SOS: Sign a petition to urge Gov. Brown to sign a bill restricting warrantless police searches of cell phones


Peter Scheer, executive director of the First Amendment Coalition (FAC),  put out an SOS for First Amendment advocates to sign a FAC  petition aimed at getting Gov. Jerry Brown to  sign a key bill now on his desk.

 FAC's petition, Scheer says,  urges  Brown to sign FAC-sponsored SB 914, which will restrict  warrantless police searches of cell phones. .

Here's the petition:

Scheer reports that a CNN story today (also blogged on reporting that SB  914 has already become law is mistaken. (CNN promises a rewrite and  Calaware has withdrawn the blog post). Gov. Brown has until Oct. 10  to sign, veto, or allow SB 914 to become law through inaction. All options are open. Brown is undecided. He is being lobbied by law enforcement to veto, which is why FAC's petition matters.

Peter Scheer, Executive Director
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