Keep pressing for a real health care debate


B3: President Obama and his Democratic allies had the strategy all wrong on health care. They took single payer health care off the table at the beginning. They replaced it with a public policy option, which is okay in theory, but they have put no real punch or argument behind it. And they have left the insurance companies in the center of the "reform" package. So when Obama went on television last night, he laid out the health care ills eloquently but he refused to explain how they would be cured by taking single payer off the table and keeping the companies front and center that made the mess in the first place. And now, with single payer out and the public policy option fading, what does Obama have left? Keep the pressure on. Click here to read this week's Guardian article, Bitter medicine:Health care reform groups fear the cure may be worse than the disease.

I like the way that the media reform group Fairness and Accuracy in the Media (FAIR) is calling on the media and the citizenry to keep the pressure on.


Keep up the pressure for a media debate on healthcare reform that includes single-payer! We've surpassed our goal of 10,000 signatures on our petition for an open debate on healthcare reform. Help us reach 15,000 signatures--please forward this email widely, and use the "Share" button on the petition page to share it through social networking sites such as Facebook.

Demand that media open the debate on healthcare reform

Many Americans and healthcare workers see single-payer national health insurance as the most sensible tool for fixing America's broken healthcare system, yet single-payer is being kept off the table by the corporate media.