Editorial: Indict PG&E


Kamala Harris is in a perfect position as the San Francisco D.A. to file charges against PG&E for violating state law

EDITORIAL When Carole Migden, then a state senator, introduced the bill that allowed cities to form electricity co-ops through community choice aggregation in 2002, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. was at the table. Migden didn't kick PG&E out or deny the private utility its chance to have input on the bill — for better or for worse, according to all participants, PG&E was part of the process that led to the bill's passage. And in the end, the company actually supported the measure.

But now that cities and counties are trying to implement it, PG&E has shifted position and is spending millions on a statewide initiative that would, for all intents and purposes, destroy CCA. The initiative would mandate a two-thirds vote in every community before any public power effort, including CCA, could take effect. That's an almost impossible threshold — particularly when PG&E will be opposing every single proposal and using its almost unlimited resources to do so.