noon-1pm, free.

Terence Blanchard Sextet Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $18.

Tom Babbitt Trio Paragon Bar and Grill. 9pm, free.

Vio Rio Anna's, 1801 University, Berk; (510) 849-ANNA. 8pm.



Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys Atlas Cafe. 8-10pm, free.

Cara Ireland's 32. 9pm.

Charazon, DJ Carlito's Way Elbo Room. 10pm, $7.

Nicole McRory Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

Tipsy House Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Bay Area

Wadi Gad and Jah Bandis 19 Broadway. 9pm, $5.

Gator Beat Oakland City Center, City Square, 555 City Center, Oakl; (510) 628-8490. 5pm, free.

:pm Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $17.50.


Dance clubs

Alley Catz The Pendulum. 6pm-2am. A dance club for women featuring hip-hop, funk, and dancehall.

Altruity Happy Hour Cloud 9 Motel. 5-10pm. With DJ Rocket Morton, Hawthorne, and guests.

Arabian Nights El Rio. 9pm. Arabian dance music.

Big Takeover Storyville. 10pm-2am, $10. Jahyzer and Ted Shred spin dancehall and hip-hop.

Blue Guerrilla Oxygen Bar. 10pm, free. With DJ Moondoggy.

Chikiboom Roccapulco. 9pm-2am, $6. A gay and lesbian Latin music dance party.

Dig on This Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $3. Soul, roots, reggae, and classic hip-hop with Jaybe and guests.

Dirty The Top. 10pm-2am, $5. With DJs Chris Orr and Future Primitive Sound Sessions.

Eklektic/Hektik Club Caliente. 9pm-2am.

Faith City Nights. 9:30pm, $10. With residents Blackstone, Ruben Mancias, Jay-R, and Twist.

Finger Arrow. 10pm-2am. Synthcore, electro-punk, new wave, and more.

Flavour of the Week Laszlo. 8pm-2am. With DJ Rose.

Free Liquid. 10pm-2am, free. With DJs Dmitri, Tee, and friends.

Frequency Space 550. 10pm, $20. Hip-hop and trance.

Hizzy Hush Hush Lounge. 10pm-2am, $2. Abstract hip-hop, future, and electro-soul with DJs Lady Base and Miss Leema.

KazaBlanka Club Tropi Gala, 358 Ocean; 282-7910. 8pm-2am, $10. Latin-fused Middle Eastern music with DJ Medi and the Arabian Knights Band.

Kit Kat Endup. 10pm-4:30am, $10. International funk.

Lo Rise Motel Backflip. Old-school, nu-school, underground house and techno, and breaks with Dano and DJ Seven.

Magic Show Trapdoor. 9pm, free. With Life, Beni B., and Malachi.

Meow Glas Kat. 10pm-2am, $10. Urban grooves, hip-hop, and R&B with Switch.

Metro Groove Thursdays Bas. 10pm-2am. With Diamond, Lloyd, MindMotion, and Rick Lee.

1984 Cat Club. 9pm-2am, $5. '80s music.

No Comply Pow! A Cocktail Lounge. 9pm, free. Progressive hip-hop.

Passenger Skylark. 9pm-2am, free. Jazz, house, and soul with Paul Craven and Capital A.

popscene 330 Ritch. 10pm-2am, $5. Britpop, indie, new wave, mod, electronic, and '60s soul with Aaron Axelsen and Jeremy.

Reform School The Stud. 10pm-4am. A gay, straight-friendly dance club featuring house music with DJs Jeff Chandler, Spun, Poppa, Discovery, MonkeyBoy, and special guests.

Retinal Club Galia. 9:30pm-2am, $6. With Catfive and DJ Sep.

Rising An Sibin. 9:30pm-2am, $3. With DJs Brian Hamilton, Paolo, Yedi, Sonda, John Conrad, and Burn 1.

Sensifeelya Royale. 9pm-2am, free. With DJs Wali, SK, Burne One, and guests.

Shake Make-Out Room. 10pm-2am. Rap, soul, funk, and reggae with Shortkut, Derrick D, J-Boogie, Jewels, DJ 0-Dub, DJ Om, PaulyTek, and King One.

Sneaks Buzz 9. 9pm, free. Underground house grooves with b.radley and Sunder.

Sofisticata Amnesia. 9pm, $3. Downtempo and world beats with Donq the funky Hindu, DJ Denizen, and guests.

Soul Kitchen Club Six. 9pm-2am, $10. With DJs Mike Nice, Dusty Crates, and Derrick D.

Spirit Asia SF. 9pm-2am, $6-8. A queer dance night featuring house, hip-hop, and R&B.

Synthesis Jezebels Joint. 10pm-2am. Synth pop, nu wave, old wave, and no wave with John and DeeJay.

Tom and Kelly's Playland Julip. 10pm-2am, free. With Tom Thump and DJ Kelly.

Tunnel Top 10pm-2am, free. Funk, dancehall, and hip-hop.

