Louis Dunn: The corporate media covers Occupy


Guardian graphic by Louis Dunn

"Occupy America," as the Guardian says on the front page in this week's  issue. "Let's take back the country--starting now.  A proposal for the next stage of the Occupy movement."

Louis Dunn comments on the response of the corporate media to Occupy. B3



The Occupy movement is essentially an umbrella for anyone with a beef against the system. So what they want is all over the map. In Oakland it is whining about cops and, for some odd reason, trying to stop food being offloaded from ships. In NYC it's genuinely about Wall St. because that is where Wall St. is. In DC it's just the usual whinery about Congress and the President while, in San Francisco, it's about trying to keep this a city for losers.

Occupy is out of the papers because it ran out of steam. Which of course is why the SFBG is so desperate to try and claim it's not dormant.

Posted by Guest on Jan. 19, 2012 @ 11:01 am