April 23, 2003




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It's funny in Kansas
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PG&E and the California energy crisis


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Tiger on beat
By Patrick Macias

By Josh Kun


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By Annalee Newitz

Without Reservations
By Paul Reidinger

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By Dan Leone

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Life During Wartime
The Bay Guardian's regularly updated section dedicated to war-related news and perspectives from San Francisco and around the world, protest and event information, and web links.

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The Superlist Issue!!!
Our guide to everything: The complete lowdown on what the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.

San Francisco's 24-hour restaurants
Because your stomach doesn't care what time it is.
By Amir Baghdachi and Kerry Rodgers

Where to drink and get high
Top-floor bars in San Francisco.
By Camper English

Group crafting – for peace, with beer, over brunch, and more.
By Alexandra Kerl

Your lucky break
Free studio time for musicians.
By Nino Padova

Look like a model!
Fancy haircuts done dirt cheap.
By Adam Martin

Free show
Ushering opportunities at local venues.
By Amir Baghdachi

Meat-free zones
Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in San Francisco.
By Camper English

Want a quickie?
Speed dating in the Bay Area.
By Laurie Koh

Day care for your city dog
What to do with your best friend while you're at work.
By Minnie McBride

All the world's a cinema
Outdoor film, celluloid and supper, bar movies, and more.
By Alissa Chadburn

Five stairways to the stars,
The last five great movie theater deals in town
13 birds found at Heron's Head in Hunters Point
30 Bay Area-based record labels
13 murals by Rigo 03
Five clubs offering dance lessons
International newstands: eight ways to get word from the outside world,
Three dealerships selling electric and/or hybrid cars,
Six S.F. history books,
Scary San Francisco: six places where bad things happened,
Seven S.F. community gardens.

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Editorial: Hall's crazy crackdown

Editorial: Fighting media monopoly

Opinion: A cruel budget cut
By Jackie Jenks

Fighting media mergers
San Franciscans get last shot to weigh in on FCC rule changes that would allow even more consolidations.
By Camille T. Taiara

Renter battles renewed
Landlord group comes out strong against tenant-friendly reforms while even bigger fights loom this fall.
By Savannah Blackwell

Powerful developments
The grid could be stronger than feared, there's money for conservation, and Mirant is facing problems – but can public interest advocates seize these opportunities?
By Shadi Rahimi

Hospital hemorrhaging
City could slash residents' salaries at S.F. General by 15 percent, and that's just the beginning of the budget pain.
By Rachel Brahinsky

Peaking interest
Lawsuit by small-property landlords moves forward and could cost the city millions of dollars.
By A.C. Thompson

alt.sex.column By Andrea Nemerson

techsploitation By Annalee Newitz

culture shocked By katharine mieszkowski

Moon Signs By Sally Cragin

Hall monitor


food & drink


By Paul Reidinger

Without Reservations

By Paul Reidinger

Cheap Eats
Dull and duller

By Dan Leone

Table Ready

By Stephanie Rosenbaum

Bottle Rockets
Great scotch!

Matt Markovich

Well Done
By Evelyn Grosvenor-Smythe

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Film: Rolling
Critics' takes on week two of the S.F. International Film Festival.

Film: San Francisco International Film Festival

Film: 'Raising Victor Vargas'
East Side story.
By Dennis Harvey

Film: Little big man
Dustin Hoffman has always been larger and smaller than life.
By Dennis Harvey

Music: Handsome boy technical school
Washington, D.C.'s El Guapo freak the Dischord beat.
By Vivian Host

Music: Into the light
Chris Brann risks Staring at the Sun.
By Peter Nicholson

Music: Fischerspooner
By Kimberly Chun

Stage: Do the math
Ira Hauptman's Partition explores the collision between science and belief.
By Rob Avila

Stage: Margaret Jenkins Dance Company
By Rita Felciano

Art: 'House Salad: Optimism Between the Cracks'
By Lindsey Westbrook

Last Exit By Derk Richardson

The Litterbox By John O'Neill

Liner notes By Lynn Rapoport

Extreme Measures By J.H. Tompkins

Sonic Reducer By Kimberly Chun

Tiger on beat By Patrick Macias

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Media Beat
Censored: The big U.S. spy story: White House spies on U.N. delegates; U.S. media ducks story.
By Norman Solomon

In the Public Interest
Credit scam: Why is Congress so intent on helping lenders – and hurting millions of consumers?
By Ralph Nader

Focus on the Corporation

The peace message:12 Reasons to Oppose a War with Iraq.
By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

The shame of Hearst
By Bruce B. Brugmann, 11.14.01

Anniversary Issue
The case for MUD: A public power agency could cut electric rates by 20 percent – and still make millions of dollars.

It's funny in Kansas
Joke of the day

Women mechanics and women-owned garages