Editorial: The war on sunshine


EDITORIAL The Rules Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors joined the war on sunshine May 17 when it rejected four qualified candidates from three organizations who are mandated by the ordinance to choose representatives for the task force because of the organizations' special open government credentials.

The representatives served as experienced, knowledgeable members who were independent counters to the nominees of supervisors who were often promoting an anti-sunshine agenda. The committee asked the organizations to come up with more names.

That was a nasty slap at members and organizations that have served the task force well for years. And this arbitrary demand will make it virtually impossible for these organizations to come up with a "list of candidates" to run the supervisorial gauntlet. Who wants to go before the supervisors on a list for a bout of public character assassination?

Specifically, the committee:

•Unanimously moved to sack the two incumbents (Allyson Washburn from the League of Women Voters) and Suzanne Manneh (New California Media now known as America New Media.)  The League was mandated to name a representative because of its tradition and experience with good government and public access issues. America New Media was mandated to name a member to insure there would always be a journalist of color on the task force.

•Unanimously refused to seat two representatives from the Northern
California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, the sponsor of the ordinance with a long tradition in open government and First Amendment issues. One SPJ mandated representative was for a journalist (Doug Comstock, editor of the West of Twin Peaks Observer, one of the best neighborhood papers in town and a former chair of the task force.) The second mandated seat was for an attorney (Ben Rosenfeld).

•Tried to knock out incumbent Bruce Wolfe, an excellent member,  on motion of member Mark Farrell, but Wolfe survived on a 2-l vote.

•Voted unanimously for four new persons to the task force while sacking and refusing to appoint able members with experience and expertise without a word of thanks, explanation, or apology.

Committee Member David Campos later told me that he went along because he could see he didn't have the votes. He said the organizations' candidates "were eminently qualified," that they should have been appointed, and that he would fight for them. He said he would ask the office of Jane Kim, who chairs the committee, to set the issue for hearing at the next rules meeting or call for a special meeting.

We asked Campos what the organizations should do. "They should stand by their candidates," he said. We concur.

The Society of Professional Journalists, the League of Women Voters, and America New Media and their open government allies should stand by their candidates, lobby for them with the rules committee and the full board, and get out the word about this attempted coup in the most important court of all, the court of public opinion.

The Sunshine Task Force has annoyed some elected officials with its dogged efforts to promote open government. City Hall is again  trying to find ways to undermine it. That needs to end, now.



Jason Grant Garza here ... the WAR on SUNSHINE ... what about the article in SF BAY GUARDIAN entitled "MAKING SUNSHINE WORK" at http://www.sfbg.com/2009/05/05/making-sunshine-work ? When is it dated ? 2009 ????

I guess that those (myself included) are still awaiting for SUNSHINE to WORK see article entitled " Ratched Response" dated 2002 at http://www.sfbayguardian.com/36/49/news_sunshine.html. here at the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE, ha,ha, ha.

Oh and this CONCERN for FAILED RIGGED PROCESS would have been more BELIEVABLE if there had been a followup (grave concern for SUNSHINE) to the 2009 article ... however, will this too go away (or at least until next time it is needed)??? Just a question "REASONABLE" played men would ask.

This is NOT WAR since it is NOT SUNSHINE ... nor is this concern ... look at the details ... I believe the 2009 article speaks ... where are the results, followup, change or even HOPE for the BETRAYED complainants/victims. False process, false hope, false assurance, false JUSTICE, false concern are all MORE HARMFUL and INJURIOUS than NO HELP. It insidiously eats from the CORE since it is FALSE ...

Yes, let us have SUNSHINE not only in PRINCIPLE but in RESULT and NOT the FAILING PROCESS and yes YEARS of FALSE HOPE, FALSE PROCESS and FALSE HUMANITY. By the way WHY did the BAY GUARDIAN stop sending reporters to this IMPORTANT BASTION of CIVILIZATION ... I mean look at my 2002 article oh and the greatly concerned 2009 article.

"Telling the TRUTH during times of UNIVERSAL DECEIT is a REVOLUTIONARY act." George Orwell

Shall we all together NOW believe in HOPE and CHANGE without VERIFICATION?
Yes, Virginia, the BEST LAID out plans of mice and men ... NEW MEMBERS, NO POWER, NO HOPE just more FALSE INJURIOUS PROCESS to the NAIVE.

