George Bush doesn't read the Guardian. Often.


Alas. Alas. (B3, disheartened by the news)

Posted Tuesday, Nov. l7th, on the website of the Guardian of London

From Guardian Unlimited: News blog 12:15pm

Here at the Guardian we have long suspected it. But today comes official confirmation: George Bush doesn't read the Guardian often. During a press conference with the Australian PM, John Howard, in Hanoi today, Mr Bush was asked about the report in yesterday's Guardian that he was planning a final push in Iraq involving an additional 30,000 troops.

"Is that something...," began a reporter.

"Where was that report?" asked Mr Bush.

"In the Guardian newspaper," the journalist replied.

"Guardian newspaper? Well, I don't read that paper often. But I - look, I'm going to listen to our commanders, Steve. Ours is a condition-based strategy [...] So I'm not aware of the Guardian article."

Of course, the president may well have been thinking of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, a publication which also takes a sceptical editorial line on his policies. Who knows? But in the unlikely event you're reading this, Mr President, Guardian Weekly has a four-week free trial on. Just say the word.