Bruce Brugmann

Dick Meister: The union makes us strong


It's for very good reason that San Francisco has long been considered a premier "labor town."

By Dick Meister

(Dick Meister, former San Francisco Chronicle labor editor and labor reporter for KQED-TV's "Newsroom, " has covered labor issues for a half-century as an author. Read more »

Dick Fogel, journalist and FOI legend, 1923-2009


Scroll down for B3 comments on Dick Fogel.

San Francisco's Bay City News Service reported today that Dick Fogel, co-founder with his wife of the service, died Wednesday in Thousand Oaks. Read more »

Brownell: On moral leaders and successful adulterers


A timely primer on how to become moral leaders and successful adulterers at the same time. The first rule: Spend your own money.

By Jess Brownell

(Jess Brownell, the Voice of the Midwest, operates out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a freelance writer.)

Friend of mine dropped by, said he was out walking the other day and happened to pass a local hotel. Noticed a number of well-dressed men, most with a touch of grey at the temples, not all exactly good-looking, entering. Read more »

Stiglitz: GDP Fetishism


Here is our monthly installment of Joseph E. Stiglitz's Unconventional Economic Wisdom column from the Project Syndicate news series. Stiglitz is a professor of economics at Columbia University, and recipient of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics, is co-author, with Linda Bilmes, of The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Costs of the Iraq Conflict.

GDP Fetishism

By Joseph E. Read more »

Editorial: On health care, just win


Republicans will scream "socialized medicine" on behalf of insurance companies no matter what is in this reform package.

EDITORIAL This could very well be the pivotal moment in Barack Obama's presidency. Read more »

Dick Meister: Labor Day: Hold fast!


Labor's message to its friends is clear: hold fast!

By Dick Meister

(Dick Meister, formerly labor editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and labor reporter for KQED/TV’s Newsroom, has covered labor and political issues for a half-century as a reporter, editor, author and commentator.)

U.S. Read more »

Calvin Trillin: Town-hall Meetings


Town-Hall Meetings

With curses, guns and red-faced rants,

Here comes the wing-nut faction.

The right wing's leaders smile and say,

"Democracy in action."

Calvin Trillin, The Nation, Sept. 14

Think tanks: Left gains in media expert citations



New FAIR Study

Right Ebbs, Left Gains as Media 'Experts'
Think tank balance still skews right


FAIR's just-released annual think tank study shows think tank citations declining for the fourth year in a row in 2008, as newspaper column space devoted to national and international news continued to shrink. Read more »

A reform agenda for SF's new police chief


Before Chief Gascon starts talking amnesty and clearing minor cases, he needs to demonstrate that he's going to take a hard line on the serious misconduct cases

EDITORIAL We're glad to see San Francisco's new police chief, George Gascon, is talking about reform. He's talking about opening up the mediaphobic culture at the SFPD, bringing in new blood at the management level, shifting schedules so more experienced cops are available at night (when most crime takes place). Read more »

FAIR: Cheney's 'Fodder'



Cheney's 'Fodder'
Cheney's torture claims debunked; will the media say so?

The release of a 2004 CIA inspector general's report on the agency's "enhanced interrogation" techniques, along with two other previously classified memos, has thrown a harsh spotlight on former Vice President Dick Cheney's oft-repeated pro-torture arguments. Read more »