A reform agenda for SF's new police chief


Before Chief Gascon starts talking amnesty and clearing minor cases, he needs to demonstrate that he's going to take a hard line on the serious misconduct cases

EDITORIAL We're glad to see San Francisco's new police chief, George Gascon, is talking about reform. He's talking about opening up the mediaphobic culture at the SFPD, bringing in new blood at the management level, shifting schedules so more experienced cops are available at night (when most crime takes place). He wants to focus the discipline process on the most serious departmental offenders - the handful of officers who are responsible for the majority of the misconduct problems.

Those are, generally, good signs. If he's serious about changing the moribund, sometimes corrupt, and generally toxic climate in the department, though, he'll need more than promises. Over the next few months, he needs to take action on a few key fronts.