Anna Rendall

Inauguration parties!

Our list of the hottest (and often charitable) Obama-fests on Tuesday, January 20


The inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States is a historic event, with the rise of the first African American president coinciding with the end of perhaps the worst presidency in US history. So it's time to celebrate, and here's where you can do so on Jan. 20.

Sock it to me

NextArts has reserved the space outside City Hall for a simulcast of the inaugural proceedings and what it's calling a Sock It To Me Concert. Read more »

Furor in the sheriff's union

Ambitious president under fire in lawsuit claiming financial impropriety

The president of the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs' Association, who has made no secret of his larger political ambitions, is fighting a lawsuit by union members who allege that he embezzled money and improperly donated union funds to local campaigns.

The suit seeks to oust David Wong as president and force an audit of the union's financial records.

Captain Johna Pecot, Chief Deputy Thomas Arata, senior deputy Rick Owyang, Lieutenant Stephen Tilton, and deputy Joseph Leake allege in the lawsuit that Wong collected a double salary, used union money to pay his Read more »