January 29, 2003




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moon signs

This week Mercury goes direct. Buy your electronic gizmo, file the deposition, be frank with your sweetie (but not you August Virgos and May Geminis). The effects of the retrograde won't be complete until Valentine's Day, so if you're single, you may be giving a valentine to someone not even on the radar screen just now (fire signs, take note). As for the moon: finish the work that got started at the first of the year, complete small blocks of required material (primer coat?), give it away, and give it up.

Wednesday, Jan. 22 Waxing moon in Virgo/Libra. An all-day void-of-course means the ingredients are excellent for large helpings of space-cadet stew. Where's the car? Why are three gloves in my pocket? All fixable stuff. For the next couple of weeks, Virgos, love is about to get hinky, and quite possibly stinky (for both genders and all preferences). You feel like you're trying too hard. Libras, 'tis the season for taking chances. 1:34 a.m. to 1:23 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 23 Waning moon in Libra; Mercury moves direct. It's a good time to see the doctor, especially about internal stuff or relationship issues. Libras, you have no problem speaking up – it's contradicting yourself that's the problem. And Aries, you may be projecting that "I'm feeling sad and lonely" vibe. It's not cute.

Friday, Jan. 24 Waning moon in Libra/Scorpio. Another void-of-course exacerbates casual Friday. Forget the tie; why not wear pajamas? Libras, you may work hard to convince others their hurtful words and deeds don't matter. Scorpios, you could be feeling completely destabilized, especially if December was a roller coaster ride (with or without a Gemini or Leo). VOC 11:48 a.m. to 4:09 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 25 Last quarter moon in Scorpio. Today brings a turning point for matters that got intense around Jan. 18 (the full moon). It's a great time for keeping secrets and a good time for money management (like gathering up those unpaid bills). Scorpios, others may be waiting for you to take charge. That's why you haven't heard from them. They want you to call. Aquarians, you may need to bag out of a commitment – be nice about this, water carriers.

Sunday, Jan. 26 Waning moon in Scorpio. It's too easy to be severe with those who please us not. Leos, you may be especially intolerant, but only the water-sign folks (Cancers and Pisces) notice. Scorpios, you may overindulge in food or drink, especially if this weekend has frayed you. Capricorns, see if you can be the peacemaker, not the arbitrator. There's a difference. VOC 3:15 p.m. to 7:26 p.m., so that late dinner could go very late indeed.

Monday, Jan. 27 Waning moon in Sagittarius. A lively day for going back to work, despite the dwindling lunar energy. You have to make your own magic, but figure you can count on fire signs (especially Sagittarians and Leos) to help. Sagittarians, you're totally charming right now, so don't push it with the sarcasm or the jokes in questionable taste (this includes self-deprecating comments that fall flat). Virgos, Nerves 'R' U today and tomorrow. Hold off giving straight answers.

Tuesday, Jan. 28 Waning moon in Sagittarius. It's a great day for travel, confrontations, or learning a new language. Some signs, like Geminis and Pisces, may feel pressure to be perfect or entertaining. Can you guys give yourselves a break? Sagittarians, Mars is on your side through February, and this week those of you born in November get to make big, big decisions (read my "Sun Signs" column on the Web, at www.moonsigns.net, for more info). VOC 7:26 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

This horoscope uses the passage of the moon as much as the sun to provide a forecast, and thus itís applicable to everyone. However, the specific signs mentioned in each dayís forecast are receiving special attention from the universe. Each week all 12 signs will be mentioned, usually more than once.

When the moon is in your sun sign, you are beginning a new 28-day cycle. During that period expect really wide emotional swings. When the moon is opposite your sun sign, expect difficulties with your preferred gender, authority figures, and your better angel. When the moon is in Aries, it opposes Libra. Other oppositions are Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces. The moon takes about two and a half days to cruise through a sign.

Still with me? Finally, as the moon changes sign, it will sometimes become ďvoid of course.Ē This means it ceases to make major angles to planets. Consider this a null time, and try to avoid business decisions until this period is over. If youíve got to make a move, stay skeptical. But itís terrific for making art. All void-of-course times are pacific daylight. Visit www.moonsigns.net for more information. .