What does it mean to be super?

SUPERSONIC, SUPERSIZED , supercharged – the adjective, noun, and adverb of superiority is a hefty cross to bear, promising both above-average performance and an obsession with detail of heroic proportions. Here, for your hyperedification, our writers have scrupulously scoured the Bay Area to find all that is above average that merits your attention, and even a few things that dance on the subconscious rim of relevance. Clip, save, and conquer: the Superlist is your guide to life.

Day-to-day living will be made more complete when you know where to buy organic, fair-trade clothing, where to get your violin repaired, and where to find books to fuel your mind in the pursuit of justice. But what is life without that little extra somethin' somethin'? Clearly, entertainment ought to be extreme, and adult city tours of crime, sex, and passion; demolition derbies; beach fires; and yes, even bingo will push your outer limits. If it's a dose of history you crave, S.F.'s beloved, historic vintage firehouses will amuse and educate. And few pursuits can challenge your personal growth like launching a rock-star career or learning Mandarin. The beauty of being super is that there's something for everyone. And the way we see it, this is a critical hill on the road toward excellence.

Karen Solomon

Superlist no. 798: Burning, man
Bay Area beaches that allow fires.
By Yenie Ra

Superlist no. 799: O 69!
Bay Area places to shout, "Bingo!" for a cause.
By Maya Melenchuk

Superlist no. 800: Undersigned
S.F. labels that will listen to your unsolicited rock demo.
By Keith Axline

Superlist no. 801: A string thing
Music shops for violin repairs.
By Fernando F. Croce

Superlist no. 802: Can I ax you a custom?
Where to find that one-of-a-kind guitar.
By Keith Axline

Superlist no. 803: Beyond ni hao ma?
You too can learn to speak Mandarin.
By Momo Chang

Superlist no. 804: Feral apparel
Organic fair-trade clothing is as close to au naturel as it gets.
By Renee Macalino Rutledge

Superlist no. 805: A walk on the wild side
Adult sightseeing tours that specialize in the kinky and bizarre.
By Abigail Kramer

Superlist no. 806: In-your-face books
Reading material to spark the revolution.
By Martin Ricard

Superlist no. 807: Pick your poison
S.F. savors the flavor of infused vodkas.
By Matthew Shechmeister

Superlist no. 808: Crash course
Smash into the season of totally fun automobile destruction.
By Matthew Shechmeister

Superlist no. 809: Every day is Halloween
Seven places to rent a great costume any day of the year.
By Maya Melenchuk

Superlist no. 810: Vintage firehouses
Eight of San Francisco's oldest that beat the heat.
By Elisa Jacobs

Superlist no. 811: Blowing away sorbet
The scoop on ice cream that makes vegans melt.
By Alison Hathaway

Superlist no. 812: Check before you trek
Travel clinics give your overseas voyage a shot in the arm.
By Momo Chang