Carolyn Knee is free! Finally, after five years, the poster girl for ethics reform has been freed by the Unethical Commission


By Bruce B. Brugmann

Rick Knee flashed the word from City Hall about 6:35 p.m. Monday (July 9): Carolyn Knee is free!.

In a follow up email that was uncharacteristically short, Carolyn's husband wrote, "The Ethics Commission voted unanimously Monday evening to accept the $267 settlement that staff members and Carolyn's attorney reached.
This concludes the case."

Well, this case may be closed and the long nightmare and high drama may be over for the Knees, who took the brunt of the commission's wrath for the 2002 grassroots public power campaign that damn near kicked PG&E out of City Hall, but their fight was well worth it and the battle for ethics reform goes on. Carolyn's rousing defense even made nice folks out of the commission and staff, at least for one hearing.