Introducing: the Telling Quote (the TQ):"Ross, you never learned to be a prisoner"


I have always had a weakness for one-liners and telling quotes, which I call the Telling Quote (the QD).

For example, Tim Redmond gave me a good one just a few minutes ago. He said that in the movie on Elliot Ness of fighitng gangsters in Prohibiition Chicago, Ness was asked what he would do once Prohibiton was over.
"I'd have a drink," Ness said.

I spotted two quotes I liked in the tomorrow's Guardian. The first is from the cartoonist Tom Tomorrow and his prescient penguin, who is asked to answer the favorite conservative question to the liberal on the disaster of Iraq: "What's your solulion?" Responds the penguin: "We take the two hundred million dollars a day we're currently pouring into Iraq and we funnel it all into an intensive top-secret project to deliver the world's first working machine...and then we go back to 200l and pay some goddamned attention to everyone who opposed this idotic war of choice from the start. THAT'S MY SOLUTION."

Memo to the New York Times and the Santa Rosa Press Democrat/New York
Times who have been censoring Project Censored: Take note (see other blogs).

John Ross writes in an op ed column about the jailed Josh Wolf and the murdered Brad Will (see link below) as examples of the "pogrom against independent journalists who refuse to conform to corporate media definitions of what a reporter should be." He says that in the case of Will, murdered on the barricades in Oazaca, Mexico, by gunmen employed by the provincial governor, "the New York Times and its accomplices--including the New Times version of the Village Voice--intimate that Will was less than a journalist...a troublemaker rather than a young man who reported on trouble." Ross points out he himself was once a trouble-making jailed journalist, for being the first U.S. citizen to be jailed for refusing induction into the Vietnam War military, and that he formed convict committee against U.S. intervention and wrote about it. When he was finally kicked out of jail, the parole officer who made his life hell for a year walked him to the gate and gave him a goodbye snarl:

"Ross, you never learned how to be a prisoner."

Ross's point to the New York Times: the Times' Judith Miller, with "ll mendacious
front-page New York Times stories on Saddam Hussein's fictitious weapons of mass destruction (that) helped justify the Bush invasion" was just as much an "activist" as Wolf, Will, and Ross himself. B3

Guilty of independent journalism by John Ross