26 Mix "French Press," 7-10pm, free. With DJs Sequin and Citroën. "Bad Reputation," 10pm, $5. Rebel Girl presents a queer dance club with DJs China G and Wax Chef; this week's "Bad Reputation" is a benefit for Ladyfest Bay Area.

Ultravixens Backflip. 10pm-2am.

Bay Area

Aural Confection Oasis, 135 12th St, Oakl; (510) 763-0404. 10pm-2am, $3. Deep house with rotating residents.

Beatdown Jupiter. 8-11pm, free. Outdoor DJ dance party with Delon, Yamu, and Add One.

The Breaks Ruby Room. 10pm-2am. Deep grooves, old-school hip-hop, and funk.

Mondo Exotique Talk of the Town. 9pm-2am. With live DJs, exotic dance troupes, and performance art.

Radio Retox Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am.

Soundboutique Ivy Room. 10pm. With residents Jen, Jacob, and Sean.

Stork Club 10pm, $7. Reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop with DJ Styles and KenDread.


friday 19



James Armstrong Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $12.50.

Berlin, Electric Peach Slim's. 9pm, $18.

Flying Blind, Virgil, Pinwheel Tongue and Groove. 8pm, $8.

400 Blows, Federation X, Bottles and Skulls, Offering to the Sun Covered Wagon Saloon. 9pm, $6.

Get Hustle, Black Ice, Dead Food, Swann Danger Kimo's. 9pm, $5.

Ghosts, Nubs Parkside. 9pm, $3.

Go Jimmy Go, Monkey, General Rudie, Twi-Lites Voodoo Lounge. 9pm, $8.

Inciters Cafe du Nord. 9pm, $7.

Jealous Sound, No Knife, Trouble Starts Forever Bottom of the Hill. 10pm, $8.

Lettuce, Action Figure Party Great American Music Hall. 9pm, $15.

Melvin Sparks Band, O.G.D., DJ Motion Potion Boom Boom Room. 9:20pm, $12.

Mission Players Kelly's Mission Rock. 6pm, free.

Muffaletta Blue Lamp. 9:30pm, $5.

Nile, Arch Enemy, Hate Eternal, Origin, Spiritual Eclipse Pound-SF. 7pm, $15.

Zigaboo Modeliste, Fred Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $10.

Pollo del Mar, 3 Balls of Fire Hotel Utah Saloon. 9pm, $7.

Ponticello Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

Proclaimers Fillmore. 9pm, $20.

Project: Pimento Odeon Bar. 9pm, $4.

Red Thread Hemlock Tavern. 10pm, $5.

Rusticators Rock Soup, 3299 Mission; 641-7687. 7:30pm.

Sherri Manalow, Eric Core Band, Aversions Covered Wagon Saloon. 6pm, $3.

Tainted Love Bimbo's 365 Club. 9pm, $20.

Bay Area

Fattburger Kimball's East. 8 and 10pm.

Jim Campilongo Trio Ivy Room. 10pm.

Jethro Jeremiah Band, Brother Freak Blakes. 9:30pm, $5.

Lee Press-On and the Nails 19 Broadway. 9pm, $10.

Milk for the Morning Cake Starry Plough. 9:30pm, $5.

Ned, Dimestore Radio, UHF Stork Club. 9pm.

Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums, Carmen Getit Ashkenaz. 9:30pm, $11.


Jazz/new music

Donald Bailey Bacar. 10pm.

Brian Melvin Trio Rubicon, 558 Sacramento; 421-7636. 6-10pm, free.

Chuck Gee/Steve Fowler Duo Carta, 1760 Market; 863-3516. 7:30pm.

'Fresh Voices Festival III' Goat Hall, 400 Missouri; 289-6877. 8pm, $15-20.

Jazz Singers' Collective with Leonard Thompson Perry's Joint, 1616 Fillmore; 931-5260. 8pm.

Ken Fishler Trio Cobalt Tavern, 1707 Powell; 982-8123. 7-11pm.

Lab Rats Skip's Tavern. 9pm, free.

Mal Sharpe and Big Money in Jazz Enrico's. 7pm.

Andrea Marcovicci Plush Room. 8 and 10:30pm, $35.

Michael Bluestein Trio Shanghai 1930. 7:30pm.

David Rhoades Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 8-11pm.

Sonando 850 Cigar Bar. 10pm, free.

Starlight Orchestra Starlight Room. 8:30pm.

Three Thinking Jazz Trio Ana Mandara, 891 Beach; 771-6800. 9pm-12:30am.

Ginny Wilson Moose's. 8pm.

Cookie Wong, Noel Jewkes Quartet Jazz at Pearl's. 9:30pm, free.

Bay Area

Brenda Boykin, Danny Caron, Ruth Davies Downtown. 8pm.

Once There Anna's, 1801 University, Berk; (510) 849-ANNA. 8pm.

Stellar Gas Jets Jupiter. 8pm.

Terence Blanchard Sextet Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $22.

Tumba'Son Howard Johnson Shattuck Plaza Hotel, Crystal Room, 2086 Allston Way, Berk; (510) 845-7300. 10pm, $6-11.

