The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (1/26/07): 15 Iraqi civilians killed


Compiled by Paula Connelly

Casualties in Iraq

Iraqi civilians:

15 Iraqi civilians were killed today when a bomb went off at a crowded animal market in Baghdad today, according to the Associated Press.


98,000: Killed since 3/03


54,432 - 60,098: Killed since 1/03

For a week by week assessment of significant incidents and trends in Iraqi civilian casualties, go to A Week in Iraq by Lily Hamourtziadou. She is a member of the Iraq Body Count project, which maintains and updates the world’s only independent and comprehensive public database of media-reported civilian deaths in Iraq.


A Week in Iraq: Week ending 21 January 2007:

For first hand accounts of the grave situation in Iraq, visit some of these blogs:

U.S. military:

3,284: Killed since the U.S. invasion of Iraq 3/20/03


Here are the names of some of the soldiers that were killed this week in Iraq, according to the New York Times:

BROWN, Nicholas P., 24, Specialist, Army; Huber Heights, Ohio; First Cavalry Division.
HILL, Ryan J., 20, Pfc., Army; Keizer, Ore.; First Infantry Division.
JOHNSTON, Gary S., 21, Sgt., Marines; Windthorst, Tex.; Third Marine Expeditionary Force.
KASHKOUSH, Michael M., 24, Sgt., Marines; Chagrin Falls, Ohio; Third Marine Expeditionary Force.
KINGMAN, Jonathan P. C., 21, Sgt., Army; Nankin, Ohio; First Infantry Division.
MATUS, Andrew G., 19, Lance Cpl., Marines; Chetek, Wis.; First Marine Expeditionary Force.
STOUT, Brandon L., 23, Specialist, Army National Guard; Grand Rapids, Mich.; 46th Military Police Company.
WIGGINS, Michael J., 26, Staff Sgt., Army; Cleveland; 79th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion.
WILSON, Jamie D., 34, Staff Sgt., Army; San Diego; 25th Infantry

Here are some additional names of soldiers killed this week, according to

Sgt. 1st Class Keith A. Callahan, 31, of McClure, Pennsylvania, 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.
Staff Sgt. Hector Leija, 27, of Houston, Texas, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team)

For the Department of Defense statistics go to:

For a more detailed list of U.S. Military killed in the War in Iraq go to:

Iraq Military:

30,000: Killed since 2003



151: Killed since 3/03



1.6 million: Iraqis displaced internally

1.8 million: Iraqis displaced to neighboring states

Many refugees were displaced prior to 2003, but an increasing number are fleeing now, according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ estimates.


U.S. Military Wounded:

47,657: Wounded since 3/19/03 to 1/6/07