The art and music of OccupySF: a work in progress


In a recent Super Ego clubs column, I challenged the San Francisco music, arts, and nightlife community to create a better OccupySF soundtrack than old Michael Franti tracks -- and to perhaps update the slightly cliche V for Vendetta look of the movement a bit. (Not to mention throw a few hot-hot benefit parties.) We can do it!  

I was originally inspired by a bangin' mix posted on Faceboook by former Bay Arean global funk DJ Tee Cardaci (see below). I was also stoked by news of amazing writer Hiya Swanhuyser's "OccupySF: Art and Performance Series" which featured some major players performing at the ocupado camp downtown, like Heklina, Lil Miss Hot Mess, W. Kamau Bell, and Nato Green -- and totally distraught that I had missed the series completely. (Although she just told me she's got Michelle Tea and Brontez Purnell reading down there at 5pm on Thu/20 -- check the series Tumblr for updated info.) In fact, there's been so much Occupy SF art, music, and expression going on that it's easy to miss quite a bit of it.

So I wanted to make a page that gathers together some of the stuff people are doing in solidarity with the OccupySF movement -- DJ mixes, music tracks, guerilla artwork, unique performance, wild parties (oh hey, you should really hit up the rad Salsa Sunday OccupySF benefit at El Rio this Sunday, 10/23). 

I really want this page to grow and grow -- and also help connect the activist-creative community that's been mobilized and inspired by the #occupy movement in general. Rap tracks, recipes, animated gifs, spoken word, mixtapes, collages, mashups, whatever you've made and dedicated to the indignados. If you have something you'd like me to post, please email me at and I'll see about adding it (no attachments more than 2MB please). Let's keep this thing rolling!

DJ Tee Cardaci's #OccupyThisMixtape:

#OccupyThisMixtape - tee cardaci by OneLoveMassive

A great track composed by dread bass master Kush Arora last year in honor of Anonymous, rededicated here to the OccupySF folks hacking the system:

Kush Arora - The Hacker 2010 by KushArora

The group Classical Revolution performing as part of the Occupy SF: Arts and Performance Series:

Occupy Jello! (Biafra)

Brontez Purnell and Michelle Tea read at OccupySF

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