Wesla Whitefield and Mike Greensill Sanchez Concert Hall. 7:30pm.



Mad Hannans Ireland's 32. 9pm.

Rolando Morales The Ramp, 855 China Basin; 621-2378. 5:30pm.

O-Maya Elbo Room. 10pm, $7.

Paddy's Dream Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Bay Area

Los Fakires La Peña Cultural Center. 8 and 10pm.

Jared and friends Club Fusetti. 10pm.

Nerissa and Katrina Nields Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $17.50.


Dance clubs

Big Badonkadonk! Nickie's BBQ. 10pm-2am. With DJ Tom Thump and guests.

Breathe Club Galia. 9pm, $5. With Hoj, Bing Ching, Groove, and Dr. Xeno.

Candy Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $5. Hip-hop, rock, and new wave with Spin and

Grand T.

Club NV 9:30pm. House and salsa with Greg Lopez, Von, and Tony O.

Club Nzinga El Rio. 9pm, $7. Jose Ruiz spins world beat.

Deeper House Fuse. 6pm-2am, free. Deep house and disco with DJs David Hawthorn, Nate, and guests.

Dhamaal Club Six. 9:30pm-4am, $10.

DJ's Friday The Top. 9pm.

Evolution Sno-Drift. 10pm-5am, $15. House with DJs David Harness, Keebo, and guest Chris Lum.

Explicit Bas. 10pm-2am. With Steven Chang, Don Alcantara, and DJ Induce.

Fag Fridays Endup. 10pm-5:30am, $8. With residents Rolo and Ruben Mancias.

Fake Cat Club. 10pm-3am, $6. Synthpop, new wave, electro, punk, Britpop, hip-hop, and indie.

Fiendish Jezebels Joint. 10pm-2am. Dark pop, death disco, and cyber rock with Pimprock and Rodent.

Gadabout SF Arrow. 10pm-2am. With Ted Shred.

Glitter Glas Kat. 9:30pm-2am. Soul and deep house.

Hemisphere Lingba Lounge, 1469 18th St; 355-0001. 10pm-2am, free. Drum 'n' bass with Freya, Zigmund Void, Sifu, Audio Angel, Shannon, and Frogger.

House of Voodoo Big Heart City. 9pm-3am, $5-7. Deathrock, gothic, punk, glam, and '80s with DJs Voodoo Perki and Rick A. Mortis.

Jazz Future Buzz 9. 10pm-2am, $5. Broken beat, downtempo, and nu jazz.

Malik Julip. 10pm-2am, free. With resident DJs.

Mediterranean Nights Piyassa Restaurant, 1686 Market; 864-3700. 10pm-2am. Greek, Turkish, French, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Top 40, and '70s music.

On the Corner Movida Lounge. 9pm-2am, free. Hip-hop, downtempo, dancehall, and more.

Pepper 111 Minna Gallery. 9pm, $10. Breaks, garage, and house with Toph One.

Pop An Sibin. 9pm-2am, $5-10. Minimal house and techno pop with Broker/Dealer, Matt Biederman, and guests.

Sexotica Make-Out Room. 10pm, free. Indian, Middle Eastern, and Latin grooves with DJ King Coffin.

Skylark 9:30pm, free. With DJ Super David.

Sojurn RoHan Lounge. 9pm-1am, free. House and breaks with DJs Ted and Fred.

Soulful Strut Amnesia. 8:30pm, $5. With DJs Vinnie Esparza and Goldmyne.

Square Ruby Skye. 9pm-3am. House music.

Storyville "4 the Love," 7-10pm, free. Classic soul, slow jams, and R&B ballads with Tomas, Consuelo, Rasta Cue Tip, and Wisdom. "True Skool," 10pm-2am, $7-10. Funk, dancehall, and hip-hop classics with Paul Nice v. Raw B.

Super Fluff Skirt Cellar. 9pm-2am, $5. Rock, '80s, disco, R&B, and hip-hop.

Swayed 26 Mix. 10pm, $5. Live funk, house DJs, and more.

Sweet Blind Tiger. 10pm-2am, $5. With Norman Stradley and Sherif.

Bay Area

The Cold War Years Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am.

Funk Fridays Eli's Mile High Club. 10pm-2am. With DJ E-Natural.

Ruby Room 10pm-2am. '70s and '80s glam rock and pop music.


saturday 20



Action Figure Party Elbo Room. 10pm, $7.

Ama, Alex Woodward, Ten Mile Tide Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $5.

Backpages Johnny Foley's. 9pm.

Blues Fuse Atlas Cafe. 4-7pm, free.

Cargo, Viv, Butch Berry, Saucer Voodoo Lounge. 9pm, $7.

Charm City Suicides, Coachwhips, Deep Throats Kimo's. 9pm, $5.

'Corey Feldman's Birthday Bash' Pound-SF. 8pm, $12. With Cadence, Idle, Fetish, and Green Man's Dead.

