November 27, 2002



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Art collecting starts at home
Highlights of the local scene.

By Lindsey Westbrook

Give something that won't get lost
The alternative guide to holiday shopping.

By Lori Spears

Musical offerings
What to get for the local rocker on your list.

The good news
Five Christmas albums that don't suck.

By Amanda Scotese

Give the gift of food
Towers of treats, tea and crumpets, and other delectable holiday fare.

By Karen Solomon

Time off for good behavior
How to turn the holidays into an urban adventure.

By Amanda Scotese

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Editorial: The real District Eight race

Editorial: An SFPD cover-up?

Opinion: The anti-Hansen smears
By rebecca vilkomerson and emily katz kishawi

Landlords fight back
Two lawsuits seek to overturn tenant protections.
By Camille T. Taiara

All cleared up but nowhere to go
Charges against Thurgood Marshall High teacher dropped.
By Lee Hubbard

The real Bevan
Dufty can run from Mayor Brown – but he can't hide.
By Savannah Blackwell

Hall monitor

Life during wartime


More political commentary from other sources

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Film: Space junk
Soderbergh and Clooney trek toward Solaris.
By Dennis Harvey

Movie Clock: 'Fidel'
Castro revealed.
By Robert Avila

Music: White man's burden
How could Eminem's 8 Mile be about anything but race?
By Kimberly Chun

Music: Pop is hell
You think you've got it bad? How'd you like to be Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston right about now? Or Mariah "I took my clothes off on Total Request Live and all I got was a vacation in a rubber room" Carey?
By Jimmy Draper

Art: Ages of youth
'Bay Area Now 3' returns to the fountain.
By Glen Helfand

Art: 'Forms of Light'
Through Dec. 31, Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.
By Lindsey Westbrook

Stage: Glorious glam
Hedwig and the Angry Inch cuts right to the heart of things.
By Robert Avila

Stage: Theatre Flamenco
Fri/29-Sun/1, Cowell Theater
By Rita Felciano

Dance: Fallen Angels
Has too much work with S.F. Opera hurt Lawrence Pech?
By Rita Felciano

Correct techniques By Mosi Reeves

Last Exit By Derk Richardson

The Litterbox By John O'Neill

Liner notes By Lynn Rapoport

Extreme Measures By J.H. Tompkins

Tiger on beat By Patrick Macias

Script Doctor


Local Grooves

2nd time around

Local Live

The Mix

Fall Arts Preview

• culture
By Andrea Nemerson

Too much information

By Annalee Newitz

culture shocked
Wish upon a tree
By katharine mieszkowski

The little easy
By Paul Reidinger

Without Reservations
World enough

By Paul Reidinger

Cheap Eats

By Dan Leone

Moon Signs
By Sally Cragin

The Blender



In the Public Interest
Credit scam: Why is Congress so intent on helping lenders – and hurting millions of consumers?
By Ralph Nader

Focus on the Corporation

A day at the American Enterprise Institute
By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Media Beat
Baghdad, autumn 2002: city of doom:
Bush has left Iraq in a no-win situation.
By Norman Solomon

The shame of Hearst
Editor's Note
By Bruce B. Brugmann, 11.14.01

It's funny in Kansas
Joke of the day

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Northern California film festivals

Anniversary Issue
The case for MUD: A public power agency could cut electric rates by 20 percent – and still make millions of dollars.