October 23, 2002




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MORE FROM THE careless errors department: last issue I mistakenly reported that Sub-Level Epidemic Records is based in Los Angeles, when in fact it's run out of Below the Surface, a Burlingame record store. I drove down there a few weeks ago and chopped it up with owner Shane Nesbitt, who told me he's putting out a new 7-inch by Radio Inactive that should be out by the time you read this. He also turned me on to recent singles like BMF featuring Swamburger's "Steel Contraption" backed with "Pianist Envy" and "Abilities" (Eighth Dimension, www.eighthdimension.com). Producer BMF and rapper Swamburger have been making jazzy, melodic joints in Orlando, Fla., and this is another.

While Shane gave me good shopping tips, Fat Beats Distribution sent me a handful of album samplers, including one for Cage's Movies for the Blind and Copywrite's The High Exhaulted (Eastern Conference, www.easternconferencerecords.com). These are promo-only singles, but you can usually find them in the "used" bin at Amoeba Music, too; if you see them, try out Cage's "Stoney Lodge" and its J-Zone-produced beat, or Copywrite's "Nobody," which features a guest verse from Jakki da Motormouth as well as RJD2 on the boards.

Speaking of RJ, the Columbus, Ohio, superstar has formed a new group with rapper Blueprint from the Greenhouse Effect crew called Soul Position. Their Unlimited EP (Rhymesayers, www.rhymesayers.com) is pretty good, but I particularly liked the RJ instrumental "Oxford You Really Owe Me" at the very end. Another dope group from Columbus worth peeping is the ever lovin' Five Deez, who have a new single out, "Stupid" backed with "Chilly Most," "Sounds (The Frequency)," and "No Matter" (B9000, www.b9000records.com).

Next up is Botanica del Jibaro (www.botanicadeljibaro.com), a new label run by the Beta Bodega Coalition, a political and musical cooperative. Apparently, its initial release, Algorithm presents Void's "Suffer Great Nation" backed with "Ellis Island," "Negligence," and "Theory" (www.algocentral.com), dropped in the late spring. Since then the label has released several more singles, including Cyne's allegorical "Midas" backed with "E-Motion" (www.cyne.com). Both are reflective of the label's intentions to produce hip-hop that will, in its words, "inform and educate the masses on the real struggles and issues facing our world today." I wish I could provide more information on Botanica del Jibaro, but even its Web site, in true leftist tradition, features more propaganda than concrete information on its origins and whereabouts. Stay tuned.

More familiar to Correct Techniques readers is Sole of the Anticon family, who has dropped a teaser single, "Salt on Everything" backed with "The Priziest Horse" and "My Head Hurts" (Anticon, www.anticon.com), for his upcoming album, Selling Live Water, which is scheduled for release in January. Also hailing from the Bay Area is Motion Man, whose new single, "Hold Up" (Threshold Recordings, www.threshrecs.com), builds on the success of the recent Clearing the Field. Finally, Diverse returns with "Certified" backed with "Build" (Chocolate Industries, www.chocolateindustries.com). "Build" features slamming beats by – you guessed it – RJD2.

Lots to pick up this month, folks, so ask your moms to advance you some Christmas money. I proofed my column this time, so everything should be accurate! Peace to DJs King One, Raw B, and Prince Jam for hitting me off with the butter mix tapes.

Send all products and gewgaws in care of the author to 484 Lake Park Ave., PMB No. 349, Oakland, CA 94610. Comments, tips, and disses should be directed to invisible27@earthlink.net.