Easys, Harold Ray Live in Concert, Registers Tempest. 9pm, $5.

Guided by Voices Warfield. 8pm, $21.50.

Zakiya Hooker Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $15.

Jane's Addiction Warfield. 9pm, $45-50.

Kris Kristofferson, Paul Williams Gershwin Theater, University of San Francisco, 2350 Turk; 1-866-468-3399. 8pm, $45-75. Proceeds benefit the MUD campaign.

Melvin Sparks Band, Freaktet, DJ Romanowski Boom Boom Room. 9:20pm, $12.

Mud, Aimee Porter Club Galia. 10pm, $8.

Neil Hamburger, Pleaseeasaur Hemlock Tavern. 10pm and midnight, $8. See 8 Days a Week, page 56.

Paijee, Brodys, Slow Poisoners Tongue and Groove. 9pm, $8.

Phantom Limbs, Fartz, Fleshies El Rio. 9pm, $8.

Red Planet, Dishes, Husbands, Spinning Jennies Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $7.

2nd Set, King Street Crossing Hotel Utah Saloon. 9pm, $7.

Solas, Antje Duvekot Slim's. 9pm, $20.

Spoonful of Blues Skip's Tavern. 9pm, free.

Jim White, Richard Buckner Great American Music Hall. 9pm, $15. See 8 Days a Week, page 56.

Bay Area

George Benson, Natalie Cole Chronicle Pavilion, 2000 Kirker Pass Road, Concord; (925) 363-5701. 8pm, $30.75-68.25.

Blue Gum Art, HattAttak, Slackjaw Stork Club. 9pm.

Fattburger Kimball's East. 8 and 10pm.

Steve Freund Ivy Room. 10pm.

Locals, Solomite Imusicast, 5429 Telegraph, Oakl; (510) 601-1024. 6pm, $6.

Planting Seeds, Jessica Will Band Blakes. 9:30pm, $5.

Rube Waddell, Schloss, Research and Development, Brian Kenney Fresno Starry Plough. 9:30pm, $6.

'70s Soul Jam' Paramount Theatre. 7pm. With the Stylistics, Manhattans, the Chi-Lites, the Delfonics, Cuba Gooding Sr., and Harold Melvin's Blue Notes.

Yes with Rick Wakeman Shoreline Amphitheatre, 1 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View; (650) 967-3000. 8pm, $29.50-55.


Jazz/new music

Al Marshall Trio Shanghai 1930. 8:30pm.

Bob Crawford Trio Bacar. 10pm.

Faye Carol Rasselas Jazz (on Fillmore). 8pm and 10pm, $15.

Joan Edgar Moose's. 8pm.

Fred Ross Project Starlight Room. 8:30pm.

'Fresh Voices Festival III' Goat Hall, 400 Missouri; 289-6877. 8pm, $15-20.

Haight-Ashbury Free Band Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 8-11pm.

Josh Jones Quartet 850 Cigar Bar. 10pm, free.

Michael LaMacchia Trio Cobalt Tavern, 1707 Powell; 982-8123. 7-11pm.

Andrea Marcovicci Plush Room. 8 and 10:30pm, $35.

Post Junk Trio Enrico's. 7pm.

Three Thinking Jazz Trio Ana Mandara, 891 Beach; 771-6800. 9pm-12:30am.

Cookie Wong, Noel Jewkes Quartet Jazz at Pearl's. 9:30pm, free.

Bay Area

Johnny Bones Downtown. 8pm.

Distones, Robin Gregory Anna's, 1801 University, Berk; (510) 849-ANNA. 8pm.

Joshi Marshall Project Jupiter. 8pm.

Mas Cabeza Talk of the Town. 10pm, $5.

Terence Blanchard Sextet Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $22.



Julio Bravo The Ramp, 855 China Basin; 621-2378. 4:30pm.

Cabin Fever Rock Soup, 3299 Mission; 641-7687. 7:30pm.

'Freedom Song Network Songswap' 885 Clayton; www.laborfest.net. 8pm.

Gas Men Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Planet Hemp Broadway Studios. 9pm.

Yellowman and the Sagittarius Band, J-Boogie Justice League. 9pm, $20. See Critic's Choice.

Bay Area

Earl Zero and the Reggae Angels 19 Broadway. 9pm, $10.

Michael McNevin Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $16.50.

Orixa, Los Curanderos, Skalavera, Firme La Peña Cultural Center. 8pm, $10.

Rebel Soul, Dani Spencer, Bogle Dread, Dennis D'Menace Ashkenaz. 9:30pm, $12.


Dance clubs

Allure Bas. 10pm-2am. New Trendz and Groove Components present this party.

An Bodhran 668 Haight; 431-4724. 10pm-2am, free. With Rocket Morton.

Arrow 10pm-2am. Rock 'n' roll with DJ Jeff.

Asylum Jezebels Joint. 10pm-2am. Punk, glam, death rock, and dark wave with Shane and Tony Havoc.

Atmosfere 111 Minna Gallery. 9:30pm, $15. With Alton Miller, Kevin Koga, and DJ Said.