Please realize CAMPOS, KIM and FARRELL can contact me anytime they wish (ask Angela - their clerk at the BOS)... by the way so can the new prospective members to the MINISTRY so that I can provide them with details (cases 06034, 10038,11081,11099, 11010-11012, etc) ... I do want them to be "INFORMED" as to what they are getting into especially here at the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE where ILLUSION rules. We can start with HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A HIPAA EXPERT as in case # 11081 that still is UNRESOLVED ... how many MONTHS later? Thank GOD ... I went to the RIGHT PLACE and the PROFESSIONALS. Ha,ha,ha!!!

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on May. 22, 2012 @ 3:16 pm

Given the above, it has become something of a distraction to EVERYONE attending the SOTF meetings, when Mr. Garza spends ALL of his time ranting.

He's may be entitled, but, at some point it is unfair and unreasonable to expect everyone to listed with complete patience, while their hearing are delayed and delayed and delayed...then Mr. Garza complains about the delays!

I have not spoken to a single person that believes he is there for ANY purpose but to complain and vent his frustration on the members of the SOTF. Unfortunately, that leaves everyone else sitting there listening to his presentations, which most often seem to have no understandable point!

Posted by Ray W. Hartz, Jr., Director, San Francisco Open Government on May. 22, 2012 @ 6:47 pm

It's amazing, he's the pink elephant that nobody notices.

SF sure does know how to grow em.

Posted by Greg2 on May. 23, 2012 @ 1:51 pm

Friend, please get on meds for your mental issues and take care of yourself. If you won't do so, kindly stop shouting with the caps.

Posted by Guest on May. 23, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

Jason Grant Garza here .. to my dear friend and your concern ... please note that if you had done your research you would have found by typing my name into a google search engine an article WHERE I have constantly tried to take of myself and went to Emergency only to be denied services in 2001 ( http://www.bestofthebay.com/2007/06/27/crazy ) and it states that I took them to court myself (JUSTICE for RICH) only to have my case dismissed with the city TESTILYING in court 2003 (c02-3485PJH) only to continue against all odds and in 2007 after going to the OFFICE of INSPECTOR GENERAL got a confession (settlement agreement in which the city admits fault and guilt for breaking federal law) and the city paid a small fine to the OIG and left its INNOCENT VINDICATED VICTIM for DEAD. Read the article. HOW MANY WERE WRONG ... was I?

I continue to look for care ... was denied ( that is why I am asking for my medical records - intake ... case # 10038 Tom Waddell (2010) ...) did I get them or NOT in sunshine? Did the ETHICS referral in this case get enforced? What came of that?

Then again I went to Tom Waddell (2011) seeking services and was denied (case # 11081) and again asked for my records only to be denied ... INCORRECTLY and ILLEGALLY and the MINISTRY has had HOW LONG now to find an HIPAA expert? Call and ask ...

Then in case # 11099 when I asked for the CORRECT INFORMATION as to who"accredits" DPH ... you know the drill ... I didn't get it.

Telling the inconvenient TRUTH to those who would rather KILL the MESSENGER (pink elephant, ranting and raving, get on MEDS) is what I have faced even FROM the PROFESSIONALS ... however, it does not change the TRUTH nor the INHUMANITY.

Oh and please listen to the tape at the Compliance and Amendment Hearing on 5/15/2012 for case # 11081 ... there you will hear where a member stated that the other side (DPH and the City Attorney) stated that they would release my records to me without having to sign (their false incorrect testimony that denied the records in case # 10038 and 11081 ) and that somehow JUSTICE had been served???? Sorry no whitewash, no "sweeping under the RUG", and certainly not JUSTICE.

It is NOT I who need the MEDS ... YOU GUYS need to stop drinking the KOOL-AIDE.

Check the FACTS ...

"Telling the TRUTH during TIMES of UNIVERSAL DECEIT is a REVOLUTIONARY Act." George Orwell

I fear NO MAN, NO HUMAN ... it is the SEA of INHUMANITY that I am DROWNING in ...

Again, friend thank you for your compassion, diligence and concern.

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on May. 24, 2012 @ 6:39 am

This is what power does when power plays for keeps.

When progressives had power, progressives did not play for keeps.

Power played progressives, to their smallness, as Willie Brown would say.

Posted by Guest on May. 23, 2012 @ 1:25 pm

Thanks, Willie, for those salient words. It's okay to pen yourself to your posts here.

Posted by Guest 2 on May. 24, 2012 @ 9:27 am