PG&E alert: Join the campaign to fight the PG&E's Prop 16 attack on public power and community choice aggregation


Erik Brooks, a stalwart in the clean energy and public power campaigns, flashes the the following list of sites that you can link to, join and share to help fight PG&E's Prop 16 attack on public power and community choice aggregation (CCA.)  He writes, "Please join and share/post them so that we can light up California with a million points of opposition to the attack."

Let me add that the real target of the attack is San Francisco and the federal Raker Act that mandates that San Francisco have a public power system because the federal government granted the city the unprecedented right to dam Hatch Hetchy Vally in Yosemite National Park for the city's water and power supply.  That act made San Francisco the only city in the country with a federal mandate for public power and it has driven PG&E mad for decades. (See Guardian stories and editorials since 1969 when we started our campaign to kick PG&E out of City Hall and bring our own Hetch Hetchy power to San Francisco.) Read some of our recent coverage:

PG&E ballot initiative comes under scrutiny

Editorial: Stopping PG&E's fraudulent initiative

Full disclosure: I see the Potrero Power plant and its ruinous fumes from my office window at the bottom of Potrero Hill, courtesy of PG&E and Hearst/San Francisco Chronicle journalism.

- Stop The PG&E Power Grab

- No On Prop 16 (FaceBook)!/group.php?gid=331641877109&ref=nf

- Our City

- StopProp16 (twitter)