Beat Salad Laszlo. 8pm-2am. With DJ Kenni.

Bohemia Bar 1624 California; 474-6968. 10pm-2am, $10. House, hip-hop, and '80s music with Eddy.

Bottom Heavy The Top. 7pm-10pm. With J Falcone, John Paul, Fiction, Dom Some, and Enzyme. 10pm-2am. U.K. garage and drum 'n' bass with rotating residents.

Cellar 9pm-2am, $5. House, funk, soul, and old-school.

Club Six 9pm-4am, $6-10. With Lauris Lee and guests DJ Spencer and Jeff Ramirez.

Electrolush Blind Tiger. 10pm-2am, $5. Underground house music with rotating DJs.

Flava Storyville. 10pm, $8-10. Hip-hop with rotating residents.

Gaarden Amnesia. 9pm-2am, $5. With DJs Seven, Chameleon, Chekoway, and guests.

Gloss Sno-Drift. 9pm. Deep house.

Ice Backflip. 10pm-2am, $10. House music.

Jive Big Heart City. 10pm-4am. Urban grooves with Daniella, Jerry Ross, Kevin Armstrong, Trevor Mijares, and others.

LA Machine 26 Mix. 10pm-2am, $5. A synth dance club with DJs Taktical and Wheels of Fortune.

Liquid Liquid. 9pm-3am, $3. House and techno with Dave Kirkland.

Metropolis 3 Com Park, Jamestown at Harney Way; 248-9338. 4pm, $55-100. With the Cyrstal Method, BT, Deepsky, Green Velvet, Doc Martin, DJ Sneak, Slick Rick, Black Eyed Peas, the Mystics, Metalheadz, Space Girl, Doran, Mars, and others.

Misturada Make-Out Room. 10pm, free. Afro-Latin beats and Brazilian rhythms with Vanka and guests.

Moontrane Conductors Oxygen Bar. 10pm, free. Trip-hop.

Pow! A Cocktail Lounge 9pm, $3. House music with Fadrian and Sutake.

Revolver Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am. With Bulletproof DJs and guests.

Royale 10pm-2am, free. With Zatch, DJ Cyruss, and Toph One.

La Rumba Sigue Kelly's Mission Rock. 3:30-8pm, $6. Salsa dance club with DJ Ivette Fuentes.

Sex with Machines Arrow. 10pm. Electro, hip-hop, disco, and new wave with DJ Jeffrodeeziack.

Skylark 9pm, free. With DJ Kyle.

Soul-phisticated RoHan Lounge. 9pm-1am, free. DJ Choe spins hip-hop, funk, reggae, and rare grooves.

Sound Factory 9:30-10:30pm. Happy hour.

Strawberry Endup. 10pm-4am, $10. Hip-hop with Kuttin Kandi, J-Boogie, DJ Black, and Toph One.

Sugar The Stud. 9pm.

Supastar Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $5. With local DJs.

Texture Glas Kat. 9:30pm-3:30am. House, classic soul, urban grooves, and '70s and '80s retro funk with residents.

Undertoe Julip. 9:30pm. With L. Ron Hubba Hubba and DJ Darren.

Voluptuous Vibes The Phoenix, 811 Valencia; 695-1811. 10pm. Funky house, breaks, and hip-hop with DJ Amberlee and guests.

Zodiac Studio Z. 9pm-5am, $15, free on your Zodiac sign. A psychedelic art warehouse-style nightclub with DJs Solar, Jeff Chandler, and guests.

Bay Area

Fusetti's Saturday Night Club Fusetti. 10pm.

Radio 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am. '70s and '80s glam, rock, and pop.

Reagan Years Ruby Room. 10pm-2am. '80s music.

Summer Sensation Hotel Ibiza, 10 Hegenberger Rd, Oakl; (650) 569-3300. 4pm.


sunday 21


Gilli Moon, Delta X, Willford Club Galia. 7pm, $5.

Henry Miller Sextet, Loquat, Low Flying Owls Bottom of the Hill. 5:30pm, $6.

J-Live, People under the Stairs, Ugly Duckling Slim's. 9pm, $17.

LL Cool, Felonious: One Love Hip Hop Fillmore. 9pm, $37.50.

'Local Blues Spotlight' Biscuits and Blues. 8:30pm, $5.

Rabia and Virgil Thrasher Rock Soup, 3299 Mission; 641-7687. 7:30pm.

Ruby Rakes, Jim Campilongo Electric Trio Make-Out Room. 8:30pm, $6.

Rustbelt Music, Uberhund Kimo's. 9pm, $5.

Wil Blades B-3 Organ Summit Boom Boom Room. 9:20pm, $5.

Bay Area

Cute, B Phase Blakes. 9:30pm, $3.

Fattburger Kimball's East. 5 and 8pm.

'Green Anarchy Tour' 924 Gilman. Presentation and screening 1pm, show 5pm. $5. See 8 Days a Week, page 56.

Shabaz 19 Broadway. 9pm, $5.


