Impertinent question for Sup. Malia Cohen


As attentive readers know, I get most annoyed when a "neighborhood" supervisor, who ran as a "neighborhood" candidate, gets to City Hall and then votes the Chamber of Commerce/big development line without gulping.  And so I pop off Impertinent Questions now and then to pin the "neighborhood" supervisor on key votes  to illuminate the issue.  My latest Impertinent Question went by email last Friday  to Sup. Malia Cohen of District l0 (Potrero Hill, Bay View, Hunters Point) on her swing vote to keep the developers' quarterback on the Planning Commission. City Editor Steve Jones  makes the point neatly  about Michael Antonini in his blog.

Cohen has earned an 80 per cent vote in the recent Chamber of Commerce's mid-year "Paychecks & Pink Slips" voting scorecard for supervisors. And she is likely to do even better on the next score card with her votes for astroturf at Golden Gate Park and to shut down the Sunshine Task Force.                                                                                    

"Dear Sup. Cohen,

"Why did you as a neighborhood supervisor from District l0,  a neighborhood anxious about massive development from Potrero Hill to Hunters Point,  provide the swing vote for Antonini who operates as a quarterback for big development interests on the planning commission?  I would appreciate an answer for my Bruce blog at"  I gave the supervisor a Monday deadline but I still had not heard from her by Tuesday evening.. I'll keep trying to reach her for comment and keep you posted. B3