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Schedules are for Wed/17 through Tues/23 except where noted. Double features are noted with a . Director and year are given when available.

ARTISTS' TELEVISION ACCESS 992 Valencia; 824-3890. Call for price. "Hot Pink: Films by Queer Women," short films plus live music by the Junes Thurs, 8.

BLACK BOX 1928 Telegraph; (510) 595-5597. $12-15. "Second Voices and Visions Film Festival," short films in all genres by local artists Sat, 8.

BRIDGE 3010 Geary; 751-3213. $8. "Midnight Mass": Poltergeist (Hooper, 1982) Sat, midnight. Special events for this screening include the "world's first theater exorcism" and a scariest-clown contest.

CASTRO 429 Castro; 621-6120. $4.50-7. Umberto D (De Sica, 1952) Wed, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. "Central California Theatres presents an 80th Anniversary Celebration": Footlight Parade (Bacon, 1933) 7 ($8). This '20s-themed event to celebrate the Castro Theatre's 80th birthday includes performances by the Banjo Band, musical theater group the Highlighters, vocalist and former vaudevillian Jack Shnider, and Castro organist David Hegarty, followed by the film screening. Siddhartha (Rooks, 1972) Fri/19-Wed/24, 7, 9:15 (also Sat-Sun, Wed, 2:15, 4:30).

FILM ARTS FOUNDATION 346 Ninth St; 552-8760, www.filmarts.org. Free. "Work in Progress Screening": Rockets Redglare (de la Reguera, work in progress) Fri, 7.

'FILM NIGHT IN THE PARK' San Geronimo Cultural Center, 6350 Sir Frances Drake, San Geronimo; (415) 453-4333. $2-5. Some Like It Hot (Wilder, 1959) Fri, 8:30. Central Field, Broadway at Bank, Fairfax. The Court Jester (Frank and Panama, 1956) Sat, 8:30. Outdoor screenings; bring seating.

INTERNATIONAL WORKING CLASS FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission; www.laborfest.net. $5. In the Weeds: Waiting for a Living (Hess and Thompson), Razing Appalachia (Waters), and Invisible Hand: The Deindustrialization of Southern Illinois (Boozell) Thurs, 7:30. La Peña Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck, Berk. Iron Ladies (Wheatley) and Strange Fruit (Katz) Sun, 7.

ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA 425 Washington; 788-6210. Free. "Yellow Tuesday": Un maledetto imbroglio (Germi, 1959) Tues, 6:30. In Italian without subtitles.

KORET AUDITORIUM San Francisco Public Library, Main Branch, 100 Larkin; 557-4277. Free. "Between Spring and Autumn": Jazz on a Summer's Day (Stern, 1958) Thurs, noon. Large-screen video presentation.

NEW PFA THEATER 2575 Bancroft, Berk; (510) 642-1412. $4.50-7. "Higher Education": Monster on the Campus (Arnold, 1958) Wed, 7:30. "Second Chance": So Dark the Night (Lewis, 1946) Thurs, 7:30; The Burglar (Wendkos, 1957) Thurs, 9. "Jean Gabin: Working-Class Hero": La Marie du port (Carné, 1950) Fri, 7:30; La bête humaine (Renoir, 1938) Fri, 9:15. "Christmas in July: The Comedies of Writer-Director Preston Sturges": The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) Sat, 4:30, 9:30; Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) Sat, 7. "Magic and Reality: Cinema of Armenia": Musicians (Askarian, 2000) Sun, 5:30; The Legend of Suram Fortress (Paradjanov, 1985) Sun, 7:15. "Taking No Prisoners: Sergio Bianchi": The Secret Cause (1994) Tues, 7:30.

RAFAEL FILM CENTER 1118 Fourth St, San Rafael; (415) 454-1222. $5.50-8.50. Elling (Næss, 2001) call for times. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Kunuk, 2001) call for times. Rivers and Tides (Riedelsheimer, 2001) call for times. My Wife Is an Actress (Attal, 2001) Fri/19-Thurs/25, call for times. "William Wyler: A Centennial Celebration": Jezebel (1938) Wed, 7; The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) Sun, 7. "International Family Films": Prop and Berta (Fly and Cimmermanis, 2001) Sat-Sun, 2.

RED VIC 1727 Haight; 668-3994. $3-6.50. Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (Kaneko, 1996) Wed-Sat, 7:15, 9:25 (also Wed and Sat, 2; Sat, 4:15). Animal Attraction (High, 2001) Sun-Mon, 7:15, 9:15 (also Sun, 2, 4). ABBA: The Movie (Halström, 1977) Tues/23-Wed/24, 7:15, 9:25 (also Wed, 2).

ROXIE 3117 16th St; 863-1087. $3-7. Rivers and Tides (Riedelsheimer, 2001) Wed-Tues, 6, 8, 10 (also Wed, Sat-Sun, 2, 4).

SAN FRANCISCO PERFORMING ARTS LIBRARY AND MUSEUM 401 Van Ness, Fourth fl; 255-4800. $4-8. "Richard Rogers: A Rare Video Screening Series": "General Foods 25th Anniversary Show: A Salute to Rodgers and Hammerstein," originally broadcast in 1954 on four networks Mon, 8.

SAN FRANCISCO ZOO Bernard Osher Hall, Connie and Bob Lurie Education Center, 47th Ave at Sloat; 753-7285, www.sfzoo.org. $20-25. "Telluride Film Festival," touring program of shorts, documentaries, animated films, and more about animals, indigenous cultures, and the outdoors Fri-Sat, 7.

WEREPAD 2430 Third St; 824-7334. $5. Tarzan and the Slave Girl (Sholem, 1950), Planet of the Vampires (Bava, 1965), and Bullitt (Yates, 1969) "simulcast" with The Driver (Hill, 1978) Fri, 10:30.

YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS 701 Mission; 978-ARTS. $3-6. "Cinemuerte International Horror Festival": Dagon (Gordon, 2002) Thurs, 7:30; Night Warning (Asher, 1982) Thurs, 9:30; The Beast (Borowczyk, 1975) Fri, 7:30; Five Dolls for an August Moon (Bava, 1970) Fri, 9:30; Dog Soldiers (Marshall, 2002) Sat, 7:30; The Witch (Damiani, 1966) Sat, 9:30. "Film Arts Foundation Presents": Heart of the Sea: Kapolioká Ehukai (Legarde and Denker, 2002) Wed, 7:30 ($6-7). "Arab Film Festival Presents": Alexandria Why? (Chahine, 1978) Tues, 7:30 ($6-7).