Jazz/new music

Don Asher Moose's. 12:30pm.

Bill Bell Bacar. 8pm.

Sharman Duran, Daria, Elaine Lucia Plush Room. 7:30pm, $20.

Ezra Gale Quartet Albion, 3139 16th St; 552-8558. 6pm.

'Fresh Voices Festival III' Goat Hall, 400 Missouri; 289-6877. 7pm, $15-20.

Mike Greensill and friends Moose's. 7:30pm.

Hiram Harvell Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 7-10pm.

J. Johnson Club Deluxe. 9pm, free.

Alex Kallao Chez Spencer, 82 14th St; 864-2191. Noon-2pm.

Bay Area

Christy Dana Jazz Quartet Anna's, 1801 University, Berk; (510) 849-ANNA. 8pm.

Ed Ivey Orchestra Cato's Ale House. 6-9pm, free.

'Sunday Jazz Jam Session' Bluesville, 131 Broadway, Oakl (510) 893-6215. 7pm.

Terence Blanchard Sextet Yoshi's. 2 and 8pm, $5-22.

Troy Lampkins Group Jazzschool, 2087 Addison, Berk; (510) 845-5373. 4:30pm, $6-12.



Bellyachers Parkside. 5pm, free.

'Critical Grass' Hotel Utah Saloon. 7pm, $5. With David Thom Band and Jeanie and Chuck's Country Round Up.

Eleonor England Rite Spot. 8:30pm.

AJ Roach, All Wrecked Up The Music Store, 66 West Portal; 664-2044. 3-6pm, free.

Seisiún Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Tropical Vibrations The Ramp, 855 China Basin; 621-2378. 4:30pm.

Tropic of Cancer Ireland's 32. 9pm.

Bay Area

Adrian Legg Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $17.50.

'The Starry Irish Music Session' Starry Plough. 8pm, sliding scale.


Dance clubs

Club Compression Cellar. 9pm-2am, $5. Drum 'n' bass with residents and guests.

Club Havana Jelly's. 4pm, $7. Latin music with DJ Ivette Fuentes and guest Mazacote.

Dalva 9pm-1am, free. With DJ Anna and Philip Sherburne.

Death Rock Booty Call The Stud. 9pm-3am. Rock 'n' roll dance party.

The Depths Charlies, 1838 Union; 474-3773. 9pm-2am, free. Deep downtempo, left-field breaks, and drum 'n' bass.

Devotion Endup. 8pm, $10. House music with DJ Ruben Mancias and guests.

Dub Mission Elbo Room. 9pm-2am, $5. With DJs Vinnie Esparza and Maneesh the Twister.

For Those Who Know An Sibin. 9pm-2am, $3. Underground hip-hop, funk, soul, and breaks.

Gameshow Tongue and Groove. 9pm-2am, $5. Soul, hip-hop, funk, and R&B with DJ Nu-Mark, DJ Design, and DJ LadyBase.

Juke Joint Julip. 9pm–2am, free. With Toph One.

Luscious Liquid. 10pm-2am. Deep tribal, hard progressive, and house with Dharma, Unity, Origin, and guest DJs.

Pop Laszlo. 9pm-2am, free. DJs and/or live electronic music.

Rebirth 330 Ritch. 10pm. Soul and hip-hop with Henry, Joe Quixx, Kevvy Kev, and Will.

Reggae Sundaze Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am, $5. Reggae music spun by DJ Ras David I.

Salamat Sundays Club Tropi Gala, 358 Ocean; 282-7910. 9pm-2am, $12. Latin fusion Middle Eastern music with DJ Medi and the Arabian Knights Band.

Second Sunday Kelly's Mission Rock. Noon-10pm. With Jeno, Norman Stradley, Ellen Ferrato, M3, Julius Papp, Sen-Sei, David Coleman, and more.

Selector Sundays Blind Tiger. 9pm-2am, $5. With the Unsung Heroes.

Smile Hush Hush Lounge. 10pm-2am. Bubblegum, glitter, psych, and sunshine pop.

Spundae 1015 Folsom. 9pm-6am, $5. With rotating DJs and special guests.

Storytelling Night Odeon Bar. 7pm-2am. Hosted by Jerico Reese.

Sundance Saloon Space 550. 6-11pm, $5. A country-western dance event.

Sunday School Sno-Drift. 8pm-4am, $10. House and downtempo with residents.

Sunday T-Dance Endup. 6am-8pm. House music with rotating residents.

Tra La La Skylark. 9pm-2am, free. With DJs Linden C. and guests.

Transfusion 26 Mix. 10pm. A drag show with Fudgie Frottage and Vinsantos.

Valley of the Dolls Fuse. 9pm, free. Hip-hop and lounge.

Volume Storyville. 10pm-2am. Hip-hop, soul, classics, and dancehall with D-Sharp, Megablack, Ball-D, Marc Stretch, and Malachi.

Bay Area

Mayhem Shattuck Down Low. 9pm, $5. With Reaktor, Smudge, DJ Freya, and MC Mac.

