February 12, 2003




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By Sally Cragin

This week the moon is full, so you know what that means. Sheer, unadulterated craziness, raised blood pressure, high tides, and conversations that are either endless or in a sort of shorthand you can't believe you understand. Folklore calls this the "wind moon" (appropriate for the sun sign Aquarius, which is ruled by air) or the "trapper's moon." Those fortunate Zuni called this the "No Snow on Trails Moon," which indicates they did not live in New England, while the Lakota Sioux called this the "Moon of the Dark Red Calves," which must have been tough on their cattle during those harsh Great Plains winters. In any event, use this week to bring projects or relationships to some kind of climax.

Wednesday, Feb. 12 Waxing moon in Cancer. The morning is the time to really expend energy, while the afternoon is more about comforting routine (which, for some, is running as hard as you can to stay in the same place). Cancers (especially June crabs), you may feel buffeted by the currents of your emotions – rather than juggling, think about sequence. What's the next logical thing you should do? VOC 6:29 a.m. to 9:19 a.m.

Thursday, Feb. 13 Waxing moon in Cancer. It's a two-day lunar void-of-course. The course of love is not going to run smooth, trust me. Those of you lacking a valentine should get yourself something shocking and red. Lingerie from Agent Provocateur? A bloody red sirloin? A tray of toro sushi? Feel sorry for yourself with style. Those of you who have valentines should definitely plan on some big show of sensitivity. VOC 4:22 a.m. through 4:04 p.m. tomorrow

Friday, Feb. 14 Waxing moon in Cancer; Mercury enters Aquarius. The moon is VOC until 7 p.m., so figure that heart on a doily got mislaid in the mail. Valentine's Day during the work week is far more merciful than the weekend variety – at least you can mooch off a coworker's box of bonbons. VOC until 4:04 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 15 Waxing moon in Leo. Saturday-morning cartoons, a box of Lucky Charms, and full-fat milk. Simple indulgences are best, particularly if you can have a frolic in, as Proust said, "les neiges d'antan." Leos, front and center is where your opinions belong, lions more than lionesses. Taureans, red light those "opinions" this weekend.

Sunday, Feb. 16 Full moon in Leo. Major fire-sign action happening with the moon, Mars, and Jupiter. Good vibes for women + passion = fun (with any of those variables being interchangeable). This should have been the party weekend that sent you home smiling and aching, and Aquarians are in the mood to play for high stakes. VOC 5:18 p.m. to 7:22 p.m.

Monday, Feb. 17 Waning moon in Virgo. After the combustible pleasures of the weekend, why not sink into a nice, warm bath of ... multitasking or megamanaging. Good day to shuffle papers or play musical chairs with your friends, especially for Virgos, who're in a curious mood. Pisces, you may be irritable around the opposite sex or preferred gender.

Tuesday, Feb. 18 Waning moon in Virgo. An all-day void-of-course says this: Take your time. Check it twice. Get your information together before going into "yap mode." Virgos, it's an excellent day for planning ahead – far ahead. A trip next summer? A party next month? Brainstorm now. Sagittarians, however, you may find you're doing too much too soon. Can you have lower standards for yourself right now? VOC 7:56 a.m. to 8:48 p.m.
This horoscope uses the passage of the moon as much as the sun to provide a forecast, and thus it’s applicable to everyone. However, the specific signs mentioned in each day’s forecast are receiving special attention from the universe. Each week all 12 signs will be mentioned, usually more than once.

When the moon is in your sun sign, you are beginning a new 28-day cycle. During that period expect really wide emotional swings. When the moon is opposite your sun sign, expect difficulties with your preferred gender, authority figures, and your better angel. When the moon is in Aries, it opposes Libra. Other oppositions are Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces. The moon takes about two and a half days to cruise through a sign.

Still with me? Finally, as the moon changes sign, it will sometimes become “void of course.” This means it ceases to make major angles to planets. Consider this a null time, and try to avoid business decisions until this period is over. If you’ve got to make a move, stay skeptical. But it’s terrific for making art. All void-of-course times are pacific daylight. Visit www.moonsigns.net for more information. .