Calvin Trillin: Mitt Romney's tax returns


Mitt Romney's tax returns

Demands come from left and right.

Mitt Romney, though, says he'll sit tight.

We've given you people enough,

Says Ann, sounding suddenly tough.

Conspiracy theories abound.

Mitt's critics relentlessly pound.

Why go through this sort of ordeal?

What doesn't Mitt want to reveal?


Some shelters far off from our shore?

Well, sure, but there has to be more.

And, really, we already know

His tax rate is terribly low.

Could some corporate losses have meant

That one year he paid not a cent?

What's in there to make voters squeal?

What doesn't Mitt want to reveal?


What deed was so sleazy that he'll

So desperately try to conceal

Exposure with such stubborn zeal?

What fiddling did Romney feel

Should even a wealthy big wheel

Who feels some gray area's appeal

Is slippery, just like an eel?

What doesn't Mitt want to reveal?

 Calvin Trillin: Deadline Poet: The Nation 8/13/2012