Top local bands from one who might know


By Steve Touchton

These are my top 50-some Bay Area bands of '07. Some of them moved here this year. A few of them moved away this year. Maybe a few of them broke up this year. Several of them are even my own bands, but I wouldn’t be playing in them if I didn’t think they’d make it on to a list this massive. All of them were active while living here in 2007.

Here it is:

16 Bitch Pile Up
Bleachy Bleachy Bleach
Breezy Days Band

Dear G Love...



By Chris DeMento

I got these Christmas blues
I don't know what do
I got a brand new song
But no one to sing it to

- G Love, Monday, Dec. 10 at the Grand

Dear G Love,

When I left out of work today the air was kind of chilly, the NoCal weather likes to change all silly. Read more »

Oh yeah, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs



By Mike McGuirk

Yeah Yeah Yeahs may be critical faves, and they may have pretty much all the cool kids at their shows, and they may have created an unassailably cool image to boot, but their latest EP, Is Is (Fontana/Interscope), makes it very difficult for those diametrically opposed to such across-the-board-acceptance to write the band off as more empty product. Read more »

Thrash travelers Exodus revisited, by way of "The Atrocity Exhibition"



By Ben Richardson

Out of all the '80s thrashers that managed to survive the nu-metal wasteland of the '90s, none have re-hoisted the oriflamme of thrash with the vehemence of Exodus. After abortive Korn-era attempts to regain prominence were scotched by endless line-up changes and label disputes, the band coalesced in 2004 around guitarist Gary Holt, who was determined to get the band back in the studio. Read more »

Swish Americana with the Griffles


Two things that will surely shock you:

1. I like silly music.

2.Stark Raving Brad, the angry elf model for our “Fuck the Holidays” shoot (in our Holiday Guide) makes silly music.

Photo by Neil Motteram

Yup, it’s true. Read more »

73 percent for Edwards? Whoa ...


I'm not surprised that Hillary Clinton is faring poorly in a new DailyKos straw poll; the Kos folks have never been real fond of Hillary. But it's a bit startling that 73 percent of some 700 voters are supporting John Edwards.

Thios is not a fair, scientific or random sample and doesn't count for anything, really, but it's interesting.

Santarchy's on its way, jingle jingle


Don’t freak out if you missed Folsom this summer, or if you forgot to pop into the Mission for Cinco De Mayo, or couldn’t make it Pride or whatever. This is San Francisco, remember? The sun may be gone, but the gratuitous rallies ain’t stopping anytime soon. Read more »

Support the affordable housing plan!


We can all argue forever whether Sup. Chris Daly's affordable housing plan is perfect, but in the end, it's way better than what we have now. Besides, as Daly points out, Jim Sutton is against it. Which is an excellent reason for everyone else to vote yes.

Now that Gerardo Sandoval has said he'll support the plan, the two swing votes are Sophie Maxwell and Jake McGoldrick. Read more »

The Milk Club: Remain calm ...


So the Harvey Milk Club meets tomorrow evening (Dec. 11) to consider an endorsement for state Senate. It's Mark Leno vs. Carole Migden, and it's been all too ugly. Read more »

Young journos doomed to poverty and pink slips



Cub reporters are finding it increasingly difficult to climb out of bed each day.

The pay sucks, everyone's eager to inform you of the real story you're failing to cover, and no matter how many late nights you put in, opportunities for advancement throughout the biz are slimming down with every new round of announced layoffs.

Spend each waking moment learning how to navigate Byzantine government bureaucracies so you can write a few cool stories, and the thanks you'll get in return is t Read more »