The letter the SF Weekly wouldn't run


UPDATE: The Weekly finanlly ran a shortened version of this letter May 23.

This is a letter I sent over to the SF Weekly last week in response to a story on the Reilly lawsuit settlement. Somehow, the Weekly couldn't manage to get the letter into print, so we're posting it here on the Bruce Blog:

To the Weekly: (for publication as a letter to the editor in the next edition: since the Weekly and apparently all VVM papers have blocked emails from the Guardian, I am sending this by fax and by hand)

In my Bruce/B3 blog at commenting on the Reilly victory in his Hearst/Singleton antitrust case, I wrote that a reporter had asked me for comment on the settlement of the litigation.

The reporter was Michael Stoll and he told me in an email that he was doing a piece on the settlement for the "SUCKA FREE CITY" page for the SF Weekly/New Times/VVM chain paper. I purposely didn't identify the reporter or the column (appropriately named) or the paper because I didn't think the Weekly would run my comments that I had quickly written up and sent to him by email. Then I wrote my Weekly comments in my blog.