Player's club: Todd Lavoie's best of 2007 playlist


bat-for-lashes sml.bmp
Bat for Lashes are in your corner.

By Todd Lavoie

Well, it wasn't easy, but after endless hours of fretting and ruminating and studied, stressed-out headphonery, I have at last been able to compile a play list of the tracks that got me most excited this year. What can I say? This year was a stunner - look no further than these twenty lil' ditties, kiddies.

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I can has bocaburgerz!!!


Guess who got an Icanhascheezburger T-shirt for the holidays? You motherfuckers are jealous.


We got some serious cat lovers over here, but we still haven't managed to convince our copy editors to make "kittehs" instead of "kitties" a part of our official in-house style. Maybe if enough readers leave comments supporting the change, our rigid copy desk will lighten up a little.

"Insurance is not care."


If you want a little perspective on the Governor's health plan, take a minute and read this amazing story (thanks, Calitics) about a massive protest organized to get a desperately ill 17-year-old girl a liver transplant. The liver was available; the doctors were ready. Read more »

Ammiano on the bad news


The bad news?

Grandma got run over by a reindeer.

The good news?

She got $500,000 severance pay. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

(From the inspired voicemail of Sup. Tom Ammiano on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2007.) B3

Indie rock too white? The debate continues...


decemberists sml.bmp
Are the Decemberists too pasty to dance to?

By Lauren Giniger

New Yorker pop music critic Sasha Frere-Jones recently provoked an online brawl when he accused indie-rock of being, well, too white. I know, duh.

His complaint, laid out in an essay published in the Oct. Read more »

Bike ballot measure shelved


The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has abandoned plans for a June ballot measure that would approve some bicycle projects and bypass the court injunction that is blocking all bike system improvements until 2009 at the earliest. SFBC director Leah Shahum tells us the group had been working hard on the ballot measure, enjoying good political support and doing a poll that showed wide public support. "But it started to look uglier and uglier from a legal perspective," she said. Read more »

Everyone loves Kucinich



Well, not everyone, but there's a fascinating bit of political polling intelligence here. The site, designed by Matt Waterman, allows you to select positions on key issues and then matches the positions of the various candidates to see who comes closest to your opinions.

It's no surprise that Dennis Kucinich was the winner when I did the survey; I knew I agrred with Kucinich on almost everything. Read more »

SF's Little Fuzzy goes bye-bye - in an explosion of holiday cheer


Not the Little Fuzzy's Dec. 12 farewell show, but the same costumes.

By Chris DeMento

Seeing a band for the first time can be a treat; seeing a band for the first time on the night of its final performance can be a cathartic, dare I say, religious sort of romp: all the byzantine emotional complexity, malodorous subtext, the washed-over memories of the road and her shitty vomitoria, so many tensions and recollections spilling forth ecstatically. Read more »

There goes the boat



So the Coast Guard announced today that the Cosco Busan can leave San Francisco and head off to someplace where there will be no liens on it, no legal controls, and no way to assure that the city or people who have been harmed by the oil spill ever get any money.

Thanks to sfist for this sad tip.

See, I have been convinced from the start that the Read more »

Benjamin Tinker's top 10 musical experiences and releases


'Fro sure: Richard Pinhas Trio.

The Society of Rockets member ushers in his favorites for 2007.

1) Hanging out on Jean Herve Peron's farm in Schiphorst, Germany, at his annual Avant-garde Festival, and hearing sounds differently afterward.

2) Being part of something that led to a 12-inch vinyl gatefold, the Society of Rockets' Our Paths Related (Underpop)

3) Reissues, good for oldsters and kids alike: from Bee Gees: The Studio Albums Read more »