Extra! Extra! Calling all Nebraska Cornhuskers!


Where to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers game with Idaho State today (Saturday, 9/22/2012)

Well, it was beginning to be a desperation   The former Jean Dibble and I couldn't figure out how to watch Saturday's Nebraska football game with Idaho State on television.

We had faithfully watched the first three games on national television, a real treat, as the Huskers started up a e 2-1 record.  Jean and I are both graduates of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, our grandson Nicholas Perez of Santa Barbara is a freshman mechanical engineering student at Nebraska and has season tickets, and we are now even more faithful fans.

We mentioned our predicament to Richard Boyce, a fellow Cornhusker fan aho is cheerfully addicted to college football,  at the Que Syrah Wine Bar on Thursday night. (That's where the action is on Thursday nights, with Val

crafting excellent Barcelona-style tapas and Stephanie rolling out the flights of specialty wines from small production wineries.)

Richard had the answer: watch the game at Final Final, the neighborhood sports bar at 2990 Baker St. across from the Presidio. Meanwhile, our daughter, Katrina Perez, who has suddenly become a rabid Husker fan, checked the Nebraska alumni site and emailed us the local "watch site" for watching all Nebraska football games.  It was Final Final.  (The name comes from the days the soldiers got their final drink before heading back to their barracks in the Presidio after a night on the town.)

Amazing.  We have been in San Francisco since 1964 and we never knew there was a sports bar featuring Nebraska games.

So I called the bar to check the reports.  (I have always been leery of the alleged Herb Caen rule: never check the item, you might lose it.) The owner Arnie Prien answered his own phone, just like any good Nebraskan.  He confirmed the reports. It turns out that Arnie is the real thing.  He comes from Lyons, Nebraska, and graduated from the university in 1964. He has been running Final Final for the past 35 years loyally broadcasts Nebraska football games every Saturday.  The NU faithful, he reports, come from all over the
Bay Area to see the games and enjoy NU camaderie.  The game starts at 12:30 p.m. but he warns people to come an hour early to get a seat and first shot at the free popcorn and inexpensive  beer.

As the Nebraska song says, "There is no place like Nebraska." Even in San Francisco. Go Big Red!

Final Final

2990 Baker St.

San Francisco 94123


P,.S. The alumni site lists three other "watch sites" in the Bay Area.  Jack's Brewing Company in Fremont.  Legends and Heroes in Concord.  And Knuckles Sports Bar in Monterey,

Watch the Huskers on these four Bay Area Watch sites: http://bayareahuskers.org/