Tasty tech Ordering a cake over the phone can be a fiasco. Flub your directions, and you might end up with 100 servings of "Happy B-Day, Biatch" instead of "Happy Bar Mitzah, Betty." Enter Noe Valley Bakery and Bread Co. (4073 24th St., SF. 415-550-1405, with its new online, interactive cake-design feature. Patrons can go hog wild creating and previewing their sweet treats and the message iced on top. "We're using modern technology in a business that's very old-fashioned," co-owner Mary Gassen says. (Giselle Velazquez)

Miss Puffet Once your tot outgrows Gerber, then what? Busy parents can pick up Peas of Mind ( frozen casseroles at their local grocer. The locally made, all-organic, vitamin-rich hockey puck-shaped "puffets," as inventor Jill Litman calls them, come in four flavors: Banana Noodle, Carrot Risotto, Black Bean and Grit, and Eat Your Greens. Each contains all four food groups. Look for them at Rainbow Grocery, Real Foods, Cal-Mart Supermarket, and Thom's Fresh Organics. (Deborah Giattina)

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