February 5, 2003




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moon signs

Happy Valentine's week! This week the moon is waxing – so your theme should be optimistic. Yup, it's all about hope, baby, perfect for the heart-shaped holiday. And, as is our tradition, here are suggestions for gifts. This year fire signs would appreciate sentimental prezzies: gooey hearts and oozing chocolates. Bring on the luxury. Earth signs don't need sweeties – especially Taureans, who are struggling with weight issues more than usual. Give 'em heart-shaped rice cakes and pretty flowers. Air signs would groove on a romantic evening out or in watching a giddy comedy. And water signs would treasure trifles, from a little box of those chalky candy hearts to a handmade card.

Wednesday, Feb. 5 Waxing moon in Aries; Venus enters Capricorn. This week love runs not smooth (for Libras and Cancers in particular, though if you're among the former, you may not notice). Aries, you're running at a very high rev and can convince others to do your bidding. But will this make you happy (and for how long?). Today and tomorrow are good for dental appointments or for psychotherapy.

Thursday, Feb. 6 Waxing moon in Aries. Today is all about fresh starts and loud opening shots. The more sensitive folks may be treated brusquely by those less graced. Aries, these are your days to run with the big dogs: don't be afraid to go "ruff ruff." And it's a time for magical decision-making by you Sagittarians born between Dec. 7 and 14 – and for the rest of you fire signs, but those Sagittarians are cruising on the resolution front.

Friday, Feb. 7 Waxing moon in Aries/Taurus. The morning is a wash except for bond traders and folks who scream on the job (howyadoin', Coach?!). Aries, don't backpedal on decisions made in the past two days. Taureans, your acquisitive instinct is getting roused, especially for staples in your abode that are still adequate (the shower curtain and sofa pillows). Virgos, this month you'll feel thwarted by institutions, so make your moves when the moon is in an earth sign (as it is today). VOC 6:22 a.m. to 9:59 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 8 Waxing moon in Taurus. It's an excellent day for shopping, particularly for high-end merch. Taureans, you can have alternate plans and still do exactly as you intended (the bull hates being deflected). Scorpios, be cautious about what you say. You can seem overly critical without meaning to. Capricorns, romance is a likely prospect thanks to Venus, who's hovering in your sign. Make the first move.

Sunday, Feb. 9 First quarter moon in Taurus. Grudges could hold steady for Leos and Scorpios (the former will bray, the latter will whinge). Capricorns, love is on your side (Venus is still in your sign); so when the moon is in Taurus this month, Virgos and Capricorns, be very assertive about how real your feelings are. VOC 7:28 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.

Monday, Feb. 10 Waxing moon in Gemini. The pundits are warming up their pitching arm; it's a great day for opinions and an excellent one for language or programming classes. Geminis, obliviousness may cost you, especially on the home front (this is doubly true for twins born June 14 and after, because Mars is dancing far from your sun, making you try harder with fewer results).

Tuesday, Feb. 11 Waxing moon in Gemini. There's a time to be serious, and this ain't it. But it is a good day for a haircut or a temporary cosmetic change. Geminis, keep it light, keep it moving, and stay close to earth- and fire-sign people who can provide support. Virgos, the past couple of days have been hectic, even manic, but it's not personal.
This horoscope uses the passage of the moon as much as the sun to provide a forecast, and thus it’s applicable to everyone. However, the specific signs mentioned in each day’s forecast are receiving special attention from the universe. Each week all 12 signs will be mentioned, usually more than once.

When the moon is in your sun sign, you are beginning a new 28-day cycle. During that period expect really wide emotional swings. When the moon is opposite your sun sign, expect difficulties with your preferred gender, authority figures, and your better angel. When the moon is in Aries, it opposes Libra. Other oppositions are Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces. The moon takes about two and a half days to cruise through a sign.

Still with me? Finally, as the moon changes sign, it will sometimes become “void of course.” This means it ceases to make major angles to planets. Consider this a null time, and try to avoid business decisions until this period is over. If you’ve got to make a move, stay skeptical. But it’s terrific for making art. All void-of-course times are pacific daylight. Visit www.moonsigns.net for more information. .