Newsom con Pollo


By Steven T. Jones
You've got to check out this video of Chicken John becoming an official candidate for mayor, which includes Chicken and his entourage crashing Room 200 and having a funny hallway chat with its current incumbent.
Chicken probably can't win -- and he says that he doesn't even want to, aiming for third place ("Showman to Show") -- but he'll certainly keep this race entertaining.

Strange powers: Notes on Stalker


By Maria Komodore


There aren’t many things that haven’t been written about Andrey Tarkovsky’s Stalker. Of course the film’s mysterious subject and Tarkovsky's even more mysterious direction do open the film up to all kinds of discussions. The story, if one can say that there is such a thing, revolves around an enigmatic Zone whose creation conditions never become quite clear. Read more »

Manhattanization, from LA to SF


By Tim Redmond

Joel Kotkin, the widely known urban writer and thinker, has a fascinating piece in the Sunday L.A. Read more »

Naked Ambition and the Mayor's Race


By Sarah Phelan


Photo by Sarah Phelan

George "Naked Yoga Guy" Davis started to strip off in City Hall, yesterday, shortly after filing his mayoral papers.

Homeless taxi driver and mayoral candidate Grasshopper Alec Kaplan has already removed the numbers from beleagured "D4" supervisor Ed Jew's alleged house in the Sunset District.

Fellow mayoral challenger and fierce blogger H. Brown has been shooting his mouth off about politics for years. Read more »

Whither Jascha Ephraim?


By Robert Bergin


Dear Jascha Ephraim,

Stumbled across your CD a couple days ago. I was going through my collection, looking for stuff to sell to Amoeba because I’m broke and I needed a copy of Pootie Tang. If you haven’t seen Pootie Tang, you should. It’s right up your alley. But yeah, I came up with three or four CDs I didn’t want anymore and some promos, which I figured would be enough. Read more »

Fun with whistleblowers! Who’s callin’ out misbehavin’ bureaucrats?


By G.W. Schulz

That’s right friends! It’s time again for another trip to the section of the local controller’s Web site containing summaries of the whistleblower complaints received by the city over the last several months. The city closed 153 complaints with investigations out of 313 contacts during the ’06 fiscal year.

Who’s stashing beer in a city-owned vehicle? Who’s doin’ dope on the job? Read more »



So, last night the Human Right Campaign and homo cable channel-bot LOGO hosted a forum for the Democratic presidential candidates in an Oprah-like setting for a candid grilling about "GLBT issues" -- luckily, for those of us who can't shell out the skittle for subscription cable, it was available live online, in a format that actually worked! Way to go, LOGO server bandwidth! (full disclosure: I was a commentator on the forum for CBS Radio. Read more »

Daly will not run for mayor


By Tim Redmond

Sup. Chris Daly, who was talking over the past few days about a campaign for mayor, has decided against it. He sent a statement tonight; I'll post the whole thing:

Progressive Allies and Friends,

For the past 6.5 years, we have enjoyed strong
progressive politics in San Francisco. Progressive
San Francisco has delivered a new era of worker’s
rights with the nation’s highest minimum wage,
universal health coverage, and paid sick days.
Requiring significant amounts of affordable housing
and other public benefits, we’ve made development work
for communities. Read more »

Is Bruce Brugmann alive, or is he spinning in his grave?


By Bruce B. Brugmann

Several folks pointed out to me that the San Francisco Chronicle carried a premature comment on my death, in its Aug. 9th feature "What people say about the designs (of our new towering highrise buildings)."

It quoted Michael S. McGill, the former executive director of the San Francisco Urban Planning & Research Association and former executive director of the Bay Area Forum, 64, now living in Washington, D.C. Read more »

Nuke barrels fall, go BOOM


by Amanda Witherell


Yikes, doesn't this picture give you the willies? It's from the Japanese nuclear power plant, located on a fault line like another nuke plant we know. (Ahem, Diablo Canyon.) Last month it succumbed to the Murphy's Law of its seismology. Read more »