The Mercy Seat Ruby Room. 10pm-2am.

Mystery Night Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am.

Oakland Reggae Eli's Mile High Club. 10pm-2am. With Namane and Rolo 1-3.

Summer Sundays Club Fusetti. 10pm. World beat and house music.


monday 22


Alfie, Patrick Park Bimbo's 365 Club. 8pm, $12.

Hudson Bell, Graves Brothers, Kobald Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $5.

Funklogic, Len Patterson Trio Boom Boom Room. 9:20pm, $4.

Laurel Canyon, Muons, Kelly Stoltz, Holy Sons Make-Out Room. 8:30pm, $5.

Jon Lawton Biscuits and Blues. 8:30pm, $5.

Locals, Slaves, Shit out of Luck, Monkey Pound-SF. 6:30pm, $8.

Lost Goat, Boulder, Brainoil Covered Wagon Saloon. 9pm, $5.

'Monday Night Hoot' Cafe du Nord. 9pm, $5. With Eric Shea.

Television Great American Music Hall. 9pm, $25. See 8 Days a Week, page 56.

Bay Area

East Bay Blues Revue Yoshi's. 7:30pm, $20.

Steve Gannon Band and Mz. Dee Blakes. 9:30pm, $4.


Jazz/new music

Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Kevin Gibbs and Ruth Davies Moose's. 8pm.

Art Hirahara, Devin Hoff, Scott Amendola Bacar. 9pm.

Hiram Harvell Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 5-10pm.

Hotter than That Club Deluxe. 6:30-9:30pm.



O'Neill Ireland's 32. 9pm.

Bay Area

Tin Hat Trio Freight and Salvage. 8pm, $16.50.

Traditional Irish music session Starry Plough. 9pm.


Dance clubs

Cellar 9pm-2am, $5. Downtempo with resident DJs and guests.

Club Dread Justice League. 10pm, $10. Reggae and dancehall.

Grateful Dead Jams Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am. Dark Star Dan plays rare Grateful Dead tracks.

Halflife An Sibin. 9pm-2am, free. Drum 'n' bass with kryptyk, DJ M, DJ S&M, Dominatrix, and guests.

Little Sara's Tea Party Fuse. 9pm, free. Hip-hop and downtempo.

Lo-key Lounge Charlies, 1838 Union; 474-3773. 9pm-2am. Deep house and disco breaks spun by rotating DJs.

Main Ingredient Julip. 9:30pm. With DJ Wisdom and JayBee.

Marinate Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $2. Downbeat electro lounge with DJ EO and Daze.

Milkshake Mondays Sno-Drift. 10pm-2am, $5. With Travis.

Minimal Mondays Hush Hush Lounge. 9pm-2am, free. With Forest, Chris B., Terrac, Creamy Goodness, Sariah, and Joe Rice.

A Night with Fecal Face Amnesia. 8pm. With local DJs and local artists.

Our Gang Cellar. 9:30pm-1am, $3. Downtempo, funky breaks, jazzy drum 'n' bass, and hip-hop.

Que Sera, Sera Skylark. 9pm-2am, free. With DJs Chang, Christian Clark, Russel Vargas, Mark, and Yvonne.

Redwood Room 8pm-midnight. Jazz with Consuelo Kevin.

Risqué Curve, 747 Third St; 896-2286. 9pm-2am, free. Soulful house, old-school, and beats with DJs Chris Dadzitis and Zaxxon.

Self-Serve DJ Nite and Music Appreciation Society Voodoo Lounge. 9pm-2am, free. Open turntables.

Sex in Zero Gravity Border Cantina, 1192 Folsom; 820-4876. 10pm-2am, $5. Techno funk and house music with James D and Eli B.

Soul Café Blind Tiger. 9:30pm, $5-10. Funk, soul, R&B, and hip-hop with DJ Jerry Ross and Daniela.

The Stud 6:30-9pm, $10. Queer lindy-hop lessons. 10pm. Funk and deep house.

Tranquility Base 26 Mix. 10pm-2am, $2. With DF Tram and Jonas Judd and guest Colonel Machina.

Vroom El Rio. 8pm-midnight, $1. Punk, funk, and soul.

Bay Area

Mystery Night Ruby Room. 10pm-2am.

Underground Lounge Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am. Psycho '60s and porno '70s.


tuesday 23


Bizar Bazaar Boom Boom Room. 9:20pm, $4.

Cas Lucas Band, Michael Thomason Hotel Utah Saloon. 8pm.

DJ Spooky, Ming and FS, Baldwin Brothers, Dalek Justice League. 9pm, $15.

Fire Show, Nick Freitas, Heavenly States Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $7.

'For the Love' Last Day Saloon. 9pm, $5. With Subverse and Point Les Camp.

Goldfinger, Mest Fillmore. 8pm, $16.50.

Hillside Red Devil Lounge. 8pm, $3.

Billy Idol Warfield. 8pm, $32.50-40.

Love, Arthur Lee Bimbo's 365 Club. 8pm, $20.

