Sunshine eclipse: Supervisors ramp up their war on sunshine


And so the San Francisco supervisors ramped up their war on sunshine on Tuesday (May 22) when they rejected five qualified candidates for the sunshine task force and substituted five in experienced in candidates with no experience or visible qualifications.

The key vote was to reject Bruce Wolfe, an experienced task force member, and substitute Todd David, a self-employed investor whose application for the task force said he had never attended a task force meeting and left blank the statement of his qualifications. Here's the story I wrote for the current Guardian:


Jason Grant Garza here ... Sunshine Eclipsed at the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE ... what a FARCE. Read my comments to Mr. Wolfe at the Bruce Blog entitled "The return of Willie Brownism to sunshine to the Sunshine Task Force at and follow the links.

Truly, I find there is a GOD ... Mr. Wolfe was "snookered" by procedure ... maybe you should ask him about my HIPAA expert that to this DAY ... I'm still being "snookered." How long does it take to find a HIPAA expert ESPECIALLY when the other side CONCEDES? Could it be as I have said the MINISTRY is a great SHILL for the city ... why won't the MINISTRY hold DPH and the City Attorney's feet to the fire in their FALSE ERRONEOUS INJURIOUS EXPERT TESTIMONY in NOV 2011 in case # 11081?

This is the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE, NO POWER, NO HOPE just false illusion, delay, and further HARM.

False hope, false promise, false process is WORSE than NO HELP for it is insidious and eats the soul from within and for the TRUTH to be covered over, the guilty not held to account with meaningless sprinkled words of concern is what this POWERLESS MINISTRY does. "We are working on it" ...

"Telling the TRUTH during times of UNIVERSAL DECEIT is a REVOLUTIONARY Act." George Orwell

Let us have FULL SUNSHINE especially on the HARM of false results from a POWERLESS city SHILL. If I can not GET my OWN MEDICAL RECORDS in SUNSHINE and the other side ISN'T held liable (accountable) case # 11081 ... what does it all matter? If I can not even get the CORRECT INFORMATION for DPH as to who accredits them (Case # 11091) and the MINISTRY says too BAD ... they gave you what they have (Incorrect as it may be ... since I followed up with DPH's referrals only to be told I was mis-directed and that they did not accredit DPH) .... listen to the tape 4/4/2012 ...

Oh and ask the MINISTRY (554-7724) if they have sent Barbara Garcia (Director of Public Health) up to ETHICS for a 6721e violation (4/4/2012 case # 11099) as they did in case # 10038 for Eileen Shields over my medical records. Also ask what was the CONSEQUENCE on Shields ... yes, RIGGED as FAR as the EYE can SEE.

Oh, the GOOD thing ABOUT the TRUTH in SUNSHINE is that if I was SPOUTING untruths .... I would have been arrested unlike the other side. However rest assured that I will continue ...

Don't be fooled by FALSE CHOICE ... an ineffective, harmful city shill MINISTRY of SUNSHINE is not SUNSHINE nor even a VALID CHOICE.

Well at least I can tell Mr. Wolfe as he told me " that the MINISTRY'S decisions were final and could not be appealed" ... can I be the first to tell him what I believe the supervisors will say .... their decision is final and can not be appealed ...

Yes, Virginia ... there is a GOD.

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Jun. 05, 2012 @ 5:01 am