5 days left to stop Big Media


By Bruce B. Brugmann

Did you know that you, as a member of the public that owns the airwaves, have five days left to top the FCC's plan to allow the Big Media to "open the floodgates of more media consolidation across America?"

Did you know this quiet move by Bush's FCC helps further enrich media conglomerates like Murdoch, the Tribune Company, and Gannett? Did you know that this holiday giveaway helps reward media companies that helped Bush go to war in Iraq and helps keep us there? Read more »

We are the eternal paradox


By Amber Peckham

Although the “gayest videos ever” blog posts were a while back (click here for part 1, here for part 2, and here for part 3), this one still needed to be shared.

It’s a clip from “Legally Blonde: The Musical”, which aired on MTV a few weeks ago, and is probably still being shown if you want to check out the whole show. Read more »

Yellow Swans' Gabriel Mindel Saloman picks his final five music faves of 2007


Yellow Swans' Gabriel Mindel Saloman (left) and Pete Swanson.

By Gabriel Mindel Saloman

Here are five more musical selections for 2007. See www.sfbg.com for the rest.


1. Top way to take the money and run: the career of Andrew WK
After a few years of cult celebrity and corporate bucks, Andy has found some excellent ways to throw curveballs to those who think they have his number. Read more »

Thank God for the San Francisco Examiner!


If it weren't for the hard-charging business section of the San Francisco Examiner, we'd have never learned that the nation's largest pharmaceutical drug distributor was being sued by an employee-benefits fund on the East Coast.


Okay, okay. We had the story a year ago. We just had to gloat a little. Read more »

We CAN'T do this


View from Turrets.png
The view from my classroom. Yes, life was good.

So yeah, I went to one of those "liberal New England colleges" that connote images of foliage and cute boys in tartan plaid scarves...but most of the 250 kids on my campus were sporting threads from the "free box" or swimming naked off the pier during lunch break. College of the Atlantic is not like other schools...at all. Read more »

Elsbernd's $4 billion question. Daly's million dollar answer


Sup Sean Elsbernd says that the City's pension and retiree health care obligations are, “The most crushing fiscal issue facing this City," a crush he estimates will amount to $4 billion over the next 30 years, and growing.

"If we don’t act, people are going to kick us and throw mud in our face, 20 years from now," says Elsbernd, who, along with Mayor Gavin Newsom introduced a June 2008 charter amendment today that Elsbernd claims is a "small attempt to make sure that this it stops at $4 billion."

"I look forward to future discussions with labor on this," Elsbernd says.

But Newsom and Elsbe Read more »

Leno cries over spilled Milk


The big Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club endorsement vote for State Senate is tonight, as you've probably already heard way too much about if you've been following the Carole Migden-Mark Leno slugfest. Read more »

RIP Karlheinz Stockhausen



By Erik Morse

German composer, serialist, sonic renegade, and electronic investigator Karlheinz Stockhausen died Wednesday, Dec. 5, at age 79 in Kuerten-Kettenberg, Germany. Read more »

Hey Gavin, stop calling me!


Most people agree it's irritating and invasive to get our dinners interrupted by calls from telemarketers. That's why our elected officials finally created the National Do Not Call Registry. But is it any less irksome when the disembodied robo-voice of Gavin Newsom or Bill Clinton disturbs our peace? Or when some chirpy young political volunteer wants to know who we plan to vote for in the upcoming election? Read more »

Top local bands from one who might know


By Steve Touchton

These are my top 50-some Bay Area bands of '07. Some of them moved here this year. A few of them moved away this year. Maybe a few of them broke up this year. Several of them are even my own bands, but I wouldn’t be playing in them if I didn’t think they’d make it on to a list this massive. All of them were active while living here in 2007.

Here it is:

16 Bitch Pile Up
Bleachy Bleachy Bleach
Breezy Days Band