Linda Rondstadt and the Skywalker Symphony Davies Symphony Hall, 201 Van Ness; 864-2000. 8pm, $45.25-75.25.

Sky Machine, Second Generation, Sneaky Long Tongue and Groove. 8:30pm, free.

Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums, Carmen Getit Biscuits and Blues. 9pm, $5.

Swing Session Broadway Studios. 7pm, $15.

Vengeance, Hate Fist, Aggression Core Covered Wagon Saloon. 9pm, $5.

Bay Area

Holy Sons, MeeShee, Laurel Canyon, Palooka Stork Club. 9pm.

Amelia Ray Talk of the Town. 10pm, free.


Jazz/new music

Collective West Jazz Orchestra Cellar at Johnny Foley's. 9pm, $3.

Joan Edgar Moose's. 8pm.

Roderick Louie Carta. 7-10pm.

Ken Miller and Mark Levine Paradise Pizza Restaurant, 642 Irving; 759-1487. 6:30pm, free.

David Rhoades Caffe Proust, 1801 McAllister; 345-9560. 7-10pm.

Eric Shifrin Chez Spencer, 82 14th St; 864-2191. 7-9pm.

Chess Smith Bacar. 9pm.

Steven Strauss Parkside. 8pm, free.

Vince Lateano Trio Jazz at Pearl's. 9pm, free.

Bay Area

Artship Allstars Black Box, 1928 Telegraph, Oakl; (510) 451-1932. 9pm, $10.

Jessica Williams Trio Yoshi's. 8 and 10pm, $18.

Mark Mazor Trio Jupiter. 8pm, free.



Azabache, DJ IJ Cafe du Nord. 8pm, $7.

Bat Makumba Elbo Room. 9pm, $6.

Marlee Macleod, Tom Heyman Make-Out Room. 8:30pm, $6.

Seisiún Plough and Stars. 9pm.

Bay Area

Starry Plough Open Mic Starry Plough. 8pm, free.

Tee Fee Ashkenaz. 8:30pm, $8.


Dance clubs

Arrow 10pm-2am. Punk rock with DJ Dwight and Eyepatch Guy.

Ay Karamba! Glas Kat. 9:30pm-2am, $8. Salsa lessons.

City of Industry Jezebels Joint. 8pm, free. With DJs Chris, Rabbit, and guests.

Curve 747 Third; 896-2286. 10pm-2am, free. Soulful grooves and flashbacks with DJs Kevvy Kev, Malachi, and Ball D.

Development AsiaSF. 10pm. Reference, Raygun, and Mykul Crane spin breakbeat and house.

EZ Music for Hard Times Club Deluxe. 10pm. With DJs Brian Cox, Power Lounger, and guests.

Fuck Tuesdays Backflip. 10pm-2am. '80s music, soul, breakbeat, and hip-hop.

Hot Pink Voodoo Lounge. 10pm, $5. With DJ Chuck.

Impulse An Sibin. 10pm-2am. Techno with rotating residents.

Jazz Party Soul Club Cellar. 9pm-2am. Jazz party with Logic Trio and Soul Club with DJ English Steve.

Mayonnaise Skylark. 9pm, free. House music with special guest KJ9000.

Outernational Mix Nickie's BBQ. 9pm-2am. DJ Cheb I Sabbah spins a blend of international music.

Oxygen Bar 10pm, free. With Dr. Friendly and the Naturfreunds.

Patchwerk Club Galia. 9pm, $3-5. With DJs Bigfoot, Jonah, and Sean Danger.

Smaller 'n' Kooler Sacrifice. 10pm-2am, $3. Downtempo and jazz house.

T.K.O. Hush Hush Lounge. 9pm-2am, $3. Hip-hop with DJs Charlie Bucket, Kaution, Ocir, Halo 1, and Able.

TrannyShack The Stud. 10pm-3am. A drag show with hostess Heklina.

Underground Communication Dalva, 3121 16th St; 252-7740. 10pm-2am, free. Funk, soul, and dub with Vinnie Esparza, Jonny Deeper, and Asti Spumanti.

Bay Area

Bounce Rock Skate Bluesville. 10pm, $5. With Bay Area DJs and special guests.

Club Purgatory Club Muse. 9pm-2am, $5. DJ Caine spins European dance, industrial, and electronic music.

Good Times Radio, 435 13th St, Oakl; (510) 451-2889. 10pm-2am. With Kitty and Sean spinning '70s pop, funk-rock, and more.

Posh Shattuck Down Low. 9:30pm-2am. Downtempo, disco breaks, drum 'n' bass, and deep house.

RawSugar Oasis, 135 12th St, Oakl; (510) 763-0404. 9pm. Drum 'n' bass and breakbeats.

Reggae Experience 19 Broadway. 9pm, free. With rotating DJs.

Ruby Room 10pm-2am. Punk, power pop, and breakbeats.

Smooth Grooves Club Fusetti. 9pm. Hip-hop and R&B with Phiness and Qwest.