San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Video Festival
Fri/23-Mon/26, Roxie Cinema

PRO-SEX emporium Good Vibrations teams up with pro-prostitution gang COYOTE (that's Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) and, under the direction of writer-performer-unrepentant whore Carol Leigh (a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot), bring you a weekend of film and art exploring the sex industry worldwide, from the inside out. Non-hos can grab an education at the fest's first program, which has the deceptively dry title "Prostitution Issues for Service Providers: An Educational Forum," a highlight of which is "I Was a Teenage Prostitute," a tender coming-of-age tale set in a suburban massage parlor. On the "Global Sex Work" program is "Swallow," a blunt, stunning piece that deals with whoring from the reality of a young, addicited Native North American female. The varied and engaging "Art Films Show" is worth seeing for "Orange Blossom" alone – a digitally animated burlesque starring the comedic, adorable Indigo Blue – but you get Gennifer M. Hirano's "1-900-ASIANPRINCESS" and Nick Zedd's "Ecstacy in Entropy" to boot. The doc Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography features local women's libbers Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour of S.I.R. Video. The star-studded "Sex Worker Sinema Awards" features a compilation of the festival's screenings for those with deficient attention spans or depleted funds, and you can shake out your movie butt at El Rio at the "Sex Worker Performance Extravaganza," with rocker Shawna Virago, Pulling Taffy author Matt Bernstein Sycamore, Japanese burlesque phenomenon Erochica, and many glittery others. The festival also offers various sex-related workshops and panels, including a Good Vibrations-sponsored "How to Make Your Own Porn Film" tutorial.
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(Michelle Tea)

May 21, 2003