Keith Olberman is back -- and he's mad as hell about four hypocrisies in Washington


It's good to see Keith Olberman is back and in time to cover the end of the debt limit crisis. He's on Current TV (Al Gore is chairman and Keith interviewed him Monday night) at 8 p.m. five days a week on Channel 170 in San Francisco.  Here's his summing up of the crisis on his Monday night show.



I am thoroughly disgusted with that Tea Party bunch. They caused the debacle we had in the past month or more in Washington, never compromising to run a government for ALL the people, not just the Republicans. I am glad you are back on the air and finally I can see and hear someone who has some brains and can articulate the feelings that I have. I believe the majority of Americans feel and believe as I do, but they are the silent majority...just as I have been most of my life. I am not in favor of anyone, including myself, spending more money that they earn. That includes our government. However, 11 Trillion of what we now owe was spent during the Bush Admin. and in order to pay those bills and still make the government work, we are up to 13 Trillion. can anyone believe that was all Obama's fault! Please correct me if I am wrong. They hiold the United States government hostage and in order not to default, the Senate compromised. Now, I am afraid we are in for another long drawn out debacle in the fall and into 2012. In addition, they have decided not to approve the FAA regulations and the government has lost 1 Billion in collected tax revenue with no end in sight. How does that make sense. Aviation is a major factor here in the United States. If I have stated this incorrectly, please correct me. But, none of this makes sense to me. I live here in California, but unfortunately I have a 92 year old aunt that hates Obama. I have 3 children who live in California who hate Obama and many friends as well. As you know, this is a Democratic state, however, it is so disgusting to me to have the facts as I know them listed above and all of these folks who say that Obama and only Obama and his Democratic Senate are to blame! I pray that something can be done. God Bless the folks in Wisconsin for their recalls. It is about time the good people stood up for their rights. And, God Bless America.
Thank you for listening and commenting. Shirley Desy

Posted by Guest on Aug. 04, 2011 @ 2:40 pm