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Comcast-NBC: Too Big to Merge


A letter from

Cable giant Comcast and NBC Universal have just announced that they're merging to form one of the most powerful media companies in the world.

Washington and Wall Street are already saying this mega-merger is a done deal. If we don’t act now to stop it, we’ll have even more corporate control of our media, higher prices and fewer choices.

It’s a marriage made in hell, and we need a citizens’ uprising to stop the merger.

Join the Uprising Against the Mega-Merger.

Editorial: U.S. out of Afghanistan


Now is more important than ever for the movement that swept Obama into office to get back into the streets and oppose his Afghan escalation policy

EDITORIAL We knew President Obama wasn’t going to be perfect. We knew he was a lot more of a political moderate than the left — which was so excited about getting rid of George W. Bush and voting for a candidate who was against the war in Iraq — always wanted to acknowledge. Read more »

Trillin: Lieberman on the public option



Senator Joe Lieberman
and the public option

If public option's in the bill, Joe says,

He'll work to make a filibuster stick.

If so, insurance giants then will cheer.

The poor will think of Joe when they're sick.

The Nation (11/30/09)

Dick Meister: We need jobs! Now!


The most sensible job creation program comes from the AFL-CIO and a coalition of civil rights and other organizations

By Dick Meister

(Dick Meister has covered labor and politics for a half-century as a reporter, editor, author and commentator.)

Of all the ideas out there on how to pull us out of the economic mess we're in, none makes more sense than the program laid out by the AFL-CIO and a coalition of civil rights groups and other organizations.

DeLong: Why Are Good Policies Bad Politics?


J. Bradford DeLong is Professor of Economics at the University of California at Berkeley and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. This column is from the Project Syndicate news series.

Why Are Good Policies Bad Politics?

By J. Bradford DeLong

BERKELEY – From the day after the collapse of Lehman Brothers last year, the policies followed by the United States Treasury, the US Federal Reserve, and the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been sound and helpful. Read more »

Memo to Obama on Afghanistan


Scroll down for an excellent analysis of Obama's predicament by Center for American Progress.

I find most troubling President Obama's statement that the Bush administration didn't have the resources nor the
strategy in Afghanistan and that he will now finish the job.

I also find most troubling that his generals leaked their need for more troops to the press, so the hawks and the Republicans could start the Vietnam-style drumbeat for more troops and more war and in effect more occupation. Read more »

Obama alert: Restore funding for small business


As small business people know, the Obama administration has spent its capital largely on Wall Street and neglected the real job creation engine of the U.S. economy: small business and loans to small business.

Scott Hauge, president of Small Business California and the Paul Revere of small business, has put out the SOS for people to contact Rep. Read more »

Calvin Trillin: Deadline Poet


GOP Candidate, pushed by right, ends upstate bid

--The New York Times

The GOP's chief commissars had heard

That there was trouble in the 23rd:

Though every county chairman there had voted

For Dede Scozzafava, it was noted

That she, though certainly a high achiever,

Was not, in fact, a zealous true believer.

If any of the canon caused her doubt,

That justified their push to throw her out.

All commissars need neither rhyme nor reason.

They know that deviation's always treason.

Economic snapshot for November 2009


The Center for American Progress reports that weakness in the labor market is threatening the fledgling economic recovery. Policy should center on creating jobs to boost U.S. middle class economic security and help those who are most vulnerable.

Friday, November 20, 2009

By Christian E. Weller

(The Center for American Progress is a nonpartisan research and educational institute dedicated to promoting a strong, just and free America that ensures opportunity for all.)

Lingering weakness in the labor market is threatening the fledgling economic recovery. Read more »

Calvin Trillin: The Wall Street whiners




--The New York Times

The government has moved to intervene

To make the pay scale slightly less obscene.

The Wall Street types consider this unfair.

Tney say they earned their money fair and square,

And 20 million, say, is only middling

For someone who's so good at money fiddling.

Of course, if things again go not as planned,

They're back to Washington with hat in hand.

These fiddlers do deserve some admiration:

They've found themselves a win-win situation. B3