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The post-2Pac pack

Did the death of Tupac Shakur throw Bay Area hip-hop into a tailspin? And is there really a "New Bay" rising?
By Garrett Caples

Hit it
Short takes on recent Bay Area hip-hop stars

Breaking down the battle lines
The Frontline's Locksmith versus D.U.'s Esinchill
By Garrett Caples

Act like you know
Bay Area rap from the native perspective
By Krishtine de Leon

You ain't knowin'
All roads lead back to the Digital Underground and 2Pac
By Garrett Caples


West is the best
Slidin’ into Bay Area hip-hop survivor E-40
By J.H. Tompkins

Sonic Reducer
Team work
By Kimberly Chun

In This Issue

Goliath crushing David
Burning Man sends big bucks to the artists while Borg 2 struggles to move forward
By Steven T. Jones

The 'Ex' factor
What's the Examiner's billionaire owner up to? Nobody knows — but in San Francisco, his paper is forcing the Chron to cover local news
By Tali Woodward

Life support
The slow-motion collapse of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics
By Matthew Hirsch and A.C. Thompson

Where have the homeless gone?
The city, it turns out, has absolutely no idea
By Rachel Brahinsky

The $7.3 million swindle
Douglas Stevens promised investors a sweet payday. Instead he fed them lies and burned through their money.
By A.C. Thompson

Neighborhood Business: Classical chords
S.F.’s Guitar Solo is a six-string mecca

Neighborhood Business: Biztips
Openings, closings, and other life changes on the small-business scene.

Editorial: Lockyer shouldn't appeal

Editorial: Newsom's budget wimp-out

Editorial: The PUC fails — again

Editorial: Pelosi waffles on war

Opinion: Free Santos Reyes!
By Matt Gonzalez

Journalists under fire
Press freedom alerts, journalists in high risk zones, digests from the frontlines of the free press around the globe, and links to national and international organizations working for press freedom

Freedom of information
Alerts, news and commentary on sunshine, open government and first amendment issues. This week from the California First Amendment Coalition: In an era when anyone with a computer and modem can publish information that reaches thousands, who is a "journalist"? The answer matters like never before.

Life During Wartime
The Bay Guardian's regularly updated section dedicated to war-related news and perspectives from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world, protest and event information, and web links.


Shamrocks and shenanigans
Our guide to St. Patrick's Day

Film: Mr. Moneybags
Danny Boyle counters sap with style, and shares the loot with kids, in Millions

Film: Suburban blight
Joan Allen's desperate housewife almost redeems The Upside of Anger

Film: Critic's Choice - ‘Edgar G. Ulmer: The Man from Planet B’

Art: Critic's Choice - ‘Double Take: A Billboard Project’

Film: Critic's Choice - ‘Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land’
Rebels, with cause

Music: Critic's Choice - Solomon Burke

Theater: Band apart
The Just and Trumbo investigate revolt.

Dance: Right angles
Square Dance highlights S.F. Ballet's Program Four

Stage: Critic's Choice - ‘The Voysey Inheritance’

See Hear - music DVD reviews

Script Doctor - film news

Local Live - show reviews

Grooves - record reviews

Local Grooves - record reviews

2nd Time Around - record reviews

The Mix

Dine review
Disco duck
Cheap eats
Au pear

The Food Snoop,

The Blender


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